Title: My Daugher, The Senshi
Author: Princess Destiny
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Rating: M 15+
Summary: 'One Hour Challenge' #27, 70 and 81: Response Fanfic. Concerned with how much her daughter has changed, Ikuko decides to trail her one day and gets the shock of her life! And then Sailor Moon gets injured and Ikuko finds that Tuxedo Kamen won't leave the blonde's side for an instant. Now she has to hide two super-hero's in her house, keep her daughter's secret from both the rest of her family and the strange masked man and try and save her own sanity!
Couple: Usagi And Mamoru
Chapters: 1?
Status: Unfinished
Year Completed: N/A

Comments: Hi everyone! I'm writing something sort of unusual here with a character I haven't used much in the past except for in STB. Ikuko. I was thinking one night a while back, what would Ikuko do if she was to get worried about all the bruises her daughter got and the school she was missing and heck, she would notice if her daughter was sneaking out at night, right? I'D follow my daughter. So this is what resulted.

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Princess Destiny


By Princess Destiny

Chapter One

"Isn't this skirt just the cutest, Luna?" Usagi gushed as she whirled about in a circle for her cat to view her newest buy. It had cost her almost all of her allowance, but it had been worth it. A pretty pink and white skirt that came to just above the knees. With her pink top, it was the perfect combination!

She giggled as her cat gave her a sour look. "You don't have to say a word, I can tell you don't approve." The blonde whispered, going over to her mirror to pick up her brush.

"You know me so well." Luna said dryly, licking one paw in a distracted manner, and then rubbing it over her face. She sighed as she realized what she was doing, eyes becoming disgusted. How like a cat she was becoming! A thousand years in this form and now she was more like a feline than a human.

Her red eyes clouded. Would she ever be her true self again? She pondered it silently, mourning the beautiful young girl she had once been. It was a fading memory, but she recalled long wavy blue hair and smooth skin like Usagi's. She'd had a beau then too. Someone whose name she couldn't quite think of. It was on the tip of her tongue-

"Luna?" The girl stopped brushing her hair and stared at her cat, who was frozen with one paw raised over her head, eyes vacant.

Usagi turned around from the mirror, dropping the brush onto the dresser absently. She frowned in concern when Luna didn't answer and walked over to the bed to crouch down in front of the cat. She waved a hand in front of the feline and finally got a response when red eyes blinked and the paw dropped down onto the covers abruptly.

"What is it, Usagi?" Luna blushed, knowing that she'd gone off into her own thoughts as she'd so often scolded Usagi for doing. She expected the blonde to tease her and was surprised when the girl instead stroked her head softly, blue eyes worried.

"Are you alright?" She asked, voice gentle. "It isn't like you to just space out like that." Usagi went on, looking at her cat intently.

"I'm fine." Luna said, feeling uncomfortable under that stare. For a moment, she could have sworn that she someone else entirely was speaking to her...

She blinked and then regained her usual confidence. "And you, young lady, are going to be late if you don't hurry." She scolded.

Usagi shot up, eyes panicked. She looked at her clock. "Oh no! Rei is going to kill me!" She shouted, rushing to the dresser for her hand-bag. She picked it up and ran for the door.

"Usagi, do you have the Moon Wand?" The cat yelled after her.

The blonde spun around, almost tipping over her own feet and patted the hand-bag. "Right in here, Luna!" She did a Sailor Moon salute and then opened her door and bolted down the hall.

"That girl will be the death of me." Luna moaned, laying down and covering her face with her paws.

Usagi grinned as she heard and shook her head. It might have been a devil in her that made her tease her guardian that way, but sometimes she liked to pretend to forget the Moon Wand just to see Luna riled.

"Do they really all think I'm as dumb as they say all blondes are?" She muttered, skipping down the stairs and turning left into the kitchen. Her mother was there at the sink, doing the afternoon dishes. "Hi mom!" She sank out. "I'm going to Rei's place."

"That's nice, dear." Ikuko said, turning from the sink. She looked her daughter over and smiled. Usagi was wearing a new skirt. A very pretty pink and white one. "Did you buy that one yesterday at the mall with the girls?" She asked.

"This one? You noticed!" The blonde squealed, piretting gracefully. "I just love it!"

Her mother smiled again. Sometimes Usagi surprised her. The girl was prone to fall flat on her face, but just sometimes she showed a hint of another person underneath. Someone who was all grace and at ease with her body. Perhaps a hint of the woman her little girl would grow into? Someone was hitting a growth spurt!

