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a/n: yes, I know this is ridiculously short. And I do firmly believe that Ginny would have figured it out on her own. I just thought this would make for cute sibling interaction.

When Ginevra Molly Weasley was three her older brother Charlie left for Hogwarts. When he came back for the summer holidays, he was obsessed with Quidditch. He ate, slept, and breathed Quaffles, Chasers, Bludgers, Beaters, Keepers, and especially Snitches and Seekers. He dreamed of Quidditch at night, talked about it at breakfast, and generally begged his mother to buy him a broom.

When he went back to school, he tried out for the team and made Seeker, which was the position he had always wanted. Everyone said he was the best Seeker Hogwarts had seen since the beginning of the century. Ginny adored her older brother, worshipped the ground he walked on, laughed at his every joke, and generally begged him to teach her to play. Every time she brought the subject up her other brothers laughed their heads off, and he looked apologetically at her and shook his head. She watched sadly as he taught first Fred and George, then Ron as well, to play Quidditch.

This state of affairs continued until the end of his third year. Then, one night during the summer holidays, she was awakened by a gentle hand shaking her shoulder.

"Ginny!" whispered a quiet voice, "Wake up! I need to talk to you."

"Whaa..." murmered Ginny. One hand clamped over her mouth, Charlie shook her again. She bit him. What followed was predictable enough: he sat on her, banged her head on the floor a couple of times in a gentle, brotherly kind of way, and then pulled her to her feet, wrapped her coat around her small shoulders, and dragged her out into the darkness of the muggy summer night.

"Where are we going?" she whispered.

"Just hurry up." he whispered back. He dragged her by her wrist around the house to the broomshed.

"Take this," he said, shoving a hair-pin into her hand, "You've heard Fred and George talking about what you can do with hairpins, right?"

She nodded; then her eyes widened as she grasped what he meant.

"Just do me a favor, OK? Don't mention this to the other boys?"

She nodded, throwing herself at him and hugging her brother around the chest so hard he gasped for air.

"I'll be the best flyer ever ever ever in a million years!" she squeaked, "I'll fly so well I'll get into the Quidditch team my first year! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!"

"I bet you will," said Charlie, kissing her on the top of her little red head. He slipped back into the Burrow, leaving his little sister to experiment with the hair-pin. She'd have thought of it eventually anyway; he thought, as he climbed back into his bed, all I'm doing is helping things along a little.