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Morning rose yet again on the three reality-bound Titans in Titans Tower as the sun rose to greet the city. Light shined over the great gray structure, letting illumination flood into each of their rooms, save Cyborg. His room needed no windows. However, as dawn came and morning set, a young Tamaranian princess continued to sleep soundly at the opposite end of her circular bed. The brightness pried her green eyes open and she sat up groggily, looking up at the new day. Starfire stretched out her arms and yawned deeply before standing up, still fully clothed from the previous night. For some reason, each Titan slept in the same uniform they had previously worn. Except for their shoes and boots, of course.

"Oh, what a wonderful new day it is," she said in her Brady Bunch style happiness. "I must greet my friends on this shining day." She rushed out of her room and floated down towards the rooms of her friends Beast Boy and Raven. They actually were one turn to the right and straight down the hall from each other.

Starfire smiled brightly before knocking on Beast Boy's door. But before she knocked the door over with her amazing strength, she stopped herself. She blinked a few times and sighed.

"Oh, right. I have forgotten that my friends are inside the game of videos," she said to herself. Knowing full well she wouldn't get to see her friends open their doors, she walked off to find someone else.

Giving up on her dark and green friends, she traveled lower to the rooms of her technological Titan, Cyborg. After knocking thrice, she called his name. "Cyborg, my friend, do you not wish to come out and greet me?" she called sweetly.

She got no answer, however. Giving a sad sigh, she traveled down to someone she knew would answer her. Robin.

After traveling to her leader's room, she knocked again, wanting to get an answer from him at least. "Morning of goodness to you Robin, do you wish to come from sleep and join me for the breakfast feast?"

Starfire waited a little longer for him than Cyborg, but yet again, got nothing in response to her request.

She was open eyed and a little depressed from her friends not speaking to her. She gave up on him and floated down to the kitchen and main room with a gloomy expression on her once shiny face.

She opened the hydraulic doors and stepped inside. After she looked up, her eyes bulged and that Brady Bunch happiness returned in her again. She almost squealed as she realized the reason for her friends' not speaking to her.

There before her laid her tech and leader Titans snoozing soundly on the two chairs near the computer. They obviously had been hard at work for Beast Boy and Raven's safe return.

"Oh, how simply precious," she whispered, loving to see her longtime friends in such a relaxed state. She walked over to her leader, and her legs almost gave out at how cute she though he was when he slumbered. She was tempted to pinch both of their cheeks, but decided against it.

Starfire went over to a cabinet nearby and grabbed two blankets from inside. She walked back over quietly and draped the two blankets over Cyborg and Robin.

"Pleasant schlorvaks my friends," she silently said to them. She then thought about her other friends elsewhere in cyberspace.

"I wonder how Beast Boy and Raven are adapting," she thought.

In the deep cave of the green and purple haired travelers, the nocturnal critters that buzzed around fell silent to the new morning. Light once again shined through the cracks of the cave walls and set the place aglow. The path of the video game was once again visible and the game was ready to be played and won. Inside the main dome of the cavern, the two Titans slept, making good use of their dug out dirt beds. The fireflies inside the jar stirred and clinked against the walls. Raven and Beast Boy yawned and sighed, both half asleep and half awake.

Raven opened one eye and felt herself pressed against a soft but firm set of something. She couldn't tell what it was, but frankly she didn't care. Sure, she was a little curious about what she lay on, but she closed her eye anyway. She then shifted her body over whatever she was laying on and raised a hand to its base. She then shot her eyes open yet again. This time in shock.

"There's no way…" she thought. Realization struck her. She was perched on top of a body. She looked up in surprise and her face turned as bright as a cherry. Her chest and torso rested on the body of her green friend. She had been sleeping…close to Beast Boy.

It was also apparent that her head was perched under his chin and her hand was held steadily unto his chest. It seemed that overnight, her body's urge to get comfortable had caused her to roll over from her spot in the dug out dirt to Beast Boy's spot.

It's true when one's body is even the slightest bit uncomfortable at night, their body subconsciously reacts and bends to a different position until it is comfortable again.

