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Assassin Miko

Kagome sighed; she was getting really tired of Inuyasha going off every night. He had no idea of how much it hurt her. Kagome sighed again and got up intent on finding Inuyasha. She followed his scent until she smelt the scent of corpses mingled with Inuyasha's scent. She came upon a clearing and hid because she did not want Inuyasha to know she was there. She eavesdropped on Kikyo and Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha, do you love me?" Kikyo asked.

"Yes, Kikyo I do love you." Inuyasha answered

"But, what of my reincarnation?" Kikyo replied.

"She is nothing but a shard detector, she is weaker than you are!" Inuyasha exclaimed. He then proceeded to passionately kiss Kikyo. Kagome held her tears back. She then stood up and proceeded to yell at Inuyasha.

"How could you Inuyasha? I thought you loved me. Oh well, I guess I was wrong. You better not follow me, or you are going to find yourself pinned to the very tree that I freed you from!" Kagome yelled, and then she ran off. When she reached the well she jumped in.

On the other side of the well, she went right into her house, greeted her mother, and then went up to the bathroom. Once the bath was filled she got right in and relaxed.

'What do I need to do to make sure Inuyasha doesn't come and drag me back there?' Kagome thought. Once she was done with her bath she got dressed in her pajama's and went and sealed the well. Once she got back in the house she asked her mother if she could talk to her.

"What did you want to talk about Kagome?" Kagome's mother asked. (I am going to call her Jewel.)

"Do you think you or Jii – Chan could train me in my miko powers, and then could you find a teacher that will help me with my youkai powers?" Kagome asked Jewel.

"Sure, I could have Jii – Chan train your miko powers and I know somebody who could train your youkai powers." Jewel answered.

"Who?" Kagome asked.

"Her name is Kaoru, and she is an Inu – youkai." Jewel replied.

"You mean, Aunt Kaoru?" Kagome asked surprised.

"Yes, your Aunt Kaoru." Jewel answered.

"Cool, well I think I better get to sleep if I am going to start training tomorrow." Kagome replied, "Good Night, mama"

"Good Night, Kagome dear." Jewel said smiling.

Next Morning

Kagome woke up at seven the next morning and got dressed in her training outfit. Her training outfit consisted of a black Halter top that fit her figure and ended in an upside down 'V' shape. Her skirt was a flowing skirt that ended in the middle of her thighs, to allow more room for flexibility. Under her skirt she had kick pants on so she didn't flash anybody. She then had on knee high black boots that laced up. On her halter top Kagome had the outline of silver roses, it was the same with her skirt and her boots.

"Jii – Chan, I am ready for my training." Kagome yelled trying to find her grandfather.

"I am in the Dojo, Kagome." Jii – Chan replied.

"Ok, I am here, what do you want me to begin with?" Kagome asked once she found her grandfather at the dojo.

"Let us start with meditation, it will help you gain more control over your miko powers." Jii – Chan answered.

"OK," Kagome said sitting down and closing her eyes. After a while she could see her powers manifesting, and she tried gathering it into a ball of energy. She tried this exercise for a while and finally managed to do so.

"Very Good Kagome!" Jii – Chan praised, "Now let's start working on barriers."

Kagome gathered her powers into a ball again and then spread it around her in a dome, Jii – Chan then tried destroying the barrier by hitting it with a sword. He was surprised to see that the barrier held.

"You have progressed faster then I thought you would Kagome, you have my praise and respect for your power." Jii – Chan said.

"Thank You, Jii – Chan," Kagome replied, smiling.

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