"It's very pretty-but don't expect an advance on your next allowance." Ikuko added, knowing exactly what her daughter would be asking in a few days.

Usagi eyed her mother in chagrin. Damn it, how did she do that! "I wasn't going to ask." She protested.

"Anyway, crap, I have to go, mom!" She yelled, backing off. She tripped over a chain and wind-milled, then regained her balance and blushed.

"Ack. Gotta go!" The blonde girl turned and dashed out of the room. "I am going to be so late." She moaned as she left the house and started to sprint down the sidewalk towards the Cherry Hill Temple.

Her face darkened. "I hope I don't bash into that jerk!"

"Usagi, don't swear like that!" Ikuko called after her in a scolding manner, but her daughter was already long gone.

As soon as the front door closed, Ikuko's apron was thrown off and she was rushing towards the front door was quickly as her daughter. If her husband could have seen her, his glasses would have fogged over and he would have collapsed.

She giggled as she quickly locked the front door, then went around to the side of the house and grabbed the bicycle there. "Well, it's not a car, but then we can only afford one and Kenji needs that for work." The woman grumbled as she hiked up her long skirts and managed to scramble onto the bike.

It had been years since she rode one and she at first wobbled in an alarming manner. She went pale as she almost fell off on the way down the drive and their next door neighbor stared at her. She waved at him and he waved back hesitantly.

"This is worth it." Ikuko gritted her teeth and narrowed her blue eyes. Yes, this was worth it! "I am going to find out what my daughter is up to!" She announced loudly.

The bike finally made it to the curb and Ikuko made her way slowly down the sidewalk. It was very slow-going at first. Her skirts kept getting in the way. And she kept wobbling. But after a minute or so, she got her confidence up and started to go faster.

"Right," She said, eyes narrowing again. "Usagi, here I come." She knew where her daughter was going and she ought to be able to catch up with her.

The blue-haired woman began to ride, actually beginning to enjoy it and her mind started to wander.

Usagi had begun to change several months ago, quite noticeable and that had worried her mother and even Naru's. In fact, whereas Naru and Usagi used to be best friends, according to the girl, her daughter only ever spoke to her at school now. Usagi now hung around with three new girls called Ami, Rei and Makoto.

Ami wasn't a bad influence. On the contrary, she appeared to be an A+ student, with a shy personality and if rumors were true her mother was a doctor. It was the other two that bothered Ikuko the most.

Makoto was rumored to have been thrown out of numerous schools for fighting and was very violent.

The other girl, Rei lived at the temple and practiced some sort of magic and rituals and had only an eccentric old grandfather who was a letch. A young man was also living there, perhaps in some sort of relationship with Rei. He was some years older and under the same roof.

It wasn't only these things that had been bothering Ikuko though. Usagi's school-work had dropped even further than usual. Her already average grades had bottomed. Her C's to D's.

Miss Haruna had reported that Usagi and Ami and Makoto had sometimes skipped classes, arrived late with blatant lies as excuses and not turned in homework. The teacher had been frankly shocked about such an ace student such as Ami and suspected Makoto's influence. And apparently the girl's parents were on extended vacation and were unreachable, so were not aware of all that was going on. Makoto was unable to supply a number for them, which Miss Haruna found highly suspicious, but was unable to do anything about.

And then...there were the bruises.

Ikuko's hands clenched on the bike handles and her eyes darkened. "When I find out which of those girls or their acquaintances did this to Usagi, I'll make sure they're put away for a very long time." The woman swore viciously.

Her daughter tried to hide it, but she occasionally came home with some absolutely horrifying bruises and cuts. Sometimes, she was even limping. A sob escaped the woman's mouth and she felt tears fill her eyes, momentarily blind her. She tried to pretend she never saw and Usagi never always told her some excuse like she fell over, but some of those wounds were just too severe to have come from that! Someone was hurting her baby and she wanted to know who!

"And then I'm going to kill them." Ikuko whispered, deadly serious. No one hurt her little girl and got away with it. Not even Usagi's own friends.

Her daughter had gotten into a gang; that was what it all added up to. The bad grades, the bad reputations of her friends, Usagi getting rid of her old friends, coming home all beat up.

"What else could it be?" She questioned herself. "Don't worry, Usagi. I'll get you out, honey." She swore. "But first, I'm going to see it with my own eyes."