What's more, Beast Boy's arm was laced around her shoulder, another example of a sleeping body trying to get comfy overnight. But there was a difference…she was over him.

"There. Is. No. Way…" she thought again, still not believing that she actually let herself get into such an…intimate position. And with a teammate no less. If he woke up and found her there, she would never hear the end of it.

She was still perched over him in a sleeping position, his left arm still unceremoniously wrapped around her shoulder. This was enough. She could no longer take the closeness or blushing or even comfort. She had to stop this. Now. Raven bolted up and blew off his arm. She hurriedly stood up and brushed herself off. In the midst of her rush, she looked down to find that Beast Boy was still asleep, in spite of her quick movements.

"I never knew he was such a deep sleeper," she whispered, not wanting to bring attention to the blush still on her face. Unfortunately, her friend had heard her last remark.

"Mmm…Rae? That you?" he asked tiredly. He looked up rubbing his eyes. He wasn't exactly sure who was the form that stood over him, but all he could tell was that her face was lit up like a strawberry. After getting the sleep out of his lids he saw Raven standing slightly over him. "Morning Rave."

"Um…Good Morning," she said softly. She turned away from his gaze and waited for him to rise to his feet so they could get moving again. He did stand up and performed his morning ritual of stretch and yawn. If he could morph into a cat, but sadly, he found himself unable to.

"So, ready to head out, Rave? I got a good feeling about today," he said perkily. He was actually a little more spry this morning. Raven looked at him in slight confusion. He was never one to be too peppy in the morning, being that he was lazy and often got a late start.

"You always this cheery in the morning?" she asked him. He halfheartedly nodded his head and held out his arm for her to take. She didn't, but instead look at him weirdly, as if he had lobsters coming from his ears.

"Pretty much, but I'm surprised you don't know that about me after our little game last night," he slyly reminded her. She rolled her eyes, remembering the game of Twenty Questions he forced her to participate in.

"Well, maybe I didn't want to remember," she retorted. Beast Boy smirked and shook his head. He knew her every comment from past experiences and was prepared to give a rebuttal.

"Aw, you don't mean that Rave, I know you'll cherish what you learned about me forever," he said, arm still poised for her to take. "Now c'mon, Battle Knights fun waits for no one."

"Whatever you say, lets go," she said back. She didn't take his arm, having enough contact from him for one day. She walked past him and signaled him to follow her. He shook his head playfully and walked after her.

"Well, I don't know about you, Rae, but I slept like a baby last night," he told her. "How bout you?"

She glanced back at him, the images of this morning coming rushing back to her. Him sleeping soundly while she curled up unconsciously over him. The very thought made her a little uncomfortable. She was hoping he wouldn't bring it up again, but that wasn't a feasible option at the time. However, it was quite embarrassing to think about.

"I slept fine. Now no more questions, we have a lot to figure out if we are going to get out of this cave," she hurriedly said. Beast Boy raised his hands protectively in front of him. The last thing he wanted was for her to bite his head off just because he wanted to know how she slept.

"Easy, easy, no need to get your panties in a knot," he said. But then scrunched his face at his remark. Wrong thing to say to a girl…especially this girl. He looked ahead to see her giving him the most scornful look she could muster.

"Care to repeat those last words?" she asked expectantly. He said nothing but instead let out a sweat drop and rushed to get ahead of her.

"Nothing, nothing, you're right, lets get goin'," he said, breezing past her angry form. She smirked and nodded. "Better," she said confidently.

"So, what arduous trek, pokey town, or hidden "bosses" are we going to stumble into today Knight Boy?" she said to him while they stepped through another tunnel entrance.

The entrance itself was a huge crack that had a sign placed on the side. The sign read "Do Not Enter!" in lazily grim written red letters, but Beast Boy knew better than that. In all games, signs that read those particular words always meant: "Come Inside To Continue."

"Huh?" he asked, not really listening. Truth be told, he was far too preoccupied with the beautiful cave atmosphere around them both.

