Summary: This is not your average OTH story. This tale is about evil in its purest form and one particular night of hell that involves all of your favorite Tree Hill characters and one name that no one could or would ever forget. Jigsaw (from the movie SAW)

WARNING: This story contains sensitive matters, some language and extreme acts of violence. Readers discrection is advised.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own One Tree Hill, it's characters, Jigsaw or the movie SAW!


The thick, sour stench of death surrounded them like a dense fog in the night causing everyone in the dark room to gasp for even the slightest scent of clean, untainted air. Each one knew they were not alone because of the sounds of heavy intakes of breath that were not their own coming for all directions of the room. What they could tell about it was that it was humid, wet and cramped due to the fact that they were all in some way or form touching one another.

Those who were near a wall knew that it had to be some type of chamber because of its cold steel and smooth surface. The enclosed space also held the sounds of beads of water crashing against the hard surface leading them to believe that they had to be in some sort of factory or abandoned water company but soon they would find out that it was much worse then they could have ever imagined.

"Hello?" a voice called out to those around him. Immediately everyone knew who it was and dreaded being in such a confined space with the man.

"This is Mayor Scott and I demand to know what the hell's going on?"

"Of course you would because everything and everyone has to work on your time, right? Ladies and gentlemen I give you Dan Scott king of the assholes"

"Nathan?" the man questioned and if it hadn't been for blackness that blocked his vision the boy would have seen the look of anger his father was throwing his way.

"Oh my God Nathan?" a delicate voice called out into the darkness with her arms out stretched trying to find the source of the voice.

"Haley?" replied another woman.

"Brooke, where are you? What the hell's going on here?"

That was Peyton. Her voice was full of panic and fear.

"Ok everybody just calm down. There has to be a way out of here" replied Keith to the sea of unseen faces. He was just as scared as the rest of them but he knew he had to remain unruffled and in control. The last thing these kids needed was him freaking out.

"He's right" Deb spoke from her position on the floor. If there had been light in the room those around her would have seen the woman wringing her hands together in anything but a calm state. To be quite honest she was scared shitless. "We're going to find a way out of this but that can only happen if we're thinking rationally"

A pain filled moan suddenly erupted from yet another one of the small room's occupants. No one knew who the person was but because of the deepness of the vocal cord vibrations they were sure that their new guest was in fact a male. Everyone held their breaths and didn't move a muscle as they waited for the person to speak.

"Hello?" the boy called out.

Peyton recognized the voice instantly and met it with mixed emotions of happiness and terror.

"Jake?" she whispered but in the stillness of the room it sounded more like a shout.

"Peyton is that you?" questioned Jake while gruntingly making his way to his feet. He began moving forward towards the sound of her voice but stumbled backwards when running into something that felt like a brick wall.

"Hey, watch it kid"

"Sorry Mr. Scott" he replied not needing light to know that it was Dan.

"Ouch!" another person cried out from the other side of the room as Peyton tried to fight the blinding darkness in order to get to her former boyfriend. She knew that given the circumstances she wouldn't get very far but she had to at least make an attempt.

"Ok, can everyone please just stop moving? It's obvious that we're in a very small space so we don't have any extra room for unnecessary movements" said Haley trying to get a hold of her self. As much as she wanted to find Nathan she knew it was virtually impossible given their situation.

"So what are we supposed to do just stand here and wait for the psycho that put us in here to come back and kill us? I'm sorry tutor wife but that's not going to happen" shouted Brooke. This whole situation was growing creepier by the minute. She wondered why they were all there and she couldn't shake the feeling that this was no coincidence. Someone wanted them there and it wasn't for a good reason.

"No Brooke that's not what Haley meant" Karen spoke finally letting her presence be known. "She's just saying that it makes no sense for us to do anything to make our situation even worse. We have to stay together, the last thing we need is to be fighting with one another and that's exactly what the pushing and foot stomping is going to result in"

"Lovely so I get to spend God only knows how long here, in the dark with all of you while making nice and hoping we get out of here alive"

"Newsflash Dan none of us want to be trapped here with you either and like I said, we need to stick together if we're going to get through this" sighed a frustrated Karen. It always amazed her how few words from the man could make her want to kill him.

"To hell with this, you people can sit here and wait for the vermin responsible for this to show up and hack you to pieces but I'm getting out of here"

"Be reasonable Dan. There's no light in here and we're obviously in a sealed off room, so how far do you think you're actually going to get?" replied Deb as she got to her feet.