Just then, the woman spotted the familiar hairstyle of her daughter running through the busy crowded streets of the shopping district. Ikuko blinked. "She's still running-and at that speed!"

For a moment, she gaped. She honestly couldn't believe it. Her daughter had been running for twenty minutes like a pro? And the skill with-which she was dodging people bespoke of many hours of training. Usagi had been doing this for years. She blinked.

"Her hundred-mile dash for school?" She coined a phrase from her son Shingo. It suddenly made sense. Well...damn. Her daughter had skills!

A slow smile spread over her face. Usagi was fast. Very, very fast. Ikuko was having trouble just peddling to keep up with her. "I wonder if she's tried out for track at school." She mused, absently thanking everyone who moved aside for her bike on the sidewalk. She'd have to mention this to Miss Haruna. If she knew her daughter, Usagi hadn't even considered this a skill.

Her admiration took an abrupt about-face into shock as Usagi suddenly slammed full-force into a man and bowled them both over.

"Oh no, Usagi!" Ikuko cried out, eyes going wide. That had to hurt. And her daughter had knocked some poor guy down! The woman peddled faster through the crowds, getting there in time to see Usagi and her victim getting to their feet. They both brushed themselves off, faces dark.

Oh dear. Ikuko expected her daughter to apologize to the young man she'd bowled over, but instead, the two suddenly whirled to face each other and began to shout!

"-baka! Can't you watch where you're going for one day, jerk?" Ikuko's mouth dropped open as she heard her daughter start to scream abuse at the handsome young man like a banshee. "Usagi!" She gasped. This was her nice, polite, kind daughter who would never hurt a fly? She laughed. Baring a spat here and there with her brother Shingo, of course. What an earth did this guy do to earn Usagi's wrath?

Carefully, she got off of her bike and edged closer to listen, keeping close to the shop.

"You baka! Can't you watch where you're going for one day, Jerk?"

"Me?" Mamoru glared down at Usagi, eyebrows raised as she dove right into her insults. "You're the one who just spilled my ice-cream down your clothes because you weren't watching where you were going."

"This was a new skirt!" She shouted at him wrathfully, rubbing at her skirt and then wincing when the vanilla soaked further into the pink. Her blue eyes shot up and she glared at him balefully. "This had better come out, or I'm going to kill you."

"It's only vanilla." He smirked at her. "Be thankful it wasn't chocolate." The upper-classman added thoughtfully, for a moment regretting that he hadn't picked the darker ice-cream and ruined her skirt. Then he shook his head ruefully. What was he thinking? He wasn't that malicious!

"Chocolate?" Usagi's eyes rounded in horror and she nodded frantically, realizing how bad it could have been. She sighed. "Damn it."

She opened her hand-bag and found a tissue, then began to dab at her skirt and top. "Now I really am late," She grumbled. "Thanks a lot, Mamoru."

"Where were you going in such a hurry, Odango?" He asked her, following her movements with his eyes. He grinned when he noticed that she was making the mess worse and that the tissue was only sticking to the mess on her skirt and top. He felt sort of bad when Usagi also saw that she had further ruined her outfit and her eyes began to get suspiciously wet.

"I was going to the temple! But now I'm too late and Rei is going to get mad and now I'm a mess!" Usagi wailed at him, wringing her hands.

"And whose fault is that?" Mamoru mocked her, preferring to see her anger than her tears.

To his delight, her eyes flashed at him and her glare resumed. She shoved a finger at his chest.

"This is your fault, Mamoru. It was your ice-cream! You stepped out of no-where!" Usagi shouted at him. She looked down at her clothes. "And just look at me!"

"You're a mess alright, Odango Atama," He agreed with a grin. "But it's not my problem. You were running like a bat out of hell."

"I'm going to murder you!" She shouted, waving a fist under his nose. "If my fist meets your face intimately and there's no one around to see it, do you still have a concussion?"

"Is that your variation of the tree falling in the woods saying?" He grinned at her. "Besides, you and what army are going to beat me up?" Mamoru taunted, looking around for her backup.

He smiled superiorly, then stepped around her and began to walk away, whistling. "I have things to do, Odango. You better get cleaned up before you attract ants."

"You jerk!" She screamed after him.

Usagi felt like throwing her handbag at his head as he sauntered away without a care in the world. He'd spilt his ice-cream all over her and then just left? She looked down at herself and then the sticky tissue in her hand and gritted her teeth. One day, she was just going to punch him in the mouth! Ha! Damn it, if only she could use a Sailor Moon kick on that creep's stubborn head. Unfortunately, Luna would yell at her.

