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Chapter Ten: Disbelief

The young woman stood alone in a mist of confusion. She didn't understand why she was left standing alone in the cold, dank hallway while the others were sent into the bowels of the unknown. This whole night had been filled with horrors that she could never have imagined within the confinements of her own mind and she found it troubling that someone was capable of such evils. Running her hand through her blond hair the young woman, against her better judgement called out.

"Hello" she continued searching the hall for even the slighest hint of life.

"Is anyone there?"

It was a stupid question and even with her rather low IQ she understood that. Of course someone was there. It was the very same person who was holding she and what was left of her small group of friends as players in one really twisted game. Wringing her hands together she continued down the hallway past the decayed Santa unsure of what else to do being certain to turn back every now and again to make sure that she wasn't being followed. The sound of nothingness around her frightened the girl beyond belief and she was starting to pray that she would find someone soon. In fact the more she thought about it the more she wondered why she hadn't received a mystery gift as the others had. It was rather odd that she of all people in the group would be left alone after all, she never did anything to hurt anyone in her life. She was always considered the air head that everyone made fun of and never took seriously. She didn't understand why anyone would want to hurt her or any of them for that matter. Although she knew that her friends were not the most innocent bunch of people in the world they didn't deserve to die because of it. Especially not like this.

Lights flickered overhead with a buzzing sound that made her uneasy. She paused for a moment looking at the flawed fixture with a little more intrigue then she would have but part of her was happy for the distraction. Maybe if she stood still and out of the way she could make it out of this death trap in one piece. Deep down she knew it was wishful thinking but she needed to hold onto something or fall apart. Too bad for her someone else had other plans.

The hairs on the back of her neck seemed to stand at attention on their own long before she had the feeling of no longer being alone. Taking a few deep ragged breaths the girl spun around on her heels just as the light flicked off for the longest moment she had ever experienced in her life. The sound of a demented dolls's laughter filled the air adding to her fear just as the light switched back on reavealing an animal headed figured in front of her causing her to scream louder then she had all night then the next thing she knew her world went black…

Whe she came to her vision was foggy and pain was coming from every part of her body, pain so bad it almost caused her to pass out again. She blinked several times and tried to push past the pain and violent shakes in order to focus. The room, like all others before it was dark, smelly and held nothing but a violent end to life within it's walls. With that came the harsh realization that she was going to be the next victim.

In the distance she could make out a block of television sets with imjages that she recognized as her friends. In the far right hand corner was the creepies doll she had ever seen with round black eyes , a big white face with read markings on it. It had black hair that stood up on it's head and wore a black and white suit with a red bow tie. The worst part was that a crooked smile was plastered on it's blood red lips as it erupted into that horrible laugh she had heard in the hallways moments before being attacked.

Panic overtook her. She tried her damnedest to scream, to move to do anything but the gag in her mouth allowed no sounds to escape it and the pain shooting through her body let her know that she was being held in place by ojects that looked like large screws. Small puddles of her own blood surrounding her. She wanted to get as far anyway from this place as humanly possible but it was to no avail. There was nothing and no one that could help her now.

"Hello Bevin"a voice called out to her.

She couldn't believe who it was as her eyes were finally able to focus. She tried once more to yell but the person in front of her only shook his head as if being amused by a small child. He then smiled a cold hateful grin that caused the young woman to cringe at it's hidden meaning. She watched him, unable to turn away or hide her astonishment.

How could he of all people be capable of hurting her or anyone else? Especially people who at one point meant so much to him?

How did the good boy of Tree Hill become such a monster?

"Are you enjoying the show so far? I know I am" he laughed mostly to himself as he stared down at her with cold eyes that longed for death and revenge.

"I think her brain has finally imploded on it's self baby. Maybe we should just kill the bitch and get it over with" the woman at his side spoke with boredom in her voice.

She then smiled down at the girl almost enjoying the look of shock and betrayal that blanketed her features.

Bevin's eyes closed for a short while as if she were trying to process what she was seeing. The truth about these two people was a terrifying reveloation to her, one that she had rather not known. Silent tears streaked down her face as she thought about what they had done and what they were about to do to her as well as the others. Images of her boyfriends demise played over and over again in her head forcing her body to shake as she cried.

This wasn't right, it wasn't fair and she didn't understand how they could be so cruel, so heartless.

"Oh poor, sweet, intellectually impaired Bevin. Has the truth about us shocked you into hysteria?" the young male smirked as he moved to stand behind his accomplice, placing his arm around her waist.

"I'm sure you're wondering why we've done all of this. Why such grotesque violence was necessary in teaching our lessons to those closest to us? Well we've tried to be nice about it but the mother fuckers just don't listen very well. I mean think about it. There are good people in this world who suffer everyday. Whether they are diagnosed with diseases that thave no cures, betrayed by those who love them the most or just plain and simply because life's a bitch sometimes and shit happens to them that should be happening to the fucker up the street who molested someone's ten year old kid" he paused almost as if he were relishing in his own intellect.

