My Life: In HSM Form

Summary: This is my life. In HSM Form. All my friends are playing a character. This is mostly centered around Ryan. Who is played by me!


Troy- James (AKA Jimbo)

Gabriella- Sami

Ryan- Willy (AKA ME!)

Sharpay- Jessica

Tiffany (Random Person's Name) - Tiffany!

The People Playing the Characters:

Jimbo- This guy who has a crush on Sami and likes beads and hemp.

Sami- This girl who enjoys hurting me, and has a crush on Jimbo.

Willy (Me) - Has a crush on Tiffany and really likes musicals.

Jessica- This person who has a very short temper, but can be very nice once you get to know her.

Tiffany- This really nice girl who has a crush on Willy and really likes musicals and singing.


I do not own High School Musical or it's characters and or any way, shape, or form, connected with them. I only own the plot.


This is based on real people so…. Ok! I can't think of a warning I just wanted one!