Title: My Daughter, The Senshi
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'One Hour Challenge' #27, 70 and 81: Response Fanfic. Concerned with how much her daughter has changed, Ikuko decides to trail her one day and gets the shock of her life! And then Sailor Moon gets injured and Ikuko finds that Tuxedo Kamen won't leave the blonde's side for an instant. Now she has to hide two super-hero's in her house, keep her daughter's secret from both the rest of her family and the strange masked man and try and save her own sanity!
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One Hour Challenges #27, 70 and 81 Combined:

"If my fist meets your face intimately and there's no one around to see it, do you still have a concussion?"

"If you really hate him, then why can't you stop talking about him constantly? It seems to me that you're in love."

One of your 'Couple' gets injured and the other of the 'Couple' has to look after them.

Comments: Hi everyone! A brand new Chapter! Some of you have mentioned that not enough is happening quickly to help Usagi, but keep in mind that this is all happening in a relatively short amount of time, despite having reached the Sixth Chapter. :) It's all happening a lot faster than you think. If I didn't put details in, it wouldn't be a good story. Oh, and I couldn't actually find Mrs Mizuno's first name anywhere, so I'm calling her Hikaru.

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By Princess Destiny

Chapter Six

Usagi's mother led the way downstairs and into the front hall, where the phone was resting on a table. "Here you go dear," She murmured. The woman put a hand on Mercury's shoulder and squeezed lightly, thinking about how the doctor could be their only hope. "Please get her here fast."

"I'll do my best, Mrs. Tsukino," The Senshi of Water vowed, blinking back the tears in her eyes.

The blue-haired woman hesitated for a long moment, eyeing the phone as if she wanted to use it herself. When Mercury looked at her with inquiring eyes, Ikuko said softly, "Kenji and Shingo aren't here and Usagi is bleeding to death. I know we have to keep the secret, but it just doesn't seem right to keep it from them." She swallowed hard. "I have no illusions about how bad the situation is. Usagi could-could die before they even got home!"

The Senshi of water swiftly took the woman into her arms, trying to comfort Usagi's mother as much as she could. Only one thing would make it all right, and that was help for her friend. "I have to call mom now." Mercury gasped out, close to tears. She pulled back and let her arms fall.

"I'm going back to Usagi," Ikuko hurried back out of the hall, wanting to be with her daughter.

Ami lifted the phone from the cradle and dialled with shaking fingers. Usagi could not die. She just couldn't. The blonde girl was everything to them. A dear friend and a leader, the one who had brought the Senshi together and kept them close. The vision of her friend laying there, covered in her own blood, made the Senshi want to howl out her denial for all the world to hear.

"Juuban Hospital? May I help you?" A voice said in response.

The blue-haired girl licked her lips, and then her voice came out in a rush. "This is Mizuno Ami, I need to talk to my mother urgently."

"Ah, Ami, how are you? Your mother is very busy right now, dear." The nurse said apologetically.

"Please find her, I have a badly-injured friend!" Sailor Mercury said urgently.

The woman quickly advised her to call an ambulance, but there was no chance of that.

"Thank you," Mercury said numbly, hanging up. An ambulance? They couldn't. They weren't human in physiology and their secret would be bared for all the world to see. More importantly, they might do things to Sailor Moon.

No, she was unable to reach her mother at the hospital, so there was only a few options left. She had the beeper number of course, but she had been told never to use it. The Senshi of Water sighed deeply and ran a distracted hand through her blue hair. She stared into space, brows drawn together.

After a few moments, Sailor Jupiter entered the hall, eyes dark with worry and frustration. "No good?" She asked grimly, hands tightening into fists at her side. If they couldn't get some sort of medical help there to Usagi ASAP, she would die.

"She's busy with something and the nurse said that she couldn't be reached just then," Her brain was whirling from one idea to the other, discarding as she went. The girl finally settled on one. "I'll have to go to the hospital and get her myself."

"Personally?" Green eyes widened. "I don't know if that's a good idea Ames." Jupiter whispered, keeping a careful eye out for the sight of Tuxedo Kamen on the stairs. That guy could not be trusted.

Mercury was also watching the staircase carefully. She turned to her friend, eyes anxious. "There's no other plan that has merit. I have to go there and bring her back. I can't let anyone at the hospital know about it or see me." Her brows came together in a thoughtful frown. No mistakes could be made at this stage. "I'll go across the roof-tops as Mercury, it's quicker." She mused aloud.