"I said, what is going to happen later on? Since you're the expert in playing, I might as well use your knowledge to my advantage," she stated. Beast Boy took his eyes off of the shining crystals in the blue-gray walls and paid Raven his attention.

"So far, not much, but since we passed the "Do Not Enter" sign, we should be getting close to the end, then its on to Level Three," he explained.

"Very Well, I suppose this couldn't possibly get any worse than the Water Lord back there," she mocked at the defeated boss.

True, thus far, the battles of Battle Knights have not been too difficult to pass lately. Raven wondered why. If Beast Boy played video games to challenge himself, why were they so easy to defeat? Perhaps Beast Boy really was as good as he boasted from his days at play.

She looked over at him considerably and watched him pick his pointy ear with his pinky finger. After seeing this simple display, she reconsidered her last idea.

"Or maybe these games are easy because he is easy," she thought. She shook her head after giving in to a thought that Beast Boy might actually be talented in something he bragged about so heavily. Most of the time, those brags weren't true and included the most farfetched ideas.

Sometimes he said he would have won one million dollars, or that he was signing autographs at the city mall for all his adoring fans. Or of course there was his classic boast of having many lady friends waiting for him outside the tower.

"Well, now I know better than to believe in his ridiculous ideas don't I?" she told herself.

She looked at him again, this time not picking something out of his ear. It appeared he was looking ahead and focusing on getting himself and her out of their current predicament.

"On the other hand, he does…" but her next thought was intervened. It was interrupted by familiar loud, serious, and constantly happy voices. The sounds of her friends.

"Hey Y'all! How goes the game?" boomed Cyborg as he projected himself yet again though a wide blue screen that connected to Beast Boy and Raven's virtual reality.

And not just him, but the Titans leader and the alien powerhouse also took their respective screens at either side of the tech genius.

"Friends! Seeing you unharmed makes my eyes sore!" said the newly revitalized alien teen.

"Yeah, it's good to see you guys are alright," spoke the Boy Wonder.

Beast Boy let out a wide smile after shrieking at Cyborg's loud entrance. "Dudes, its so awesome to see you guys!"

"Been a little busy at the computer lately, Cyborg?" Raven chimed in, "Or did you intentionally leave us without any discernible insight to our problem. For quite a while I might add."

During the reunion of friends, Beast Boy, Raven and each screen kept moving onward through the tunnel.

"Well, to answer your question, Rae…yeah! Robin and me have been workin' our butts off trying to figure out new solutions," he told her.

"Solutions to what?" queried Beast Boy. Cyborg and Robin turned their screens over to Beast Boy's side of the cave tunnel, while Starfire took Raven's side. Each screen struck a conversation with both of them.

"We think we might be able to pull you guys out without even having to finish this game, but so far, we haven't been able to come up with any answers," Cyborg said.

"Right, Cyborg has been busy making technological equipment to help bring you out sooner, and I have been testing each one on different computer programs," he finished.

"Awesome, so any chance of seeing the tower in the near future?" Beast Boy asked hopefully. His hopeful face was soon replaced with one of disappointment as Robin and Cybrog shook their heads no.

"Aw crud," Beast Boy mumbled. Some part of him knew that answer was headed his way. Meanwhile, Starfire was busy asking Raven about her and Beast Boy's progress.

"So my friend, how goes your journey through the game of Battle Knights, are you two making good strides?" she asked innocently.

"Everything is dandy," she said to her alien friend, who's face perked up at the comment. "Beast Boy and I have been killing our feet walking through every level, so far we have fought lethal stumps, and giant water spewing demons. And now we are getting through a very long cave that's full of nothing except dark. Loads and loads of dark."

"Oh but Raven, I thought you enjoyed the dark, do you not?" Starfire asked jokingly. It was not often that Starfire could ever make a joke that resembled funny, but every now and again, she had her moments.

"Har har, that's funny Starfire," she said with no interest whatsoever. The alien was having a grand time chuckling at her friend's distaste.

"Anyway, how is Beast Boy adapting to the game, is he progressing well enough?" the alien asked.

