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ItaSaku,...part one of two parts. Lemon in part two.

Clad in a tank top and a skirt as white as the snow, an angel fell to the ground with a

soft thud, pink hair flying out from their tucked position glistening in the sun reflecting

snow in all the glory in this world.

It was the coldest, most dead part of winter, but to one, the best part of the year.

silently paying respect to the diety that had created this one true beauty in the

known rational world, one man defiantly stood out from acres of stretch land covered

in white; the deepest, darkest black covered his head and settled within the core of his

eyes as if, ironically, like his eyes, his soul was just as dark and deep.

Deep, dark eyes met a fallen angel as his inconspicuously light footprints came to

a sudden halt. Shimmering pink hair fell around a body perfectly molded into the snow

like light shining from behind her. He recognized this unfortunate soul from his visit

to his little brother years ago. A flower, they had called her, the flower of Konoha.

Why was she all the way out here where only the most hated, rejected people

existed? Don't let the aesthetics of this place fool you. Anyone who landed here was

fated to live a certain type of that made this girl an angel among the fallen.

But, what if the most glorious and beautiful things in this world came with the greatest

evil, the greatest suffering? This was the way deity, otherwise known to these two

people as fate, balanced the world out, and this angel was cursed and blessed all

at the same time; fate had brought this angel in crossing path with a man such as

himself. His arms stretched out and scooped her out of the snow faster than the natural

eye could detect, and he began to walk to his destination; home.

Truely uncharacteristically, Itachi wasn't too sure what to expect holding a girl like her

in his arms. Perhaps, a welcoming change to his cursed life. However, he hated

how this flower started to take hold of him before her eyes even opened to see who

had saved her and for a brief moment, green eyes had almost opened,...almost.

Consciousness came and left quickly as Itachi's warm body began to almost

electrify Sakura back to life which had been barely hanging onto her.

'mmm...warm...' Again, consciousness came and left quickly, much too quick for

her to even have much of a thought, let alone open her eyes.

This change in bodily vibes from the flower in his embrace made his already

lightening like speed go faster as sharingan eyes became eager to meet green ones.

Morning came through a small space between dark, heavy crimson curtains in

a large, dark room. A beam of morning light shined through to a spot amongst

silky, crimson sheets to a face haloed with pink hair. Green eyes shot opened as

her expertise as a medic and AnBu had registered that she was expecting to

die with only snow flakes as the witness to her suffering. Perfectly tan, silky skin

glistened with sweat as her firm, full breasts moved with the rest of her chest in

quickened heartbeat ; waking up from a nightmare in this state had become

strangely familiar, yet an unwelcomed guest. sitting up, Sakura's head turned

from left, to right. Soaking in the sight of a beautifully furnished, crimson and gold

room, she got up to walk to an opened door. Fear had left her a long time ago, for

nothing in this world had been dear enough to fear losing. Bravely, she walked to

what she registered to be a bathroom. Soon, she found herself bare and soaking in

hot water in a golden jacuzzi tub.

shamelessly enjoying the moment, Sakura found her peace broken as she detected

entrance into the bathroom. She turned around to where the source of an immense

chakra radiated from. There stood the most attractive man she had seen, strickingly

similar to her first love...TOO similar. Good thing for suds. She would hate for her first

meeting with this man as savior and subject bare naked. Savior and subject? No.

More like prey and predator. Sakura, once again, fearlessly grabbed the towel above

her to cover herself, and then proceeded to yell and harrass the sharingan holder..

in his own his own his territory where he had graciously saved her.

No real expression visible on his face, but truely amused at this one hell of a brave

kunoichi, he pushed her to the wall and stood so close to her that she could have

sworn that a hard protrusion from his pants had begun to grow and press at the

soft spot between her legs...'that pervert.'

He could see right through her towel, she bet, with his DAMN SHARINGAN.

He lowered his face closer, and closer until the tip of his nose reached the soft

spot on her neck. Inhaling in the her aromatic scent, he placed a gentle kiss on

that one spot of her neck, before turning back out and walking away. At that moment,

Sakura must have lost all sense of rational choices as she ran to face him, blocking

his way out with impressive speed.

'Damn, she's fast'.

Itachi definitely saw her,but ended up being a milisecond late from moving to the side to

walk past her. Too bad. Whatever she had in mind now, would be the consequence of

being outdone in running speed by a Kunoichi with PINK hair. When it took a second

too long for Itachi's liking for her to get to the point, he grabbed her by the waist,

picked her up, and transported them to the bed where he placed her flat against the

bed. Hovering over the edge of the bed to face her flushed face, he let out a light

chuckle at her brashness. It had to be the most BEAUTIFUL sound on earth.

Mesmerized by the sudden change, Sakura looked up straight into his eyes...

BIG mistake. Sharingan eyes looked into sea green ones..which began to slowly


Right now...Itachi had some business to take care of..but when he got back, she

would be waiting for him. Almost like sleeping beauty and her knight in shinning

armor. She wouldnt wake up until he said so.