Late Sunday afternoon Kagome's cell phone rang, the caller ID showing Rin's name. Kagome smiled and answered the phone, "The date go well?"

Rin sighed loudly, "Very. I think it would last longer but he had a meeting he had to get ready for. But we get on very well."

"So he's easy to talk to I take it?"

"Surprisingly yes. I thought I would get all tongue-tied and not have a thing to say. But I fell really at ease with him so it all came naturally."

"So what did you talk about?"

"Nothing really important, he asked me a few questions and I asked him a few. But mostly we just joked around."

Kagome was surprised, "You joked around. Why is it that I'm having a hard time seeing Sessho-Maru joking around?"

"I was too. But despite the corporate leader persona, he's really down to earth."

"Yeah, I guess I can see behind the suit there's an easy going guy just dying to get out." Kagome lightly laughed.

"Well it's the truth. You can't judge by appearances only." Rin said stubbornly.

"I know, I know. I'm just surprised, when the princess and me used to go over InuYasha's house to play, Sessho-Maru would never play with us. And he's only three years older then me, only two years older then Kikyo. He would just stay to the side reading. I never once saw him playing."

"Oh…Well I guess I can see why you would be surprised then." Rin said awkwardly.

"But this is a good thing, isn't it? It shows that you put him at ease and he can be himself around you."

Kagome could hear the smile in her voice when Rin said, "I hope that's the case."

"No worries it is. So tell me, will there be a another date?"

"Yes, and you wont believe it."

"Try me."

"He wants me to be his date at some swanky charity ball! And when I told him I wouldn't have anything to wear to something like that, he said it's taken care of. Can you believe?" Rin said with awe.

"Frickin Cinderella huh?"

"You're telling me. But luckily I have time to mentally prepare myself, it's not for a few more weeks. But we're going out this coming Friday."

"Where to?"

"Just another lunch. It should be good."

"I'm glad it's working out for you. You disserve-"

But someone screaming on the other end of the phone, cutting off Kagome, "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY PIPE!!"

Kagome didn't say anything, and after a few seconds Rin spoke. "I need to go…My mom."

"Yeah alright…Do you need me to come get you?"

"No it's alright. Talk to you tomorrow?"

"Yeah. See you at school."

"Yeah…bye then."

"Bye." Kagome hung up the phone with disappointment. It was hard not being able to take Rin away from her cracked out mom.

The next week at school was uneventful until Friday. That morning all the students noticed a flyer pinned to all of the student bulletin boards. It read: InuYasha and Kikyo will be presenting a very special presentation in the auditorium today after school. Promises to be educational and funny. Kagome was reading the flyer when Koga walked to her side. "Why do I have the feeling this has something to do with their revenge?" Kagome asked, still staring at the board.

"Because it does. I'll bet anything on it."

"What are we going to do?"

"We're going to stick together. No body goes anywhere alone. It will make it harder on them to get a hold of one of us." Kouga clasped her shoulder briefly then walked away.

At lunch they sat huddle together. "What do you think they're going to do?" Asked JoJo.

"We sit back and relax." Blaze answered. "And do what Kouga said, stay together."

"He's right." Piped in Craze. "I mean if they can't get any of us they have nothing right?"

"I wouldn't be so sure." They all looked over at Tank who was leaning against a tree.

"What do you mean Tank?" Asked Shippo.

"I've been keeping an eye on them all day today. They haven't even tried to make a move on one of us."

"Couldn't they just be waiting until after school?" Asked Kagome.

"That would be stupid. They have the attention of the whole school. If they needed one of use to make a show out of they would have to make sure they have one of us. Or else they're going to look like fools. I think if they had plans that involved us actually having to be there they would try to get one of us from the moment school started. Yet they haven't made a move. Nah, I think they have something else up their sleeves."

"Maybe InuYasha will get one our cars, payback for getting his." Sango suggested.

"No I don't think so." Kouga said. "Copying pranks isn't his style. He'll think of some new, cruel way to get back at us."

"And we're doing nothing? Just sitting around waiting for them?" Questioned Shippo.

"What else are we to do?" Asked JoJo. "If we knew what they were going to do it would be easier to stop them. But we don't, so we wait."

The rest of the day went bye with excruciating slowness until finally the final bell rang. Kagome looked around her as her and her friends stood outside of the auditorium. "We're all hear." She observed out load.

"Told you." Tank stated with no smugness.

"Do we go in?" Asked Blaze.

"You do what you want. But I'm not running." Kouga said as he started walking towards the open doors. Everyone followed him, as they all looked around it was obvious to them that most of the school was there. All waiting to see what InuYasha and Kikyo were going to do.