"Actually it is hard to say, Starfire," Raven said, causing Starfire's face to purse in curiosity.

"He often has moments in the game when he is overly boastful and full of pride," she continued, "…and then again, he can become very depressing."

"How is this so? I was under the impression that Beast Boy would love nothing more than to play his favorite games of video with you," Starfire suggested. "He always antagonizes you to do, so does he not?"

"I suppose he does," Raven said quietly. True, Beast Boy had constantly made any attempt he could muster to convince Raven to play games. And every time was the same. She would always respond with a monotonous rejection, a small lash of dark energy, or simple practice of ignoring the young changeling.

"But then again, I am willing to bet that he never expected to play his game with me on this magnitude," she theorized. On the glowing screen beside Raven, Starfire nodded intently to her friend.

"I suppose you are right," she agreed.

On the other side of the tunnel, Cyborg and Robin continued to interrogate and reason with Beast Boy about the principles of the game. But of course the main topic of conversation was how he and Raven would be exiting game world.

"So other than rewiring all of those doohickeys and energizing and all of that other techno lingo stuff, you guys pretty much got it all figured out, right?" the green knight asked. Cyborg nodded with an eyebrow raised.

"Sure, if by doohickeys and techno lingo, you mean turbine resonators and plasmatic virtualization," Cyborg told him cockily. Robin smirked towards Beast Boy, knowing full well about his lack of knowledge in science and technology.

"What's the matter, Beast Boy? You look a little confused, has Raven been keeping you too wound up?" Robin gibed. Cyborg immediately smiled widely and joined in.

"That's right, how is our little Romeo and Juliet pair doing, Beast Boy? You guys keeping things rated PG?" he snickered. Robin started laughing to himself.

"Don't you mean Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Cyborg?" Robin chimed in.

"No, no, of course not Rob, I meant Snow White and Prince Charming," the metal man bellowed. While Beast Boy was sweating with embarrassment, their list only continued. Cyborg and Robin only shouted out more romance pairs from fantasy genre stories.

"Aurora and Prince Phillip!"

"Aladdin and Jasmine!"

"Belle and the Beast!"

"Maid Marion and Robin Hood!"

Unbeknownst to the two jokers, Starfire was giggling slightly, having watched her fair share of Disney Prince and Princess stories. Raven was not amused, as expected she was blushing slightly, and waiting for the boys to stop so she could give them more of a reason to keep her in the game. Because if she ever got out, it would be the end of them both.

"Or Wait! I have the perfect pair, how about…" but Cyborg's last gibe would have to wait.

"How about a bionic man taken apart and thrown in the ocean, or a crime fighting detective stranded in the desert. Keep it up and we'll be seeing it all over the news," Raven blurted out, not her style, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

"…uh…" Cyborg and Robin's faces both dropped and became grimmer than if they were in a cemetery. Starfire's mouth was also slightly agape. They gulped and looked at each other. But then after taking one last look at Raven and Beast Boy, they burst out laughing again. Beast Boy still keeping his annoyed and embarrassed persona.

"Aww, how cute, the princess is looking after her Prince," Cyborg's jokes never ceased or faltered. Raven had no longer had the appearance of a fuming young girl, but became passive again. Her eyes then popped open, revealing an idea of how to get them off their backs.

"Very funny, you're right, but tell me you two, how exactly did you know all of the names of those princes and princesses?" Raven slyly asked. Instantly, the two laughers ceased and turned red. "If I didn't know better, I would say you both ad been watching those sappy children's movies with Starfire."

Starfire laughed out now, she remembered how she coaxed the two into watching the Disney classics while Beast Boy and Raven were busy. The two reluctantly agreed, not wanting to be forced, knowing Starfire could do it easily. Every few nights, Starfire would bring out Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty etc. etc. And the high-tech teen and the boy wonder would watch and groan at how childish the movies were. All night long, Starfire would laugh jovially at the quality time she shared with her friends.

"Well, how many times have you watched them with Starfire?" she asked again, the smirk never leaving her faced. She looked at them both expectantly but got nothing but humiliated groans and coughs.

