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"Okay, Sam. Here's the scan. Oh, wow," Janet stopped and looked at the scan of Sam's uterus.

Sam immediately grew concerned, "What? What is it?"

Janet put the scan on the florescent wall, so Sam could see what she was looking at, "Look. Your uterus is completely normal."

"That's not possible."

Janet pointed it out, "Apparently it is."

The two women exchanged looks and said in unison, "Kristie."

Kristie's mind was still very preoccupied with two things as she drove her car the short distance to O'Malley's; first was Todd and the other nagging thing on was that she was pregnant and didn't want to be throwing up all through lunch.

Oh, well. Lunch would probably get cut short early anyway by the Ori or something like that. Kristie had learned a long time ago not to dwell on things she couldn't control- her morning sickness was one of those things.

She stepped into the bar and grill, not expecting to see such a large group of people she didn't recognize to be crowding around a table to the right of where she stood. Walking up, she noticed that Sam, Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, Jacob, Ishta, Jeff and Janet were at the center of this 'mob'. Kristie pushed her way through to give Sam and Jack a light kiss on their respective foreheads.

"Hey. I see you invited more than just 'the band'. It looks like you've got the band, groupies and the mob who want their autographs surrounding you!" Kris said, raising her voice to be heard over the noise that accompanied the large group of people.

Jack grimaced, "Don't remind me."

Ishta looked at Kristie and smiled slightly, "It is indeed difficult to maintain a conversation in here with the crowd. However, I do not believe General O'Neill invited them."

Kristie grinned at the Jaffa woman, "I know, Ishta. I was just joking. What's going on?"

Sam rolled her eyes as Daniel answered, "They're all in a frenzy because this is the first time all of us have dared to come here together after the whole revelation of the Stargate two years ago."

"It's really been two years?" Kris asked Jack as Jacob/Selmak, who'd had quite enough of the group around the table stood.

Eyes flashed and Selmak roared, "THAT IS ENOUGH!" Immediately the group around the table quieted down. "If you are not the waiter who has been instructed to serve this table, leave immediately before I get angry," he said in that ultra-scary Goa'uld/Tok'ra voice.

The crowd dispersed magically like the Red Sea after the Israelites were completely though the corridor of water. Jacob sat back down, taking control of his body once again, "That's better."

The waiter came up, "C-can I get you folks anything?"

Kristie looked over Jeff's shoulder at his menu, one thing caught her eye and she suddenly just had to have it! "Can I get a steak with watermelon and some cream cheese icing on the side? Oh! And a shrimp cocktail with horseradish and tarter sauce mixed together. And…a Diet Coke."

The waiter looked at her like she was crazy, but when Sam piped up with, "That sounds good. But can you make my icing coconut chocolate?"

"Ooohh! Me too!" Janet said, causing everyone to look at her oddly. "What? It sounds really good."

"Uh, okay," the waiter, Stu, his nametag read, jotted down the strange order. "Anything else for you folks?"

Jack looked at him and said, "One of the biggest steaks you've got, cooked medium rare, and a baked potato on the side. And give me a beer…" Jack trailed off as he soon found both Sam and Kristie shaking their heads at him, "I mean a Coke to drink."

Ishta looked at her menu, "May I have chicken fettuccini? And water is fine."

"I shall have the same," Teal'c told the waiter, handing in his menu.

"Can I get a Bourbon Street steak with steamed vegetables and the fries? Oh, and an orange juice," Jeff said.

"Make that two, but instead of orange juice we would like a virgin margarita – lime," Jacob said, speaking for both himself and Selmak.

"Actually, make that three," Daniel said, piping in with his order. "But I want my virgin margarita to be strawberry."

"Okay, that it?" Stu asked, anxiously praying that that was all and he could just go, give the order to the cooks and then die of embarrassment for giving the order to the cooks.

Everyone looked at everyone else. "Yep, that's it," Jack finally said, nodding like a happy puppy dog.

Kristie looked at Sam and Janet with a piercing gaze, "Is there something either of you want to share with the class?"

Sam raised her hand, like they were in school and Kristie smiled, calling on her, "Yes, Sam?"

The brigadier general smiled like she was the cat who caught the canary, "I'm pregnant. And it's your fault."

Kris put on her best innocent expression that she could muster, "Why, Auntie Sam! I don't know whatever you mean by that!"

Sam's smile faded a little, "Yes you do, Kristie. Don't play coy with me. Did you fix my uterus?"

Kristie looked down, guiltily. "Maybe," she mumbled.

This time both Jack and Sam were grinning like fools, "Thank you!" they said simultaneously. Both were sincerely pleased and shocked that Kristie would risk doing something like that for Sam and Jack.

Now everyone turned to Janet. "Is there something you would like to share with the class, Ms. Fraiser?" Jack asked curiously.

Janet looked down and mumbled something only Daniel could hear. When he started laughing, everyone looked at him. "There's something in the water!" he said with a chuckle. "Next thing we'll know, Ishta will be pregnant."

Ishta looked down at her water glass then over at Teal'c, who was sitting next to her. "Would that be such a horrible thing, Daniel Jackson?"


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