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When Kristie told Justin that she was going to be the surrogate mother for Sam and Jack's child – he flipped.

"What! No, that's insane! Especially when we have allies that could help them conceive. Kristie, this is outrageous! I won't allow it."

Kristie watched her husband pace with a calm gaze, "You won't allow it? My dearest, Jeff, you can't prevent it." He stopped his aimless pacing and looked into her forest green depths filled with determination. "I told them I would – and I will. It doesn't mean I love you or our children any less; just that I want them to have that same happiness as well. Can't you see that?"

Jeff sighed as he sat down on their bed next to his wife. "I understand that, Kristie. Really, I do. It's just that I don't see why they can't use Janet as the carrier, instead of you. You're just so young…"

"That's the point, Jeff. Janet is forty-three; the chances of her carrying a child to term are getting slimmer and slimmer with every passing day. If her and Daniel want to start a family – and we both know that they do – then they're going to have to move fast. She can't do this and I can." Her eyes began to water as she thought about the situation, "Besides, I already spoke to Thor about fixing Sam's uterus. He said that the procedure would take two years to be completed. The child I can offer Sam and Jack now will start their family so that in two years they can add another baby."

Jeff nodded silently in resignation. Kris squealed and jumped into his lap, kissing him passionately. He may not like that his wife was going to carry her aunt and uncle's child… but she wanted to and there was nothing he could do about it besides accept it as fact.

Four people waited anxiously in the office of the specialist given their case. It was a rather interesting case to be sure, and Dr. Blythe wasn't sure if he could handle it. Considering how important and well known all of the people involved were… it wasn't sure if he wanted to take the case. Then he'd learned that he'd be paid double the normal price as long as he didn't talk to any reporters about the case – ever.

"Generals O'Neill, Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor, it's very nice to meet all of you," Dr. Blythe said as he sat down at his desk. These were not exactly who he was expecting to see… somehow he'd imagined that General J. O'Neill would be taller, and General S. O'Neill would be shorter. He didn't know why, but that's what it was. He was definitely not expecting to see two very anxious couples wanting to know if they would be denied their request to bring a child into the world.

"I see all of you have seen the psychiatrist. She has only good things written. It looks like everything's good to go. I'll be giving Mrs. O'Connor and Mrs. O'Neill birth control so that their cycles will be intoned. If all goes well, in a minimum of three months time, Generals, you'll be expecting a baby."

Sam and Jack hugged for all they were worth as Jeff put his hand on Kris's shoulder, squeezing it in support.

The doctor smiled again; closing the folder he had in front of him, "Well, then. I know you all have important matters to deal with. Good day."

Justin watched discreetly from the window as he and Camilla waited for Kristie and Jeff to get back. The children were down for their naps, Elijah and Mike in their new "big boy" room with Cosette and Jacqueline in their own new room next door. Their old nursery hadn't been changed in the three months since they'd moved out, as it still saw a lot of use as the children were not always kind to one another.

When the car finally pulled up, Camilla and Justin were watching day-time soap operas which the Jaffa couldn't get enough of ever since Justin had introduced her to the twisted worlds of Days of Our Lives and General Hospital.

"Hey," Kristie said with a smile as she walked in to the house. Jeff wasn't with her.

"Hey. Where's Jeff?" Justin asked softly.

She motioned out toward the car with her hand, "We went shopping before coming back and he's just getting the stuff from the back." She sat down in her favorite chair with a sigh, "So, where're the kids?"

"Sleeping," Camilla answered. "They've been pretty good today. Only one argument between Mike and JR."

"JR?" Jeff asked with a scowl as he walked into the house.

Camilla shrugged, "It's what Jacqueline wants to go by now."

Jeff's scowl got bigger, "It sounds like a soap opera character."

Justin grimaced, "That could be because she wanted to be called JR after watching JR on television." At the surprised looked of Kristie and Jeff he hastily added, "I swear I didn't know she was there!"

Kris shrugged, "I guess it's fine as long as she's happy with it." She turned to Jeff with a smile, "So? Want to show them what's in the bag?"

Jeff's grin matched hers, "Hell yeah."

Justin and Camilla shared a wary look as Jeff passed the bag to Justin. Inside there were two boxes, one with his name and the other with Camilla's.

Inside his box was a brand new robot that vacuumed for you. "I love it!" he squealed with joy. He turned to Camilla, who was opening her box; "What'd you get?"

Camilla smiled as she looked into the box: it was a book on the history of Ireland. She'd been talking to Kris a few days before and expressed her desire to visit the land Jack and Kris were from.

"What's it for?" Camilla finally asked.

Jeff looked at Kris, letting her know it was her turn to answer. "We're going to Ireland in a couple of weeks. I have to check on the business there."

Camilla and Justin still didn't get it. Jeff finally spelled it out for them. "You guys are coming with us. The robot/vacuum cleaner was to make your job a bit easier – the book is so you know all the cool places we can visit while we're in Dublin."

"Are you serious?" Camilla asked. She'd never been outside of Colorado.

"Very," Kris responded.

Before their conversation could continue, JR and Cosette woke up from their naps and the noise was heard through the baby monitors. When Camilla moved to get them, Kristie stopped her, "I can get them."

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