"Then de-transform and get her as Ami?" The Senshi of Jupiter suggested, also frowning.


"Do you need me to come?" The brunette queried, knowing that one way or another, she might actually be hindering her friend. Ami's mother might come with her, but if she saw the two friends together, she might think it a prank. Maybe not, because she trusted her daughter...but still, it was up to Mercury.

The shorter girl juggled that idea for a few seconds, then shook her head. "No, it'll be quicker with just myself. I can tell her it's an emergency, then get her here," Something occurred to her and she blinked. "I hope I can lift her. But I should be able to, transformed."

"Alright, let the others know," Mercury said quietly, knowing that she had to be as quick as she could to save their Leader's life. Usagi was hanging in the balance. "Keep pressure on the wounds that are still bleeding, and change the dressing regularly. We don't want infection to settle in."

"No problem. Get going," The Senshi in green and pink pushed her friend towards the front door. She opened it and Mercury stepped out onto the front lawn. She looked back once and then was a blur as she raced away for help. "Be careful, Ami." Jupiter whispered. If she wasn't as quick as she could be, the little blonde they all called their best friend would be gone.

Mizuno Hikaru had not long exited a standard surgery when she saw her daughter storming into the nurses lounge with an expression of intent determination that she had never seen on Ami's face ever before. "Darling-" She began in welcome.

Ami spotted her mother off to the side, resting at a table with a cup of tea. She headed that way, fists clenched. "Mom, do you trust me?" She burst out, unable to stop the doubts from clouding her mind.

Her mother blinked at her in astonishment, and got to her feet. She rounded the table and met her daughter as she came towards her. "Of course I do, darling." She wondered what had made such a comment pass Ami's lips. Her daughter had never been one with a lot of confidence in herself, but to even ask if Hikaru doubted her was...troubling. "Is something wrong?"

"Something is very wrong, mom," The Senshi of water eyed her rather grimly, then reached out and grasped her wrist in a tight hold. Her mother was unlikely to bolt, but she wasn't taking any chances! "If you trust me, then you need to come with me right now."

"Oh Ami, I can't right now," The woman looked about her in a distracted manner. There was just so much work to do. Her shift was only half over. "Is it urgent?" Hikaru questioned, not liking the rather hectic look in her daughter's eyes. She had never seen Ami's face so taut with fear. "What happened?" She demanded, putting a hand onto Ami's shoulder.

"My friend-Usagi-she's badly injured!" The Senshi of water almost sobbed out. She started to pull her mother towards the door. "So, you need to come with me right now."

"Did you call an ambulance?" Hikaru asked sharply, allowing herself to be yanked out of the room.

"I can't!" Ami almost wailed at her, sounding very much like a certain blonde. "There's something about this whole situation that no one else can know about. Usagi needs you right now!"

"Alright dear, let me tell the nurse at the front desk where I'm going-"

"No! There's no time to go down there!" The blue-haired girl said harshly. She tightened her grip and practically dragged her mother down the hall. "We need to go right now. And you can't tell anyone where you're going."

Her mother ran a distracted hand over her eyes. She was tired from her shift, and Ami was not making much sense. If her friend was this badly hurt, why couldn't they bring her to the hospital? "Ami, this is very irresponsible of you. If she's badly injured, she needs the care only a hospital can give."

"Irresponsible?!" Ami spluttered indignantly. If only her mother knew just how responsible her daughter was, she would be shocked! She had a duty as a Senshi and friend to get Usagi only the very best care. And this care had to be trusted with the best kept secret in the world. "I-" She began, feeling angry at her mother for the first time in her life. "I'm not discussing this any further!" She said sternly, pressing her lips together.

As her daughter dragged her down the hall and into the lift, Hikaru wondered what on earth was making her usually sensible daughter act in this manner. Ami seemed frantic, and her story about Usagi being injured so badly didn't appear to be a lie. It was only the fact that she trusted her daughter, and she had never known her to speak anything but the truth, that made her feet move.

"Mom, please hurry!" Ami pleaded, pressing the button for the elevator. When it chimed, the two were inside in seconds flat. The blue-haired girl pressed the button for the top floor.

"Ami, that's the wrong way. We need to go to the lobby to get to my car."

