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Chapter 6. A Serious Talk

It was the middle of the night when the sounds of a flushing toilet woke Luke from a dreamless sleep. He groaned and rolled over, seeing it was about 3 o'clock in the morning. The sounds of patting footsteps reached his ears and he flicked on the new lamp he had bought and saw Lorelai look over at him.

"Oh," she said, her hair a complete mess. She was dressed in one of her flannel bed outfits and Luke wondered if he should give the flannel up because it just looked so much better on the 16 year old. "Did I wake you up?"

"No," Luke lied. "Um . . . bad dream." He reached up and scratched his head. "You okay?"

"Yeah, sure," she said, lying also. "I just had to go to the bathroom."

Luke nodded and was about to turn off the light before Lorelai stopped him. "Luke, wait. Um . . . are you sure that Christopher didn't call? Because he said he did and someone picked up."

Luke closed his eyes and said, "He might of. One of the kitchen people must have answered when they came up to pee or something." Why the hell am I lying to her? he asked himself.

"Oh," Lorelai nodded. "But- did I tell you?" she asked, her face lighting up.

"Tell me what?" Luke asked, feeling the need to sleep wash over him.

"Christopher proposed!" Lorelai said giddily.

"P-proposed?" Luke asked, sitting up fully. "Lorelai, um, you do know the legal . . . stuff . . . that goes along with that? Since you're underage and all."

"That doesn't matter," Lorelai said, waving her hand. "Both of our parents wanted us to get married when they found out. They're both thrilled!"

Luke remembered back to the first day he met Lorelai and the look on her face as she asked him for a new life. She seemed so lost. She seemed like she really hated Christopher then. How can a couple days with him change everything so quickly? "I thought- I heard that it's not a good idea to marry young."

"We're not that young, Luke," Lorelai said. "Plus, I'm pregnant. I want someone there for me. And you have the diner and all. And I don't want to have to live off you, Luke."

Luke nodded. "I guess. Just make the right choice, Lorelai."

Lorelai smiled. "What else would I do, Luke?" She grabbed the blanket off the couch she was sleeping on, wrapped it around her securely, and plopped back down on her 'bed' heavily. "Turn off the light, Luke?"

Luke, who had watched her and her bulging belly get into sleeping position, snapped out of it and turned the lamp off.

What else would I do?

Get pregnant.

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