A Touch To Much

Ch 7

Heart Break Crossing

Riza sat in a lounging chair on the balcony. She looked out at the falling snow. "Riza, you should come in you'll catch cold." Roy said, standing at the door way, arms crossed over his chest. "I won't get sick." Riza said plainly, not looking way from the lake. Roy sighed. "Sister Mary and a couple students are coming to visit." Roy said. "That's fine." Riza said, in a low whisper. "I'll talk to you later." Roy said, shutting the door. Riza lowered her head. Why can't I just tell him, I'm such a fool. He'll be gone before I know it Riza thought. She looked up at the lightly falling down on her.

A cold breeze want across her body, sending a chill up her spine. They door opened slowly. "Yes?" Riza asked, not turning to look who is was. "If it isn't are little run away." a voice said. Riza smiled turning around to see Maes and Jean. Maes smiled and gave her a hug. "So what have you been up to?" Maes asked, sitting down on the ledge. "Did you guys miss me?" Riza asked, with a smile. "You know we did." Jean said, leaning against the railing. "I missed you guys too." Riza said, with a slight smile. "Are you guys the only ones that came?" Riza asked. "No, Amy, and Ashley came." Jean said. "Why would they come?" Riza asked, annoyed.

"They said they wanted to bring you the cherry pie they made." Maes said. "Oh." Riza said, plainly. "Well we got to go find Roy." Maes said, standing up. Jean walked out with Maes. "You should come in soon it's getting cold." Jean said, shutting the doors. Riza sighed. Why does my heart cry, feelings I can't fight Riza stopped, when the door opened. Riza turned around to see Amy and Ashley. "Yes?" Riza sighed. "We just wanted to make sure you where feeling better." Ashley said, walking on one side of Riza. "And to make sure you weren't doing anything with my Roy." Amy said, walking on the other side.

"Why would I?" Riza asked. "Good. One last thing for me to take care of why I'm here." Amy said, with a smile on her face. "If that's all you're here to say then leave." Riza said, annoyed. "Don't worry I am." Amy said, walking back to the door. Ashley followed after her. Amy opened the door. "Poor little girl can't think for her self." Ashley said, shutting the door behind her. Riza laughed to her self, as they left. "Do you mind if I sit with you." Jean asked, walking out on to the balcony.

"No, not at all." Riza said, with a smile. It's now or never Jean thought to him self. "Riza... what do you think of me?" Jean asked, leaning against the railing. "What do you mean?" Riza asked, looking at him. "Riza, I...I love you." Jean said, walking over to her and hugging her. Riza's eyes widened but finally shut filled with tears. They stayed that way for awhile. "Jean." Riza said. "Yes." he asked, moving away from the warm embrace. "I'm sorry." Riza said.

She looked down at her hands. "I can't give you the same love you give me." she started. "What do you mean?" Jean asked. "I love you, but only as a friend. In truth there is someone else I care deeply for." she said. "You mean, Roy?" Jean asked, his eyes sad. "Yes." Riza said, in a small whisper. "I'm sorry I wasted your time." Jean said, walking over to the door. Riza stood up and walked over to him. "I hope we can still be friends." Riza said. Jean smiled, and gave her a small hug.

"You should hurry." Jean said, opening the door. Riza smiled and ran through the door. Jean sighed, and walked into the room. He turned around as the door shut. Maes smiled for behind the door. "Do you think I did that right thing?" Jean asked. Maes shrugged, "Maybe, let's go get some pie." Maes said, with a smile. "Is that all you ever think about, pie?" Jean asked, with a laugh. "Pretty much." Maes said, laughing. Jean rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. "Idiot." he mumbled. "Me, or you?" Maes asked. Jean shut the door in Maes' face.

Riza opened and door. "Roy?" she asked, nothing. She sighed, and ran to the next door. "Grandfather, have you seen Roy?" Riza asked, running into the living room. "He was walking out to the garden with a young lady." he said, taking a sip of tea. Riza ran out of the room and down a hall and to the outside doors that lead to the garden. Riza hugged her jacket, and opened the door. "Roy." she said, walking around. She got down on her knees when she saw, Roy and Amy together. Please Riza thought to her self, holding her self in a small embrace.

"Roy I love you." Amy said, out of know where. Riza gasped, she covered her mouth with her hands. She closed her eyes trying to fight back the tears. "I'm sorry." Roy said in a low whisper. "What?" Amy asked. "I don't love you." Roy said. "What are you talking about, you can't really like that stupid girl!" Amy yelled. "She's not stupid! She's really smart, and nice." Roy said. "And not a bitch." Roy mumbled under his breath. "Ugh!" Amy yelled in frustration, she walked away with a huff.

Riza slowly got up. Roy turned around and sat down and leaned up against a tree. Roy turned around and glared at who was behind him. Riza was taken aback, "I'm sorry." she whispered. "No I thought you where Amy." Roy said, his eyes soft and caring. Riza walked over to him. He stood up, and pulled her into a hug. Riza's eyes widened and then closed shut, letting her tears fall down her face. "I love you." Roy whispered, in a small voice. Riza smiled through her tears. She nodded and snuggled closer to him.

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Sorry it took me so long. I've been busy with things. I haven't had time to think that much about this story. But I've been thinking for writing a sequel for this story. And I've been working on my new story, Love Is A Battle Field, a lot. It's based on real life, but yet different. The next chapter will be called Riza's voice and Amy's kiss. Well later.