"We don't have the time to go through the traffic," The Senshi of Mercury turned to face her mother, eyes dead serious. "Mom, I know we don't talk much lately, and I'm very sorry for it. Messages on a board are no substitute for a true mother-daughter relationship."

Hikaru bit her lip, knowing Ami was right. "I know dear, but why are we having this conversation now?" It seemed so odd that Ami had been so frantic over her friend being hurt badly, and now she was giving her mother an almost anguished look and speaking of their estrangement.

"Because-because I have to do something, show you something, that I've been hiding from you. And that makes me feel really badly about it. I had to hide it, you wouldn't have understood before now." Ami murmured, watching with anxious eyes as the buttons over the door lit up. They finally reached the top floor and exited. She took her mother's arm again in a firm grip, and the two went up a flight of stairs to the roof.

"Ami, you know I hate heights," Hikaru said faintly, hanging back inside the doorway. To her shock, Ami got a grim expression on her face and she found herself yanked forcibly onto the roof of the hospital. The wind howled at them, making it seem like it would blow them off the side.

"You're just going to have to trust me," The blue-haired girl said, eyes regretful. She quickly picked up her stunned mother, and then with a rush of Senshi speed, she raced the two of them across the roof and into thin air.

Hikaru shrieked in blind terror as her daughter threw the two of them off the side of the building. Everything blurred and went black, but then she heard Ami's voice calling out.

"Mercury Crystal Power, Make-up!"

Things became a mass of rushing air, fright and a bright display of lights that blocked out their decent. A long scream of complete mind-numbing horror escaped her mouth, cut off abruptly when she realised that they were not plummeting towards the ground at the rate they should be.

In fact, they were almost floating...

When the blue and white lights about them cleared, Ami's mother found herself looking into the face of a stranger. A strange girl who had been her daughter a moment ago, and now was...a Senshi? Her arm clung like limpets to the girl's neck as they began to plummet again. For a moment, Hikaru wondered if she was going to throw up all over her blue-haired daughter!

When her transformation was complete, Mercury again found herself and her mother falling like a rock at a rather frightening speed. Luckily, she had judged the distance to the nearest smaller building correctly. The two landed hard on the roof of the neighbouring building and she fought not to drop the dead weight in her arms that was her beloved mother. She stumbled for a second, then righted.

"This is what I was hiding from you." She explained, pausing for only a moment or so. Her mother's face was so disbelieving and unaccepting that it almost broke her heart. But she had an important mission and her family problems could wait.

"Ami-you're a Sailor Senshi?" The taller woman shouted over the wind as her daughter carried them from building to building at a rather scary pace. "No, this isn't real. The Senshi are aliens, everyone knows that. Even if they fight monsters, they have powers that aren't human. No, I must have fallen asleep after that last operation." Hikaru said over and over in denial.

Mercury's face closed. So, this was how it was going to be? Well, what had she really expected when she showed her mother in such a harsh way? No gentle breaking of the news here. "I'm Sailor Mercury." She said flatly. "But I'm also your daughter and I'm human."

After a while, Hikaru got used to the height and speed, and then they were entering residential areas. Ami had not said another word, and her face seemed to be made of stone. She knew that she had hurt her daughter with her words, but it had been pure shock to find out that she was Sailor Mercury!

"We're here," The Senshi said, landing on the roof of a house. "This is where Usagi lives."

"Is she a Senshi too?" Her mother asked tentatively. The two leapt to the ground, and she was deposited gently on her feet. Her daughter, however, would now not look at her. "Ami?"

"She's Sailor Moon. She's my best friend and she's bleeding to death," Mercury burst out, looking close to tears. "Can we leave the explanations for later and help her?"

"O-of course, dear." Hikaru murmured, donning her doctor's persona. She hurried to the front door, and it opened to reveal a Sailor Senshi with red and purple colours.

"Oh good, you're here," She smiled in relief, then reached out and took a hold of Ami's mother's arm. Sailor Mars looked at the woman for a moment, then behind at Mercury, who wasn't moving and was staring blankly at nothing. Damn, it hadn't gone well. Ami and her mother had obviously had some sort of fight. "It's this way." The Senshi said curtly, practically dragging the poor woman through the lounge and up the stairs.

"I don't care what you think about all this, or your fight with Ami, but my best friend needs a professional doctor right now." They came to a stop outside a closed door and she glared at Ami's mother searchingly. "Are you that person?" She demanded.