"Hey I'm not going to sit here and do nothing while some murder figures out how he's going to end my life" Dan continued as he pushed Jake out of his way, causing him to fall to the ground taking a just awakening Skills down with him.

"What the hell?" questioned the stunned boy.


It was Bevin who spoke as she too was knocked off balance by the Mayor of Tree Hill.

"Dan!" shouted Karen. "I thought we all agreed to stay still. What the hell are doing anyway?"

"I'm looking for a light switch since none of you want to do anything but sit on your asses and for the record I agreed to nothing"

"Sorry Karen but Danny doesn't play nicely with others. It's a problem stemming from childhood" replied Keith, trying to lighten the mood with no luck.

"Got it!" the man excitedly yelled as light filled the room instantly, blinding all in attendance.

It seemed as if it had taken forever for them to regain their sight but once they did, they immediately regretted it.

The room its self looked worse than it smelled and the reason of the smell made them all want to vomit.

Their particular hell looked like an old abandoned restroom with ruined toilets that were splattered with feces all over them and the surrounding walls. The floors that too were covered in a foreign substance were also cracked and molded and littered with roaches and maggots there were feeding off of the three dead bodies that were laying in various places and positions of the room. Obviously they were the last victims of the maniac that they now found themselves at the mercy of.

Haley ran to Nathan who held a look of bewilderment on his face as his eyes slightly bulged out of their sockets.

Brooke screamed in shock and would have fallen to the ground if it weren't for Jake and Peyton supporting her full weight.

Deb had turned her back to the gruesome discovery and was now crying with her face pressed up against the wall, praying that this was all just a dream.

Bevin was sobbing hysterically as Skills tried his best to console her.

"Oh my God" cried Karen as she leaned into the man next to her for comfort. She had her arms wrapped tightly around his waist and had her head buried in his chest as she repeated her words over and over again. Dan held her close and continued to stare at everything around him, not believing that this was real or rather hoping it wasn't.

"We have to get out of here" Keith spoke to himself more then to those around him and even if he were speaking to them they were too horrified to pay him any attention.

Not being able to sight of the unfortunate souls or the disgusting human waste that he found himself standing in he focused on a large object hidden by a black sheet.

This couldn't mean anything good.

With his curiosity getting the best of him the elder Scott took a daring step in the direction of the mysterious item. Stepping over the rotting remains with extreme difficulty he continued on to the captivating subject. Just as he was about to touch it a loud, deep raspy voice forced brought his actions to a screeching halt.

"It's not nice to touch things that don't belong to you Mr. Scott"

Everyone in the room froze and became silent collectively almost as if they could read each other's minds.

As their eyes scanned the room for the source of the eerie voice they were forced to look at one of the corpuses that had been propped up into a sitting position. It had no legs and only possessed half an arm. The soul that once occupied the body had long since been gone but yet, some how the mouth still moved.

Only a mad man would take the time to wire up a dead body so the Tree Hill residents knew that they had one hell of a fight ahead of them. They were also aware that not all of them would make it out alive.

"Now be a good boy and rejoin your friends and family" the voice commanded.

OnceKeith was back in his original place the psychopath pressed on.

"I'm sure you're all wondering what you're doing here so allow me to explain. I consider myself to be a great educator and today I have much to teach you about your life and what it's supposed to mean. You see most of you are used to getting everything you want and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Whether it's stealing, killing, manipulating or using money or perhaps preying on the weakness of other if it suites your needs, you're not above any of things but that's ok, you'll learn to do better tonight I'm sure." The man then took a deep breath before continuing.

"Then there are those of you who already have everything necessary to live a happy life. Your greed disgusts me!" he yelled causing everyone in the room to jump. "You feel that being rich is the only thing that's important so you see people as your personal possessions. You see them as toys to be played with and when you're done you simply cast them aside with complete and total disregard for their feelings. Next we have some of you who are always at the mercy of those in your lives. I like to refer to you as the tragic ones. You're strong for everyone else but when it comes to your own lives you become weak, whinny and self-pitying. Afraid of life when you should be grateful that you still posses a good quality of it. So to break you all of your nasty little habits I have set up several missions if you will, to help you cleanse yourselves. But be careful. If you fail you will suffer fatal consequences"

"Yo I'm not about to play any game with some deranged ass lunatic"

"Now, now Skills be nice. I am merely trying to help you my dear boy and as far as my games of education go I get the feeling that you will be participating"

"I'm with Skills there's no way we're going to be playing any twisted games for your amusement you sick freak. Now let me and my friends go" Jake said stepping up next to Keith who was trying desperately to rid himself of the sickening feeling in his stomach as his eyes remained fixated on the mystery behind the black curtain.

