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Ptolemy, then Nathaniel… Humans. They are the bane of my existence. Hate them? Perhaps. Love them? Maybe. Love and hate are so difficult to distinguish.

I felt my essence being sucked into a familiar way home. I needed to scream, but when your essence is being pulled away, screaming is rather a futile act. Besides, what would the other djinns think? Humans are the most complex creatures you will every try to understand. They are illogical, irrational, and senseless. They're all the same. I thought Ptolemy was unique. I thought he was different, special if you may, and the only one of their kind. Instead he proved me wrong. That foolish, foolish Nathaniel. Heroism. To a djinni or any other "demon" as Kitty would have called it, heroism was just an idiotic act. I mean, who would want to throw away their life? I know I wouldn't. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't either.

I wanted to believe that all humans were the same. Cruel, slave drivers, and egotistical. That way, it wouldn't have bothered me if I ever came to…harm it. Yet, they always find a way to prove me wrong, making me feel guilty. It's a disgrace, I know. Not my fault though. Blame you humans! Always hypocritical… Ptolemy was never cruel, a slave driver, or egotistical. On the other hand, Nathaniel was cruel, a slave driver, and egotistical. So what would these two completely different human beings have in common? Me.

Ptolemy and Nathaniel were so different, yet they were so alike. Ptolemy was never a tainted soul. Society didn't have that affect on him. Then again, he barely spent time socializing. Nathaniel was a tainted soul. Time and society had worked its magic on him like so many others in your horrible world. Still, he found a way out of it in the end. I guess Ptolemy and Nathaniel probably had more similarities then differences. They were both pressured by society, hated by the government at one point, and ended their own lives but granting me mine.

Why? Why did they have to torture me so? What had I ever done to them? Did I not complete their tasks dutifully? Why? The fact that I was alive and they weren't caused guilt. It lingered in my essence worse then fleas on a dog. (I should know. I had to be one at a point. Oh, how those fleas were persistent.) I would never admit that I loved humans. That would be going the extreme. So I will. I did love Ptolemy, but I hated him as well. I was grateful at his gift, but it took me a few centuries to realize it. How I wished he had taken me with him. At least that way, we would've been together and my essence could have laid to rest without the worry of any more summonings. Now Nathaniel. He was a different story. Did I hate him? No, that would be putting it mildly. I loathed him, despised him. I hoped that one day he would make a mistake with his pentacle and then I could consume him. How I dreamed. That bloody cheek! I regret not telling him how I had felt before he had left his world. Dismissing me at the last second, how dare he!

A wry smile tugged at my lips. It made sense. Humans were all the same. Whoever had created me had made my heart was twisted as fate had been with me.

Love and hate have no boundaries against one another…