When students stopped coming into the auditorium a smirking Miroku closed the doors and the lights were turned off. Two spotlights shined onto the stage, igniting InuYasha and Kikyo in light. "Will skip all of the introductions and get right to it." InuYasha's voice echoed through speakers. "Now the lovely Kikyo will be are narrator." He kissed her hand, then he directed the next thing to his friends who were working the stage. "Lower the screen. Roll it!"

Music started playing lightly in the background as the screen flashed to life. It was a picture of Kagome as a little girl in a blue dress wearing white ribbons in her hair smiling into the camera.

"What is this?" Kagome mumbled to herself and started pushing her way closer to the stage until she was In the middle of the crowed.

"As you can see this is a picture of a normal little girl. Some of you might be wondering who this happy child is." With a click the picture changed to a picture of a present day Kagome with her head lying on her arms as she stared off into space, with her headphones on in the middle of a class. The crowed giggled. "Yes that cute little girl grew up to be this." She pointed up at the screen with a said look on her face. "Now some of you might be wondering what might have brought on such a change. To tell you the truth no one really knows but we do know when it started." The screen flashed again changing to a picture of Kagome in middle school eating alone with a group of people standing behind, getting ready to dump their lunch over her head. Everyone laughed as the next picture flashed, it was seconds after the one before was taken, when Kagome was covered in food with a group of kids, a young InuYasha leading them, laughing behind her. Kikyo laughed with them then changed the picture. It was another picture of Kagome, this time it was a picture of her at a school dance her parents made her go to freshmen year of high school. She was standing by herself looking across a dance floor. "You'd think she'd change by high school. But she only got worse." The screen clicked again, it was still of that dance, but this time Kagome was sitting slumped against the wall, revealing a pair of big black army boots she had hid under her dress from her mom. "Tragic really those boots." The students laughed some shouting rude comments about Kagome. Kagome just took another step forward in disbelief watching as yet another picture flashed. This time it was a picture of her plugging her nose as she picked routine food out of her locked. She remembered that, it was Valentine's sophomore year. Again the crowed erupted in laughter. Click after click pictures of Kagome flashed across the screen, pictures of her alone, being bullied, and even a picture of her looking bored with headphones on as she sat in the gym with all the students around her cheering.

Kagome couldn't take it anymore she pushed her way to the stage. Kikyo saw her, "And here she is in the flesh!" She pointed down to the front of the stage, a spotlight found Kagome.

Kagome lifted herself onto the stage, to Kikyo's surprise making her falter in her speech. Kagome snatched the microphone away from her sister and pushed her, making her stumble a few feet away from her. The crowed laughed and pointed up at Kagome. "Yes laugh. It's all been real entertaining hasn't it." She spoke with venom into the mice. She waited a second listening to them talking to each other. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" The crowed hushed in surprised at her out burst. "I'm glad I could be entertain to you all. But now I have something to say. AND YOU'LL FUCKING LISTEN…after this." She pointed up to the screen. "After all this you'll listen." She waited and when know one said anything she continued. "I want you all to think about what you were laughing at, what you found so fucking funny! Now what kind of people are you? Really. To find a kid being bullied funny really say a while fucking lot about your personalities. You should all be proud, really give yourself a hand." Kagome started clamping, but no one followed. "I have one wish…May you find yourselves in the attention of everyone you go to school with. Let every bad moment, every lonely, sad, fucking moment in your lives be on display for them to laugh and cheer for. And may all your shit be laid out in front of everyone so they can judge and scream for more. So that way you'll have some kind of idea what I've been through for the last twenty minutes!" Kagome through the mice down on the stage and stared daggers at the crowed before turning to her sister. Kikyo flinched as Kagome grabbed her arm. "We've been through a lot of shit, and we've said a lot of fucked up things to each other. But I would never tear you apart and humiliate you like you just did to me." Kagome said as she tried, but failed, to hide the fact she had tears in her eyes. She threw Kikyo from her as she stepped away. Kagome walked over to InuYasha, "You win. I've had enough of this war. Are you happy?"

"Yes." He said with less satisfaction then he expected.

Kagome Hopped off of the stage and walked out with her head held high. Her friends followed behind her. "Don't worry will get them back." Kouga growled, everyone nodded in agreement.

"No." Kagome said with vigor.

"What?" Kouga asked surprised.

"I said no. This is it, the end. The win, we lose. I can't take it anymore. If something like this…if they do something like this again, I couldn't handle it."


