Summary: Beast Boy is addicted to his new game BattleKnights and the rest of the Titans grow worried about him. Everyone tries to get him away from the game, but when Raven uses her powers to pry him away, she accidentally zaps them both into the game. And now the only way out is to win.

It was a relatively calm day in Jump City, and unusually quiet and serene. No crooks or big monsters were around terrorizing the city. No huge alarms or yelling could be heard throughout the tower. Robin was busy reviewing evidence in his newspaper ridden crime room. Cyborg was messing around with new weapons for the T-Ship. And Starfire was taking her pet larvae Silkie for their daily walk around the tower. Even Beast Boy seemed to be keeping his calm for once. All was completely tranquil and quiet.

"Just what the doctor ordered," said Raven with a content sigh. She sat back on her circular bed and enjoyed the rare silence. "I can't even remember when the tower was this calm."

She half expected today to be just like every other day. She would try her best not to get aggravated while having to listen to the never ending arguments of Beast Boy and Cyborg. For hours they would bicker over who really won that last game of Turbo Clash and who cheated. Starfire who would always ask questions about everything she didn't understand. And then there was Robin who constantly thumbed and tapped his fingers loudly while he was trying to solve cases, and always grumbling to himself.

Raven tried not to think of these nuisances, but instead she wanted to relax and enjoy the rare silence. Finally, she could meditate without being disturbed.

With that, she assumed her all-too-familiar lotus position and levitated a few inches off her cushion. She was surrounded by lit candles and a relaxing incense. She closed her eyes, inhaled deeply and began chanting her three famous words.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos…Azarath Metrion Zinthos…Azarath Metrion Zinthos…

For a good few minutes she kept her position, never moving. As she found her center, she also had a chance to think things through, now that her mind was not so hostile. Maybe the other four titans weren't as annoying as she thought.

Cyborg was irrefutably intelligent and handy in a tight spot with his gadgets. Starfire always trying to keep the peace between her friends. Robin always hard at work, so dedicated to his job as a crime fighter. And Beast Boy who…


Raven's thoughts were interrupted as her eyes shot wide open and she let out a scream. She fell back on her bum after her concentration was broken. She clutched her chest and breathed heavily, for she was in a huge state of shock.


There it was again, the horrible booming voice of what sounded like a warrior and his nemesis. Raven looked around for a few seconds, trying to figure out where that obnoxious voice was coming from. She then sighed and rubbed her temples as realization hit her like a ton of bricks. That booming voice was none other than a character in Beast Boy's new game.

A game that was louder than Starfire's singing. A game that was more violent than Wicked Scary. This was Beast Boy's new favorite game, Battle Knights.

"…And Beast Boy, who is going to be ripped apart after I get done with him," Raven said with venom in her voice. She got off of her bed and pulled up her hood, thereby making her way out the door.

Beast Boy had not left that game, and it was taking its final toll on Raven's nerves. Oh, how she hated video games, but especially when he played them. If ever she had a purpose, it would be to eradicate all video games on Earth. Only then could she attain ultimate peace and quiet. Although she knew this was only a fantasy, she could still dream about it.

After exiting her room and making her way down the corridors of the tower, Raven found herself outside the hydraulic doors that led her to the main room, where the other titans were anxiously standing around with worried expressions on there faces.

"He's been playin' that game for three days straight, that can't be healthy," Cyborg said. Robin and Starfire nodded in agreement.

"I too am concerned for Beast Boy, he does not even speak to us anymore since he began playing the Battle Knights," Starfire said. Worry was evident in her voice.

"We have to find some way of getting him away from that game, we might need him," Robin explained. The others, sans Raven, all nodded.

All four titans entered the room where they saw the green changeling in the same place where he had been for the past three days. He was slightly hunched over, eyes focused on the screen, and mumbling like a junkie. A television junkie, that is.

All the titans grimaced at their teammate. Starfire was the first to speak up.

"Perhaps if I reason with Beast Boy, he will leave the T.V. and join us for some recreation." With that, she floated off towards the couch right in front of the video zombie, smiling brightly. "Friend, why do you not come and join us for an excursion in our city, it is a most glorious day outside."

Starfire's offer went unanswered for Beast Boy simply sat there with the same vacant expression on his face. Starfire's face dropped.

Robin then came up and gently nudged her to the side so he could have a face to face chat with the green boy.

"Let me try, Starfire," Robin offered, confidently standing across from the couch. He looked the changeling in the eyes, which appeared to still be hypnotized by the game.

"Look Beast Boy, I know you're having fun with your game, but you have to understand that what you're doing to yourself isn't healthy, nor is it good for the rest of the team."

Robin paused to get a closer look at Beast Boy but then spoke up again. "So, I think we should turn it off and focus a little more on our duties, what do you think?"

The result was the same as Starfire's, no reaction. Robin quickly went from a calm minded state to a fuming, angry one. Smoke was practically coming out his ears. He raised his hands and was about to give him a big, loud, long lecture. But before he say what was on his mind, Cyborg stood in and pushed Robin out of the way.

"Okay Robbie, before you go all volcanic, let me see if I can talk some sense into him," Cyborg said. He walked up to the couch potato, put his hands behind his back and started his attempt at bringing Beast Boy back down to Earth.

"Alright Beast Boy, if Starfire couldn't bribe you and Robin couldn't force you, then I'm gonna tempt you…TA-DAAA!" Cyborg quickly pulled his hands from behind his back and presented a foul, deteriorating ball of dirty laundry.

"Time for a game of EXTREME STANKBALL! Oh yeah! You're so going down," said Cyborg as he took an aiming stance at Beast Boy, ready to fire.

He grinned down while using his cybernetic eye to position the exact point of where to hit him. It locked on right to the middle of his forehead. With a loud "whoop," Cyborg launched the stankball full speed. It reached its target and slammed up against the changeling's head.

