A Touch To Much

Ch. 1


"Roy Mustang!" A woman yelled. Roy, at the age of 15, sighed to him self and crawled out of his bed. "Roy Mustang!" the voice rang though out the house. "I'm coming!" Roy yelled, he scratched the back of his neck as walked out of his room shutting the door behind him. "What?" he asked stepping in front of a woman. She was and old lady, with blonde hair with tons of gray in it. "What was that?" she asked. "What is it that you want sister Mary." Roy hissed. "Young man your grades are horrible, I told you parents I would take you if anything happened but I can not favor you over the other students, I might have to send you to a home." she said.

"That's total shit!" Roy yelled. "Young man." she hissed. "Sorry sister." he said looking down. "I will give you one more chance but you have to stop falling asleep in church, and listen when the other sisters read the bible." she said, and started naming other things. "And that means no more Alchemy, I know your parents taught you, but it goes against god so please stop. And don't stay out late like you used to, and if I find you kissing another young lady you will get cleaning for a week." she said. "But that's not fair you know I don't believe and that Alchemy is all I have left." Roy said. "Who ever said life was fair." she said as another sister walked by. "Roy, it's not breaking the rules if you don't get caught." she whispered in his ear.

She stud up strait, "and there will be a new young lady going us, so please don't cut her hair off of anything else." she said walking away. Roy smiled and walked back up the stairs to his room. He opened the door and slammed it shut behind him. "Man why does she always do that." Roy said. "'It's not breaking the rules if you don't get caught'" he mimicked her. He smiled to him self. "At least I did get mother Rose." Roy said sitting down by the open window that sat in his room. He shared a room with two other guys. One was Jean Havoc, his parents dropped him off and said they would come and get him soon. The second was Maes Hughes, his parents where friends with Roy's. They died the same way Roy's did.

Roy looked out the window, there was a loud noise. It was thunder. The clouds up ahead where dark gray. A black car stopped in front of the building. A man got out of the car and went to the trunk and got a old black suit case out. He went to the back seat and opened the door. A girl with long blonde hair stepped out of the back seat. She was wearing a long black dress, and had a veil over her head that was black too. She just got back from a funeral Roy thought to him self. She was pretty. "Hey!" Jean called opening the door. "The new girl just got here, you coming?" he asked. "Yeah here I come." Roy said standing up. Roy and Jean ran down the stairs. Each wearing black dress pants, and a white shit tucked in, and a black tie, Roy's shirt was half in half out, and his tie was untied. Each had socks on, running down the tile stairs.

Sister Mary stud in front trying to keep everyone down. Roy pushed his way to the front. "This is the young lady that will be staying with us, I hope you all make her feel at home." sister Mary said. Roy looked at the girl, he got a much better look at her, her skin was a pail white color, it was creamy and beautiful in many ways. Her eyes where a mahogany color. They where the most prettiest eyes Roy had ever seen. "Jean, Roy help her with her things, she'll stay in your room." sister Mary said. "But she's a girl." Maes said popping out of know where. "good job captain moron, I'm sure ever one didn't know that." some boy said. He had blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Ass hole." Roy said. "Roy." sister Mary hissed. "Yes ma'am. Jean grab her bags." Roy said. Jean grabbed the bag from the young girl. Roy garbed her hand and they made there was up stairs. "Alright do you want top or bottom?" Roy asked pointing to the bunk bed. "I don't care." she said with a light whisper. "Okay bottom it is." Roy said. Jean went to the closet and grabbed a couple of blankets and started to make a bed. "Okay you have the bottom 3 shelves." Roy said pointing to the shelves in the far side of the room. She nodded every time Roy looked at her. "Alright that's about it, we all eat dinner in the dinning room, then we have a study and library, but every books on god, when I go out to town you can get real books." Roy said. "The bathing room and restroom is in here, there is more toilet paper under the sink." Roy said.

"Oh, you need a towel for bathing." Roy said going to the closet again. "Okay we only, have purple or pink." Roy said holding up two towels. "Uh... purple." she said. "Nice." Roy said, walking into the bathroom and putting the towel with the other three in the bathroom. "That's about all you need to know." Roy said with a smile. "Thank you very much." she said bowing. "May I ask what your name is?" she asked. "Roy Mustang." Roy said with a smile. "Jean Havoc." Jean said hanging some cloths out. "What is your name?" Maes said out of know where. "Oh, how rude of me, my name is Elizabeth Hawkeye." she said bowing. "Mines Maes Hughes." he said with a smile. "Is it Elizabeth or do you have something we can call you for short?" Jean asked. "Riza." she said. Riza... that's a lovely name Roy thought with a smile

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Boarding schools suck. My Aunt sent me here because she thought that I would get in the way if I had to live with her. All I could bring with me was my cloths and I talked them into letting them bring my laptop though they think its a sin, they hate me because I love FMA. They say its a devil show. Its so funny. Well hope you liked the story, later.