Hikaru gaped at the girl for a minute, thinking how rude the Senshi were. But then again, their friend was dying. If that was the truth. "I'm a professional, young lady." She said with dignity. "You girls had better be telling the truth-"

"Just do your job!" Sailor Mars snarled, shoving the door open, and the woman after it. "This isn't a joke!"

"Mom, there's a guy in there that doesn't know who any of us are, so-don't use our names okay? It's Sailor Mercury, Moon, Mars, or Jupiter." Her daughter said in a rush as they went up the stairs.

"Is he a relative?" Hikaru asked in concern. If he was, then he should really know about them all being Senshi.

"No, his name is Tuxedo Kamen. He fights with the Senshi, but he's not exactly an ally." Sailor Mars said darkly, eyes narrowing. "Be careful about him." She stopped the woman with a hand on her arm. "We'll have to call you by your first name. And you need to call Usagi's mother Ikuko. He doesn't know that Sailor Moon is in her own home."

"What?" Hikaru blinked at her in disbelief. What sort of a mad-house had she wandered into? Her daughter stared at her pointedly and she sighed. "Call me Hikaru. It's Ikuko, right? And Usagi is Sailor Moon." Once she got that all in her head, she followed the two Senshi down the remainder of the hall to the room.

One look inside the room and Hikaru knew just how deadly serious her daughter and this Senshi had been. The room reeked of blood and death. There was a tall man in a tuxedo and mask, who she had never heard of, but assumed was another superhero. Another Senshi stood between him and a woman bent over the bed.

Usagi's mother? The poor woman must be at the end of her tether, having to pretend that this wasn't her daughter.

Hikaru rushed forward, taking off her stethoscope in the process and noting that there was a reassuringly competent medical kit laying open on the side table. "What's happened? Am-Sailor Mercury didn't have time to fill me in," Hikaru asked the woman in a soothing tone. An overwrought mother was not a pretty thing to deal with.

Ikuko looked up from her daughter's pale face to see a woman in a doctor's coat standing over her. "Are you Mercury's mother? She said you were a doctor?," She demanded hurriedly, quickly making room for the doctor to get to Usagi. "She was injured in battle. And we can't stop the bleeding."

"I'll take her pulse-rate first," Hikaru said, picking up a limp wrist and measuring the pulse. It was far too slow! Next, she applied the stethoscope to the girl's chest over the bandages and listened carefully. There was liquid forming in the lungs. And there was far, far too much blood on the sheets, the blonde child and her mother. "Sailor Moon needs to be at the hospital, and I'm not in any way exaggerating. Not only do her wounds seem serious, but she has lost too much blood." She hesitated and then looked the woman in the eyes. "She has liquid in her lungs, probably blood. If I don't get her to an operating table, she will either suffocate, or bleed to death."

There was a dead-silence, and then the Senshi in red burst into tears. "You're lying!" She screamed. Ikuko covered her face with her hands, and Mercury and Sailor Jupiter started arguing with Tuxedo Kamen.

"This is your fault, Tuxedo Kamen!" Jupiter snarled, taking him by the lapels and shaking him hard.

"No, he did what he could!" Mercury shouted, trying to yank her hands off of him. "Oh god, U-Sailor Moon." She moaned, falling to her knees. She also burst into tears.

"Don't you think that I already know all this? It's my fault. I take the blame," The dark-haired hero growled, feeling his heart break. She was going to die. Really die. And all they could do was break down.

"Damn it, you better take this seriously, or this girl is going to die!" Hikaru found herself yelling over the noise.

"Call an ambulance," Ikuko said, voice failing. Oh god, why hadn't they done it in the first place? If the world found out their secret then they would deal with it. She turned back towards Usagi and her eyes widened. She didn't...look like she was breathing! "Sailor Moon? Darling?" She said frantically, feeling for a pulse at the neck. Nothing.

Hikaru swore uncharacteristically and swiftly felt for a pulse. Where there had been a faint beat, there was now silence. "She's not breathing. Please move." She told Usagi's mother, pushing her aside. She quickly began to apply CPR to the slender girl.

Tuxedo Kamen's eyes went from the doctor, to the woman who had found him and Sailor Moon. She looked absolutely haggard. Was there something he was missing here?

"Oh god, it isn't true." Mars whispered in horror. Usagi wasn't breathing any more?

To Be Continued...

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