"WooHoo! Oh Yeah, I'm bad, you're good, but I'm bad! I am the…," but Cyborg got no further than that. His face was shocked to a level he'd never known before. "There's no way…"

Beast Boy remained unmoving and still focused fully on the video game. Cyborg was standing with his eyes wide and mouth agape as he watched the stankball slide off Beast Boy's face.

"Ssstankball didn't work? No way!" Cyborg was appalled as his attempt was thrown right back at him. "That's it, if stankball won't work, nothing will, I give up!" With that, Cyborg trudged off to where Raven was standing.

Raven was watching the whole time with an irritated expression coming from her face. She watched as the others tried and failed at their attempts to take Beast Boy away from Battle Knights. That was it, and Raven knew it. Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg had all tried and failed. It all came down to her

She took a deep breath and pushed her equally annoyed teammates to the side. She knew if her plan was going to succeed, she would need them out of her way.

"Let me deal with him, I know how to end this," she said.

For the fourth time, a titan stood up to Beast Boy who was still on the couch, but unlike the others, Raven was angry. She stood in front of him so she was right in front of his view of the T.V.

"Listen Beast Boy, you've disrupted my meditation, and my reading, and my relaxation wit this mindless dribble for the last time. Now either you turn off this game, or so help me, I will." Raven was glaring down at him with the sourest look she could muster.

Something must have clicked with Beast Boy's brain, because for the first time in days, he looked up at who was talking to him.

Maybe it was the fact that Raven was blocking his entire view of the game? Who knows?

He didn't say anything at first, but then his face spread loose an evil grin. His little fang jutting out to frame his face.

"No way Raven, not when I'm about to beat the last of the Dreadnok hordes and save the Forest of Ithad," Beast Boy said with unparallel pride in his voice.

The other titans looked on surprised after hearing the green titans speak for the fist time in days. Raven, on the other hand was surprised, but not amused. She still wanted this to end right now.

"I. Don't. Care. We all want that game turned off. Now." Raven was practically demanding now as she towered over him.

Beast Boy wasn't fazed. He merely chuckled at her threatening appearance.

"Look Raven, if you wanted to play doubles, you could've just asked me, I would've let you play too," Beast Boy said, smiling all the while.

This response sent Raven reeling inside, and as much as she didn't want her emotions to run wild and destroy everything in sight, she bared her claws. She let out a small growl and made a grab for his controller, causing Beast Boy to recoil quickly. She made another grab while he was just off the couch, but he averted her easily.

Beast Boy then waved the controller tauntingly in front of her. By this time, Raven was fuming.

"You want this huh Raven…well, why don't you try and take it from me…nyah nyah!" Beast Boy was treading on thin ice, and he was about to fall through.

Without warning, Raven flew her arms out towards him and tried using her powers to jerk the controller out of his hands. The others were watching in horror knowing Beast Boy was toast. Surprisingly though, he held on tight, not letting Raven take the device away from him.

Their tug of war lasted for a few seconds, but just then, a jolt from Raven's powers caused a small explosion that knocked her and Beast Boy on their backs.

"Yo! Raven, Beast Boy, you guys okay!" Cyborg tried desperately to call out to his grounded friends, but to no avail. He, Robin, and Starfire mad a dash to the two, but before they could, the controller hit the ground and sparked out erratically.

Suddenly, a mixture of Raven's powers and the electricity inside the device was surging and finally, the unthinkable happened. The sparks turned into waves and started swirling around. It resembled a portal of some kind, and it was getting closer to Raven and Beast Boy. The three standing titans were awestruck and couldn't get close enough to their fallen friends to help.

It only got worse as both Beast Boy and Raven were disappearing into the portal, and after a few seconds…

FLASH! The portal dissipated and the two titans were gone. Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire all looked on in shock.

"No, where have our friends gone, where are they?" Starfire asked worriedly. They all looked around, but could not see either of them.

"You're asking the wrong robot, Star, my sensors can't trace any sign of Raven or Beast Boy," Cyborg explained. "I have no idea where they could be."

Elsewhere, the other two titans were still grounded due to their recent shock.

Groggily, Beast Boy opened his eyes and stood up, his vision still blurry. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. What he saw made him nearly jump out of his skin. The entire landscape was forest and blinding with sunlight. There were birds and other animals romping around the area. And in the far off distance, Beast Boy sighted a large stone structure. It couldn't be. But it was. It was the castle from his game. From his view, the entire landscape looked exactly like it did in his game.

"No way," Beast Boy said exasperatedly, "It can't be. This is just a dream, or another one of Raven's spells for messing with…" he stopped himself. Then realization struck him hard. Raven! He forgot all about her. He began frantically looking around to see if she was alright, but as he did, he looked down at himself, causing him to gasp.

"What am I wearing!" he gasped out hysterically.

Beast Boy was clad in what looked to be silver armor and a small black cape framing his back. He also had a sword perched on his right hip and a short dagger planted in his left.

He was still looking on at his new look when he heard someone clear their throat behind him. He gasped again and turned around. It was none other than Raven, or was it? She still had her trademark scowl on her face, but her new outfit was astonishing.

Beast Boy gaped. Raven's attire had changed as well. She was clad in nothing more than a blue dress that hugged her torso tightly. His eyes traveled up and he noticed a pointed cap on her head, which resembled that of a cap that most princesses wore in the middle ages.

"Beast Boy…" she said, her anger present. Beast Boy looked back at her face and snapped back to attention. He suddenly became very nervous.

"YYYeah Raven?" he asked, preparing himself for the worst.

Raven looked him up and down and then spread her arms out wide, as if presenting the whole world to him. Beast Boy stood back worriedly.

"Where. Are. We!"