"Ingrates!" the man shouted once again gaining everyone's full attention. "But very well. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to threaten you to save your own lives but that's ok I always have a back up plan"

Looking at the corpuses scattered about the room Nathan began to worry even more. Something about this, besides the obvious didn't feel right. It was as though someone was missing. He now spoke in a calm tone to mask what he was feeling "Ok so what is this all about and what do you mean when you say that you have a back up plan?"

"I'm so glad you asked" he said as the darkened flesh that represented him raised its stub and gestured in the direction of the object located in the center of the room. "Behind that curtain is someone you all know and love. Perhaps the only person that you would do anything to save, forcing you to take a break from your usually self-centered and shallow lives and if you don't play my game this person will experience a slow and painful death"

"There's no way I'm getting myself killed for anyone you sick bastard" Brooke shouted. This maniac wasn't going to kidnap her and her friend and stick them in this hell whole and honestly expect her to go with the flow. "So you can take your threats and you stupid ass games and stick them straight up your…" the girl was all set to finish her tirade when the curtain dropped, revealing the person inside.

There, hanging by his arms, suspended by chains was Lucas. The young Scott was in nothing but his boxers and appeared to be unconscious.

"Lucas!" cried Karen as she lunged forward, trying desperately to get to her child.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" the man said just as red beams of light surrounded the chamber.

"Ok, this is over, you hear me! Let him go, NOW" a frantic Keith shouted already aware that his efforts were in vain.

"You let my son out of there or I swear to God I will hunt you down and kill you with my bare hands!"

"So now, when his life is in danger Lucas has become good enough to be called your son? Oh Danny you slay me" the killer laughed, mocking the man's love for his child. "Where was that fatherly love when he was growing up? Where was all that passion when he was a little boy who would occasionally beg for your attention?"

"Got to hell!" replied Dan. He didn't want to admit it but he knew the man was right and it hurt like hell.

"Now that you're all nice and quiet again I will tell you what will happen to your precious son, nephew, step son, lover and friend. Upon walking into the hallway behind one of these doors you will be confronted with a task and will be rewarded with a key or number that will aid you in setting this young man free"

"What the hell are you talking about?" questioned a anxious Dan.

"You know Mr. Scott if you're not careful that impatient attitude of yours will be the death of you"

"Just shut up Dad and let him finish" added Nathan who was growing more and more scared not only for himself and his friends but for his brother whom was being held at the mercy of this evil son of a bitch, possibly even more so then any one else.

"Now if you're through interrupting me I'll finish explaining. If you'll kindly look at the bottom of the chamber you will see that it has several pipes placed around it with the opening of the tubes inside with young Lucas. Those pipes lead to a bin that contains acid"

Everyone in the room gasped and let out small whimpers but yet no words were spoken, instead they listened intently to their captor.

"The tank will fill with acid and slowly burn the skin off of the boy within four hours of those doors behind you opening. These doors will lock the instant that the last person exits the room. For each one of those locks there is a key. Next there will be a gate surrounding the chamber before you. For this cage again there are three keys. One will turn off the laser beams, one will open the gate the other will shut off the timer connected to the acid bin, therefore stopping the liquid from filling the chamber. Then there will be two more keys. One to open the chamber its self and the other to unlock the hand cuffs. There will also be four numbers given that will deactivate the alarm system and open the steel front door and allow you to leave your confined surroundings. Every key and number will be awarded to you at the completion of your task"

"What if we don't make it?" Keith heard his own voice ask.

"Then one of the remaining players will collect if for you"

"What if we get all the keys and the codes and at the last second we can't save him" cried Brooke hurt and angry that someone would do something like this.

"Then this place and everything held therein shall be your tomb and the darkness will surround you once again. But not before you watch Lucas slowly burn. So boys and girls I ask you now. Wanna play a game?"

They all looked at each other with fear and sorrow knowing that there was only one answer yet no one possessed the will nor the ability to give voice to it.

Stepping forward the only person who could part their lips and produce sound spoke up for the group.

"Yes" Peyton said through tear filled eyes. "Lets play the game"