Kagome stopped in the middle of the parking lot to turn and push Kouga. He, as well as the rest of her friends, was surprised to see that she was crying. "No buts. They tore me apart back there. I don't have the energy or the wish to get them back. And even if I did, there is know way I could get even with them, because I could never go as far as they went. I'm not that fucking mean and cold hearted, and I'm glad I'm not. So if you want to get them back, you guys are going to have to do it with out me."

Tank put a hand on Kouga's shoulder before he could say anything. "Ok Kagome. It's over, no more."

Kouga gave up and crossed his arms then smiled gently. "You know I was proud of you when you didn't just run away. You went up in front of everyone and stood your ground. That was brave."

Kagome smiled sadly, then took a step back. "I'm going home."

Sango and Rin stepped forward. "Want company?" Rin asked.

Kagome hugged Rin and whispered in her ear so the boys couldn't hear. "No, you go on to your date with Sessho-Maru and have fun."

Rin pulled away. "Are you sure, that can be rescheduled no problem."

"I'm sure I just want to be alone for a bit."

"Call if you change your mind." Sango said.

"Yeah you have all of our numbers." JoJo said.

"Thanks but I'll be fine really." Kagome gave them each a hug, then took off for the short drive home. When she got home she went straight to her room and locked the door. She went over to her radio and pushed play. Falling onto her bed she tried to clear her mind and let the music wash over her. Kagome stayed there uninterrupted for a few hours before there was a knock on her door. "Who is it."

No one answered at first, "It's me." She recognized Kikyo's voice on the other side of the door.

"Fuck off please!"

"Just let me talk to you."

"I think you've said enough today."

"Didn't I tell you that you couldn't even trust me while all of this is going on? Remember, then you said you never trust me."

"I remember, but I never thought…" Kagome just trailed off.

Kikyo didn't say anything for awhile, Kagome was starting to think she left when she finally spoke again. "I didn't think it would turn out like this."

"See that's the problem Kikyo, you never think about how your actions will affect the other person."

To Kagome's surprise, Kikyo didn't argue back instead she said, "I haven't seen you cry for years. It surprised me." She paused then said, "I'll never do anything like that again."

Kagome couldn't help but laugh, "Yeah right Kikyo, you and I both know you will."

"You're wrong… It's true that I've been trying to get you back for years after what you did to me and InuYasha, but I never wanted to make you cry."

Kagome stomped over to the door and swung it open, "Stop pretending like you're sorry." She snapped.

"Kagome I'm your older sister…and to do that. I am sorry." Kikyo looked like she was trying to hold back tears. This shocked Kagome.

"Why now? Why go so far in the first place?"

"Like I said I didn't think it would turn out like this. I thought you'd get pissed then try to get your revenge."

Kagome silently studied her sister. "Alright. You're sorry. Where does that leave us?"

Kikyo shrugged, "I have no idea. Maybe for now on we can promise each other no matter what happens with our friends we wont target each other."

Kagome nodded, "Ok. But just so you know this war has ended. I told InuYasha you guys win."

"I know, he told me." Kikyo shrugged. "But you never know what will happen in the future."

"Yeah." They stood there awkwardly for a minute before Kagome asked, "Anything else?"

"No. That's all."

"Alright, later then."


Kagome shut her door and flopped back down on her bed.

There's a lot that I don't know
There's a lot that I'm still learning
But I think I'm letting go
Find my body
It's still burning

And you hold me down
And you got me living in the past
Come on and pick me up
Somebody clear the wreckage from the blast

I'm alive
And I don't need a witness
To know that I survived
I'm not looking for forgiveness
Yeah, I just need light
I need light in the dark
As I search for the resolution

And the bars are finally closed
So I try living in the moment
Till the moment it just froze
And I felt sick and so alone

I can hear the sound
Of your voice still ringing in my ear
I'm going underground
But you'll find me anywhere, I fear

I'm alive
And I don't need a witness
To know that I survived
I'm not looking for forgiveness
Yeah, I just need light
I need light in the dark
As I search for the resolution
I need light in the dark
As I search for the resolution

Resolution, resolution
Tomorrow back from now
Annie, I'm almost home

And you hold me down
Yeah, you hold me down

I'm alive
I don't need a witness
To know that I survived
I'm not looking for forgiveness

Yeah, I'm alive
I don't need a witness
To know that I survived
I'm not looking for forgiveness
Yeah, I just need light
I need light in the dark
As I search for the resolution
I need light in the dark
As I search for the resolution
I need light, I need light
The Resolution- Jacks Mannequin

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