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The next day was akward for the both of them. After school at Troy's house, when they are usually all over eachother, they kind of just sat there. When they finally hugged goodbye Troy watched where he put his hands. It was like she was porcelain, waiting to be broke. Gabi laughed at him, "Troy, what's wrong?" Troy was quiet, and he wasn't grabbing or tickling Gabi. He looked at the ground. "Troy, if it's about yesterday then I'm okay." Troy sat there, "How can you be okay?" Gabi wrapped her hands around his neck, "Troy. I trust you. I love you. And I know you won't hurt me." He still wasn't buying it. "Plus, look at before I told you. Everything was fine, and I wasn't afraid if you kissed me or touched me." She smiled at him and stood up on her toes to kiss him. He smiled, a faint smile, but it was exactly what she hoped for. They leaned in and kissed eachother. Troy walked Gabi to the house and kissed her once more. He was still afraid, but he knew that he wouldn't hurt her, and more importantly, Gabi knew that.

He went home and sat down. He loved this girl. He loved everything about her. She was strong, smart, beautiful, and they had an undying love for eachother. She was Troy's new hero. Not his parents like most kids would say, but his own girlfriend. He sat down in his chair and grabbed his journal. It was the last page. He grabbed a red pen and began to write.

It's amazing how much about this world I don't know. Especially about
my own girlfriend. I had no idea about that. She had such a hard life.
I mean, first her real dad, then her step dad dying, and then her mom
and the whole drinking thing. I mean, I thought I had it rough, but
that just blows me away. She's so strong. I can't believe she has the
strength to be around a guy anymore. I feel so weird touching her
now. She said she knows I won't hurt her, but still. It's... weird. She
doesn't seem to care, but I do. I can't believe a guy could do that to
her own daughter.

On a lighter note, yesterday was the first day in school. PreCalc
was so depressing. First time without Chad being in my math class
since sixth grade. I miss him. Jesus Christ, you know you're life is
pretty messed up when your 'lighter note' is talking about your best
friend who died. Gr, I still can't believe about Gabi. I'm going to go
take a shower, maybe that'll help.



That was the last entry in that journal. Troy closed the journal and looked at his wife, who was asleep beside her. It was ten years later and everything had changed. He tossed the book on his sidetable. 'I miss it so much' Troy thought to himself. The old days; The gang, highschool, musicals, basketball and most importantly the no worries. He glanced at the clock, 11:11. But this time he had nothing to wish for. He had everything.

He heard whining from the next room. He sighed as he stood up. "I've got it." His wife mumbled from the opposite side of the bed. "Gabi, go back to bed. You've had a long day." Troy said as he kissed her on the forehead and walked across the hall to the bed room. The colourfull room lit up when Troy flicked the lightswitch. He found his three year old daughter sitting up in bed in her pink nightgown and her teddybear under her arm. He laughed under his breath. "Bad dream, Lexi?" Troy asked as he picked her and her teddy bear up. She nodded. He kissed her on the forehead. He carried her to the kitchen. "Milk?" He asked as he got out a carton from the fridge. She nodded and smiled. He poured a small glass of milk and looked at his daughter and smiled. She finnished up her milk. "Want to sleep with mommy and daddy tonight?" She nodded once again as she got up from the chair. He put the cup in the dishwasher and picked up his daughter. Lexi reminded him so much of her mom. She was quiet, but when she spoke it was brilliant. She had her mothers eyes and hair, and fortunatly Troy's basketball skills.

"We have a visitor." Troy laughed as he entered the bedroom. He put her down as they went through the doorway. "Come here sweetie." Gabi said as she held up the covers and awaited her daughter to come crawling up. She ran up to her mother and crawled up to her mother. Troy smiled as he looked at the two people he loved more than life itself and turned off the lights.

I wasn't really sure how I wanted to end it, because you can't really just leave it at junior year, so there it is. I hope it wasn't confusing or anything. Haha! Thanks guys!