His female counter part smiled in his diretion before approaching the girl and continuing.

"Now I ask, what do you do when the people in your own world don't value the lives that they lead? How do you make them better then they are today? How do you make them realize that the lives that they were given, although far from perfect, are worth living while still maintaining the highest standard of morality? How do you stop others from living in the shadows watching others live their live while allowing their own to slip by the way side? Now you could of course try talking to them but we all know how that turns out. They yell at you, they tell you to mind your own God damn business all the while pretending that they know what's best for them when clearly they don't know shit. It's basic human nature to only see what we want to see. To make excuses as to why we are the way we are and pretend that these excuses are perfectly acceptable. That's where we come in"

"You see those who are ungrateful to be alive should be put to the test to see if they can let go of whatever vanities, addictions or fears that they hold onto in order to save their own lives. However if they allow their vanities, addictions and fears to stop them, well then the life that they never valued in the first place is gone" he paused again with a look that held a twinge of disappointment.

It was as if he really believed in the words that he spoke but regretted the fact that the others couldn't quite see things his way.

To her it was just down right scary.

"So do you get it now you little fool? Do you understand what we're trying to accomplish here?" he screamed startling her.

She had never witnessed anything like this in her life. Her former acquaintance was out of his damn mind and so was his girlfriend. The young girl saw no apology, no resentment towards her as she looked into his eyes. It was a strange glance, she had noticed it before but thought nothing of it until this moment. She now understood. In fact more then she wanted to. It made her realize that his usually calm demeanor held a darkness that always remained hidden to the untrained eye but to the very few people close to him they had to have seen it. They had to know what kind of horrors that he was capable of, but oddly it goes back to what he himself had stated. People only see what they want to see and now this notion and eagerness to turn a blind end will be their end.

The girl, her childhood friend had always been a little distant and lost in her own world with eyes that were empty and soulless. What some would consider the eyes of the devil himself. If anyone would be crazy enough to pull something like this off it would be her.

"I'll take that as a yes. Now Bevin" he said walking over to the monitors, picking an object off of the table and placing it in front of his mouth bringing forth the voice she dreaded hearing all night.

"I want to play a game. For most of your life you have been ridiculed by others because of your lack of intellect while hiding the fact that you weren't so dense after all. You live to flatter people whom you despise in order to impress other people who despise you thereby committing the ultimate sin. You changed who you are to meet the the approval of others, to be liked by the in crowd. Well now you must suffer for your deceit. As you can see there are screws placed on either side of your temples when the machine starts the screws drill past your skinm and into your bones. The ones in your temples will plow through your skull and into your brain spilling it's contents letting you know what it's like to truly be brainless. I thought about what you might do in order to free yourself but upon further investigation I drew a different conclusion…you're just not worth saving"

Horror filled her body as the girl blew her a kiss and flicked the switch signaling the beginning of her end. Pain erupted from every part of her. The room now seemed to be spinning out of control adding to the loud thundering of the machine. She wanted to scream but she couldn't. The pain was so great that no sound would pass her vocal cords and she doubt it would have been any different even if the gag were removed from her mouth. God she just wanted this to end even if that mean that she would never see the light of day again, never draw another breath, she didn't care.

Maybe it was just for their sick pleasure that the screws in her head seemed to be a few minutes behind the ones in her body. They were enjoying the show and she knew it. They were depraved animals, evil beyond all comperhension and she only hoped that one of the remaining players would be able to take them out.

Next she felt the cold steel that rested againnst her temples start to move, slowly at first as if they wanted to simply offer her up a taste of what was to come. Then it sped up. Her body shook wildly as the metallic taste of her own blood filled her mouth, the girl's eyes rolled up into her head leaving a grayish white to fill the void. Blood flowed like a river followed by pieces of brain matter, splattering over everything within it's path of destruction.

The pair smiled wickedly, turning off the maachine and turning back to the monitors as if this were just another task in their normal everyday lives.

"That was fun but it's nothing compared to what I have planned for them. Oh by the way sweetheart you are a phenomenal actress"

The girl bowed dramatically.

"Thank you sexy but I think you're the one who deserves the praise more then I. You know if it weren't for your ingenious ideas we wouldn't have had this wonderful learning experience. I would never have been able to come up with half of these ideas on my own"

"That's one way of looking at it. But don't sell yourself short honey, you have a beautifully imaginative and narcissistic mind. That's one of the many things that I love about you" he said bending down and pressing his lips to the back of her neck.

Although she tingled all over from the sensation, she knew that they had business to attend to.

She turned around slowly, smiling at him with love and admiration in her eyes. Placing a finger over his lips she spoke seductively.

"Now , now, sexy. We'll have plenty of time for that later. Right now we need to see how our other players are fairing"

He gave her the look of a disappointed child before raising his hands in defeat and sitting down, stretched out in his chair, body relaxed readying himself for the ultimate viewing pleasure. She place herself upon his lap as they watched their wicked game progress to the next level.

Their next victim…Haley James Scott.