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Thin, pail, fingers gently strummed the thin strings of her guitar. The simple, sweet, acoustic sound projected through the air, causing Raven to sigh and lean back against the dark blue walls of her room, her deep eyes closed. Humming she struck another cord, the simplicity causing her to melt into her bed. She loved this peace, this inner tranquillity that filled her with each note she played. With a sigh she lifted her pick to her mouth, chewing on it softly and listening to the soft swish of her sleeve's purple fabric as it brushed against the strings of her guitar, causing a slight twang.

Slowly she opened her eyes, gazing at the blank whiteness of the ceiling. There was nothing there, just like her mind, empty except for the gentle strumming of the guitar, and the feelings for which she played. Softly she began to sing, lightly playing a simple melody,

"Thank you for being there

for breaking down my doors…

thank you for staying there…

for being everything and more."

Her voice rose and fell, gathering emotion as she worked the instrument, coaxing a loving melody with her skillful fingers. She imagined him as she sang, his smiling face, his soft eyes, so innocent and young, but with a spark behind them. A spark she knew well. Intelligence… love… Tears rose into her eyes as she sang sweetly again:

"I wish I could tell you

with these words, this voice

just three little words—

Oh! But they mean so much!"

The notes began to take up a more urgent rhythm, faster, more heartfelt. Her voice rose to a pleading sob, salty tears still flowing from her now closed eyes as the passionate music ripped through the silence of the room.

"I need you, I want you—

none of those three seem to fit

I love you, I cherish you

Beastboy, you're it."

A soft hand gently coaxed her purple hair from her tear stained cheeks. Raven opened her eyes slowly, afraid of what she'd see there. The eyes of her secret love stared into hers, the soft deep green, caring, much like the moss under bare feet on a warm summer's day. "Beastboy," she whispered, her own dark eyes wide as she made to sit up, her limbs shaking as if she were the leaves on the trees in a wind-storm, "What are you doing in here?"

Beastboy smiled, "I couldn't help but overhear," he said slowly, his hand gently caressing her hair, pushing it back from her face, "Next time you shouldn't sing so loudly." 'She's like a dog with her hackles up,' he observed, green eyes amused, 'My poor little Raven, she's such a dope sometimes.'

Raven's cheeks stained a deep red and she shook him off, "Who says there will be a next time?" she growled defensively, much like the dog she was being compared to. Inside her heart screamed at her, would she mess this up? Now was a perfect time to tell him, he was listening to her.

The dark green figure recoiled slightly, leaning back into a chair that was next to her bed. He must have dragged it up when she was playing, "You really don't know anything, do you?" he asked, a playful tone in his voice, a ivory tooth gleaming in the soft lamplight.

Her dark eyes searched his questioningly, "What do you mean?" her voice was harder then she meant it to be, but she hated being mocked. Sighing she sat up, her legs hanging over the bed.

Beastboy smiled and shrugged, slipping beside her on the bed so his thigh was touching hers. The contact made Raven's body jolt. "I just thought it'd be obvious by now," he sighed, running his fingers through his hair, "but maybe you're just too blind to notice them."

"That's more like you," she snapped, but was curious despite herself, "and what am I supposed to be noticing?"

"Rae," he sighed, turning to face her on the bed, "I feel the same way."

Raven didn't dare hope for what he was saying, that was too much. How could she expect someone to care as deeply for her as she did for him? She felt like he was the most important thing in her life, the most treasured. He was like the sun to her, how could he love her the same way she loved him? That was asking too much, even from Beastboy.

"Beastboy," she sighed, her dark eyes gazing into his, a little hesitantly, as if she was afraid for what she'd see there, "this can't happen… think of the things that could go wrong… the… problems. The hurt." Tears welled up into her eyes again, which were already puffy from crying, "I'd just hurt you, Beastboy."

The green eyes rolled and she shivered as he grabbed her by the shoulders, his voice hard, "Raven. Stop thinking about yourself for once, please." Her eyes widened as she saw tears in his eyes, "You're the only one that understands me, and… I think I'm the only one who gets you." His voice broke, weak, "I need you, Rae. I love you. Will you deny me that?"

Raven shook her head dumbly, how could she deny what she wanted, too? How could she possibly say no to the gentle arms that now rested on her shoulders, or the eyes that looked at her so lovingly, the soft hands that brushed away her tears. Gathering her courage she smiled, it was a hesitant smile, full of fear, "Always the optimist, Beastboy." She whispered before bringing her lips to his, her arms slipping around his neck. Fire burned through her as he snaked his arms around her waist, pulling her tight to him. Raven was reminded of the sweet strumming of her guitar, and decided that this was much sweeter.

'Love is a melody all its own,' she thought as she gave in to the love that consumed her.