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Returning from his last business, his cloak was soaked in blood. He would

have to clean up before waking up his flower... He walked into the room and

there was absolutely no chakra.

'Where'd the kunoichi's chakra go?'

He turned his Sharingan on.

'Clever, but not clever enough.

The flower seems to have overcome the sharingan; not impossible but not something people accomplished everyday.

'So she had awakened...interesting.'

Why hadnt she left yet? If she's the kind to overcome the sharingan he forced on her, she is also the kind to stay to get back.. ...stupidity? or bravery? …This is exactly the kind of power Itachi had; he didn't need to create physical boundaries to control people, to get what he wants, though he had once proved that he could… and that's what defines REAL power

He walked in almost forgetting her enormous speed, as if she wasn't a threat

to him at all, knowing she was waiting for him to walk in.

'How long had she been standing there? how amusing.'

She came at him so fast that in the moment she struck his arm, he only got to do the same amount of damage, a mere cut to the arm. Still, it seems that the gesture had been more damaging than the cut itself; her face boiled the same color as her hair. Now, it would have been interesting if Itachi had suddenly reached out to grab her and she was too fast to catch, but for Itachi, this scenario was I M P O S S I B L E. Of course, he was just letting her get her way for a while. Itachi really did enjoy cat and mouse games..until he lost patience; this was it. His arms reached out and grabbed what they were going for(Sakura…); pushing her fiercely

to the wall.

'Deja vu?'

Cornered, she was, again. Itachi leaned in to breathe in the aroma eradiating out from her hair like it was almost a visible pink smoke. It was a nice change from the smell of old blood dried and crusted on his skin and his clothes. Suddenly, Sakura went from limp to

struggling to get away with all her might. wriggling her arms and legs and anything

she could. Too bad the effort was wasted; his erection began to grow, poking her,

teasing at her as if to tell her without words that she could never win against the
all mighty Itachi. Or just his erection.

"Get off me and take a fucking shower.."

The Kunoichi spoke her bravery away.And for being such a brave piece of the pie, he picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder, and walked over to the bathroom.

" mabe Kunoichi will like me more if I smell nice, NEH?"

Where had Itachi's minimalist attitude gone? ...A smirk appeared on his once motionless face, and when Sakura saw it, it was as if the devil himself was smirking back at her for being so …stupid? Or brave ?

…The reward for bravery is always the same as what you get for being stupid. This is how the world worked. That's what we got for being the product of some Deity's loneliness; bravery is punished for acting too godlike and stupidity is punished for not doing your deity justice in having made you.

And just as the world goes, Itachi put her down only to turn the water on in the shower. For once, Sakura stopped trying to do something and let the water drench her. She finally understood that Itachi knew, just as well as she did, that she could not go back to where she had come from, and she had no where else to go..she had become as infamous as Itachi himself…and suddenly there was an understanding between the two most cursed people in the world.

Slowly, Itachi began to wipe the hair out of Sakura's downcast face. As he did so, his hands began to slide down her face to slowly remove her clothes.

Suddenly, Sakura's hands pushed Itachi's hands off to remove his Akatsuki clothes until all that was left was his boxers and she stopped to look at him…to really look at him.

What she saw in him at that moment explained a lifetime of pain; No matter how emotionless he could get, eyes never lied. It wasn't that there was no emotion displayed in his eyes. It was that life had been sucked out of him and only emptiness remained. It wasn't that he didn't have the human baisics…it was just that he was an empty human shell…one that hadn't been completely installed yet…and the thing he wanted was no different from everyone else; freedom. Some people were just more willing to do what it cost than others.

Drawing her closer by the waist, Itachi began to kiss her neck.. and as the straps of her bra fell off her shoulders Sakura's hands removed the bangs away from his face. After a second, Itachi picked her up, as she straddled his waist and went straight to the Jacuzzi tub full of hot water. Leaning his upper body to the wall, Itachi took a good look at the image in front of him, but mainly Sakura's breasts which were overflowing out of her bra as the straps were not supporting them up anymore. Sakura's blush began to dominate as her inexperience in this department of …sexuality? Is it? …really began to make her shy. Trying to hide from his gaze, she began to scrunch her shoulders together and downcast her upper body.. but it gave Itachi a better view. Chuckling softly, Itachi noted how her attitude had disappeared.

" Not the brave piece of cake anymore?"

It was true. Sakura's attitude had suddenly gone down the drain in the shower and she really was a lost puppy, the same one that had been waiting to die in the snow when Itachi had found her.

Itachi reached for her, and grabbed her hips to bring her directly over his erection. Sakura's eyes suddenly shot wide open and stared at him. He ignored her as he went for the bra closure and unhooked it, completely removing it from her body. Before Sakura could cover herself, Itachi leaned over and began to nip at her nipples, gently. Sakura began to pant as she leaned her body backwards, trying to get away from him. She gently pushed at his shoulders but both knew that the effort was futile anyways. One of his hands began rubbing the spot between her legs that started to give Sakura sparks all around her body. Still, Sakura refused to make any noise in protest, ..silent, but still holding onto her attitude.

Suddenly, the erection that Sakura had been sitting on was traveling to the entrance of her core. Any attitude that Sakura held onto meant nothing as she was desperate to try to change her luck. Her desperate eyes shot wide open straight into his eyes again. Without once taking his eyes off of hers, he pushed her panties to the side as his tip slowly slid to the entrance, parting her vaginal folds. Sakura's eyes began to read pain as he slid completely inside her. Whimpering softly and panting, pain shot through her body and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

At this moment, Itachi proved that he really was a gentleman when it came to Sakura who was the only one who gave him a chance, and more importantly, looked at him as more than a life treatening devil, as a person. He wrapped his arms around her waist as he whispered into her ear…


a small gesture, yet it was Itachi's way of showing that this sexual encounter was going to be pleasureable for the both of them.

His hands began to stroke Sakura's back as he patiently waited for her. Surely enough, Sakura leaned her forehead to his and looked straight into his eyes. For someone who knew so much just how dangerous Itachi's eyes were, she sure didn't act like it…


Itachi began to start a slow rhythm sliding in and out of Sakura…almost so slow that Sakura's tight walls could feel the tip of Itachi's erection rubbing the inside of her walls. The pleasure building up really began to grow when Itachi began to move harder and faster, and her breasts began to bounce with the movement of their hips. Grinding against each other, Itachi began to breath hard and grunt as Sakura let out breathy moans. Watching Sakura's full breasts bounce and move in motion with her hips trapped Itachi's lustful eyes he began to feel the that he couldn't hold his release in anymore.

'damn..' her breasts really were enticing.

Riding circles on Itachi's erection, Sakura felt as if his length was so big that she couldn't possibly take him in at the pace they were going without exploding. At that moment, Sakura could not fathom that what they were doing now would spark the beginning of passionate love…that their love which was once believed to be impossible, would start wars between countries which were once worlds apart. Perhaps if she knew, she would have stopped…or not. All she could think was that she was going to explode, and her orgasm came crashing down as her walls began to constrict and expand at an alarming rate that triggered Itachi's orgasm. As Itachi emptied his sperm into Sakura, no thought, nothing comprehensible ran through his brain. And this, he realized, no one but Sakura could do.

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