"Oh! Friend, I can answer that, first we viewed the whimsical…" Cyborg's metal hand reached over and cupped Starfire's mouth. As her words muffled under his cybernetic hand, Robin let out a puff of breath in relief.

"Hey um, we can see you to are busy, so we'll just take Star and get outta your hair," the metal teen rushed. Robin nodded nervously, he too wanted to get the conversation put away before Disney Night, as Starfire dubbed it, was exposed.

"Cyborg's right, we'd better get back to work getting those calculations done before dark, or we'll lose time," Robin said, making more and more cheaply forged excuses every time.

"Yeah, you'll lose time watching The Little Mermaid with Star!" Beast Boy laughed uncontrollably, clutching his sides tightly. Raven was smirking contently at the two. Victory was hers.

"Yeah…sure…uh, we'll update as soon as we can," Cyborg finished, "See you guys in cyber space." After this was said, all three screens flashed off into the dark, leaving Beast Boy and Raven to calm down.

"Whoa…snicker…Raven…chuckle…the way you bashed the guys…he he he…you were awesome!" he said in between laughs.

Raven looked his way and to his surprise didn't give him a glare. Even though he expected a monotone shoot down, or a shrug, or even a lecture on how pointless it was to win a petty argument, there was none. Sure enough, Raven was just walking beside him and continued to shine her newfound grin.

"Yes, Beast Boy…yes I was," she said. Beast Boy's mouth stretched to both sides of his face. There were only three possible explanations to this.

One, the planets had aligned. "Nah, too mystical," he thought.

Two, Raven had finally cracked under pressure. "Raven never cracks, except when I influence her, hehehe," he thought again.

Or Three, Beast Boy was finally starting to chip away at the hard stone that was Raven. HE finally got HER to act…happy? "Anything's possible…I hope," his final thought was.

Much later, after the team/screen meeting, Beast Boy and Raven at long last made their way to the end of the tunnel. In the last chamber, they walked along the illuminated pathway to the shining giant crack in the wall at the end of the tunnel. Of course, it had a huge, creaky, wooden sign like the one before, however this one read: "EXIT IF YOU DARE!" As usual, Beast Boy knew that was just an unconventional prop in the game's master design. As the two made their final steps out the large exit, the unfamiliar flash of sunlight filled their eyes and blinded them for an instant.

Around them was Spirit Stream again, but this time it didn't lead to a green and sparkling oasis of fairytale splendor, but instead it had more of a Fall appeal. All the trees were slightly bare or had red and orange leaves. The sun was still up and the skies, road, and stream still looked peaceful. The entire landscape was a little different, maybe because of the lesser shininess. Or perhaps the darker shade of the foliation and occasional tumbleweeds.

"Well, we made it!" Beast Boy shouted again. "Now we can proceed to Level Three!" he said in a dark, mysterious voice. Raven looked his way.

"What? I thought you said that that was level three," Raven asked him. Beast Boy shook his head.

"Nope, what I meant was that was the passage into Level Three, Rae," he said. She sighed, but recovered quickly.

"Whatever, at least it's a step in the right direction," Raven said, wafting her hair for a second and letting it fall back to her sides. She gestured for him to follow her again. HE took a deep breath and nodded.

"Yep, let's get…huh?" Beast Boy stopped, seeing that Raven was already well ahead of him and halted herself. It appeared she was parked in front of yet another prop of the game. However, this was a carriage, with a horse. Beast Boy raced across the dirt path to catch up to Raven.

"Rae? What's up…" Beast Boy said, trying to retain his breath. Before him lay not only the carriage and horse, but also a virtual village man. He was not tall, with a decent figure, and was staring down Raven. She was looking back up at him with confusion.

"Hey you, you'd better keep your princess under control, she asks me for a ride in this here carriage, and then has the nerve to ask me if it's for sale," the older man huffed in a heavy British accent.

"Here we go again…" Beast Boy thought. Once again he an Raven had to resume play in the game now that they were outside the cave. Also, he remembered this part of the level, and how it was particularly…tricky.

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