Still steaming, the blonde spun around and stormed off, blue eyes searching for a restroom.

A couple of minutes later, she spotted one and ducked in. By that time, she was sticky, hot and miserable.

"Damn Mamoru. He's the bane of my existence. I loath him." She muttered under her breath, grabbing some toilet paper from the stalls and shoving them under the faucet. She turned the water on and wet them, then began dabbing her skirt and top.

Unfortunately, it didn't take her long to find out that cheap wet toilet paper crumbles and sticks to clothing and soon she found that she was in even worst a mess than before.

Close to tears, she sank onto her knees on the cold floor and stared at the white tiles.

"I hate Mamoru." Usagi whispered fiercely. She couldn't go back into public like this! Her clothes were ruined! Her once pink and white skirt had large wet patches a sticky vanilla and water with toilet paper stuck on them and her top wasn't in much better condition.

The Communicator in her sub-space pocket suddenly beeped and the blonde started in shock, then blinked and reached into her sub-space pocket for it. She pressed the glowing symbol for Mars. "Yes?" Usagi asked when Rei's face came up.

"Where the hell are you, Usagi? You were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago!" Rei demanded testily.

"I had an accident with an ice-cream." The blonde responded darkly, not elaborating.

The priestess-in-training frowned angrily. "You stopped for ice-cream!" She yelled. "Never mind! We have a situation in Juuban park. Get over here now."

The screen went blank and Usagi sighed. "Yeah, that'd be right."

It was always with the attacks now. So many of them. Two more Rainbow Crystals to find, but for some reason, Zoisite had decided to try and collect energy also, so now the Senshi were fighting Youma too. They'd even had to skip some school to fight the damn things and Miss Haruna had been furious.

"Try and explain the real reason." The petite girl muttered wryly, getting to her feet. She looked under the stalls quickly and reached for her broach when she saw she was alone. "Moon-"

"This way mommy!" A little girl cried out.

The Senshi of the moon stopped abruptly. "Shit." She murmured, stopping her phrase.

Well, perhaps a toilet wasn't the best place to transform. It looked like the usual alley was it!

Ignoring the weird look she got from the little girl and her mother over the state of her clothing, Usagi ran back out of the toilets and into the crowd.

Ikuko waited anxiously for her daughter to emerge from the toilets. She'd been in there for about ten minutes, but then again, her clothes had been in a bad state. She bit her lip and wondered if she should go in and help. "No, if I want to follow her and find out what's going on I have to be strong."

That meant staying hidden and finding out where Usagi was really going, if not to the temple. If she really did go to that temple, then Ikuko would listen in on what was being said. Who knew what gang's planned? Or how big it was. She was sure it was larger than those four girls.

Poor Usagi, being mixed up in something like that. "I should have protected her-"

She broke off as her daughter suddenly bolted out of the toilets as if something were after her and then rushed across the street. "What the hell?" She swore and then blushed when she realized what she'd done. Damn, Usagi was getting away!

The woman quickly looked left and right, then peddled across and followed. After a while, she realized that they were heading in the direction of the park.

A minute later, it occurred to Ikuko that she was panting-hard. "What on earth?" She gasped, looking down at her legs. They were pumping rapidly, which meant that her daughter was running extremely fast. How on earth was Usagi doing that? And why?

When the golden-haired girl finally entered the park, Ikuko was not that far behind, though it was costing her. She was panting, face red and sweating. Riding in such heavy clothing had been a very bad idea, but how on earth had she known that her daughter could have tried out for the Olympic Games!

Frowning, she saw her daughter look around in a hunted manner, then dash into a thick spread of bushes.

Ikuko followed. "Is this where you're meeting them?" She murmured, carefully getting off of her bike and putting it onto the ground. She crept over and pushed the bushes aside, peering through.

Usagi was standing alone in the small clearing, with bushes all around, her small golden broach held over her head.

Ikuko had often wondered where that broach had come from. She'd once picked up and was started at how heavy it had felt. It had been no plastic toy broach, but real gold. It had also been wrought quite delicately, with a crescent moon and several colored circles surrounding it. She had been meaning to ask Usagi about it for some time, but never got around to it.

Her train of thought was completely lost in the next moment when her daughter called out a strange phrase and then her body exploded into an array of gold and pink lights.

"Moon Prism Power, Make-up!"

To Be Continued...

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