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Brennan came around the corner wrapped in an oversized, white robe. She was toweling her wet hair when she noticed Booth standing in her kitchen.

"Hey, I thought I heard your voice." She said moving toward him.

She pressed a quick kiss to his chin and turned her attention to the bag of bagels and coffee. She grabbed one of the cups, lifting the lid and inhaling its aroma. Her eyes met his over the cup as she sipped the dark liquid.

Booth smiled, taking the cup out of her hand. He leaned in slowly and kissed her. Brennan grinned as his arm wrapped around her waist and he gently pushed her into the kitchen counter. She wasn't about to complain about the marble digging into her back…especially after last night.

Her attention was focused only on his lips and the kiss. She didn't register when his other hand left her face and moved passed her—toward the answer machine that sat on the counter. He had just begun to tug on the belt that kept her robe closed when she heard a shrill sound, followed by Angela's voice.

Angela's voice that was confessing their carefully crafted plan. Her eyes flew open, and she drew back suddenly. She could see the mirth in his eyes, obviously understanding what had happened. Her face flushed, and she smiled nervously.

Booth was very pleased with himself. She stood awkwardly, no doubt of thinking what she could say to him. He made sure to grin, reassuring her that he wasn't upset. He tucked a strand of hair behind her hair, ducking his head to meet her eyes.

"Speechless?" he teased, "That's a first."

"I'm sorry." She said, not at all meaning it.

He waved his hand dismissively in the air, stepping close to her again. He closed the distance quickly. She felt his lips lightly graze her cheek. He hovered there for a moment before speaking.

"So," he whispered, his warm breath hitting her ear and making her back tingle "it was all a set-up."

She shook her head lightly, "Not entirely."

He pulled back, his eyebrows high on his head, "Really? Because for awhile there I thought I was going crazy."

Brennan chuckled, "Well…I didn't plan on you walking into my office and seeing me half naked."

"And the, 'do it on the couch' remark?" he questioned.

"Freudian slip."

He looked at her surprised again, "I thought you didn't like psychology?"

"I don't…that doesn't mean I don't know some aspects of it. I did attend college."

Booth nodded his head, "So where does Angela come into play?"

A slow grin played across her face, making him want to kiss her again. "I told her what happened when we left the table before dinner. She gave me some pointers."

He rolled his eyes before nuzzlinginto her neck, "Bones, do me a favor…"

"Hmm." She hummed.

"Next time, just tell me you to do the naked pretzel with me. Don't make me question my sanity."

He saw her frown, "I don't know what that means."

A self-satisfied grin formed, and Booth tugged her robe off, "Well, you're in luck. I'd be happy to demonstrate."

Later as the two lay on Brennan's couch watching a baseball game on her new plasma, a thought struck him.

"Bones?" He asked against the back of her head.


"Would your car really not start last night?"



She shrugged weakly against him.

He stared at her, laughing. "Such lies!"