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Chapter 7:

You will never realize what you have until such time that you realize it's being taken away from you or, worst, until such time that you lose it…

"Out of my way!!" she loudly said as she ran her way past the mob of people along the sidewalks, clutching her bag on one hand while the other was busy holding the sandwich she grabbed from her plate before she left the house.

Déjà vu?? No way!! Déjà vu happens in a one to fifty ratio!! This happens to me everyday!! I really should let Ganko put my clock in advance!! I can't believe I'm late!! AGAIN!!

With panic written all over her face, she rounded the corner that would take her to her destination for another seven minutes… of running. Cursing herself for being so lazy when it comes to getting up, she clamped her sandwich between her mouth to prevent herself from cursing out loud and scare the living daylights out of the other passers by.

Just as she was about to turn around the corner, she noticed a familiar figure passing by the other side of the street. Without another thought in mind, she stopped, looked back to search for the figure once again, hoping that her mind wasn't playing tricks on her. All thoughts about being late for school, getting scolded by her teacher and doing detention suddenly disappeared from her mind, replaced by the thought of finding that familiar figure and making sure that it wasn't just an illusion she saw.

She searched frantically amidst the crowd of people moving around her, each eager to reach for their destination. She was being shoved, going against the flow of the crowd, but she didn't care. At that moment, all that matters is to find that person and convince her self that she wasn't just dreaming that it wasn't just her eyes playing tricks on her.

Then, she saw it again. A flash of a familiar figure, only this time, it was already far away, almost like a silhouette slowly fading into the crowd and she couldn't even move for her feet seemed to be rooted on the ground she was standing on.

It wasn't an illusion… it was… real… he… came back…

"Oi, monkey." A cold, familiar voice lured her out of her thoughts and caused her to instantly jerk around and face the owner of the voice.

"Mikagami?" she asked, a little surprised to find the man who was supposed to be the model student and never missed a single class (except probably when they joined the UBS) standing in front of her and staring at her suspiciously. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in class?"

"I should ask the same thing." He said, his eyes boring holes of suspicion into her body. "You're supposed to be in school."

She avoided his eyes as he said these. She didn't know why but there was something in his gaze that told her she should feel guilty about something. Like she was a child caught by her mother stealing, not one but two cookies, from the cookie jar.

Why should I feel guilty? It's not like I really saw him… besides, even if I did, I shouldn't feel guilty… everything had been over a long time ago…

"You're right!" she suddenly exclaimed, hiding her worry with a huge smile plastered on her face. "We're both very late from school already and if we don't hurry up now, we're really never gonna make it to school!!" she exclaimed before grabbing hold of one of his arms and dashing to the direction of their school, dragging Tokiya behind her.

"What do you think you're doing, monkey! This happens to be Armani you're stretching!!" she heard him say from behind her.

"Oh quit it, Mi-chan!! Who would actually wear Armani as his school uniform?!" she yelled, trying to sound as cheerful and as teasing as ever, if not only for the familiar figure that was now haunting the deepest corners of her brains… and her heart.

After ten minutes of running around while pulling Mikagami by his sleeves, together with the occasional muttered curses and death threats she was hearing from Mikagami, they finally reached the school grounds just in time before the bell rings to signal the second period classes.

"Just in time!" she exclaimed while catching her breath and looking at the equally breathless Mikagami beside her. "I bet you never ran that fast before! And I bet this is the first time that you actually ran just so you could reach school just in time!" she teased him, earning her a death glare from him.

"Just in time?" he questioned her. "You mean for the second class." He said sarcastically.

"Still, at least we were able to make it just in time for the second class. First subject classes aren't that important anyway."

"Only those who are can't always make it in time for the first period class believe in that kind of thinking." He said, before turning around and walking away from her.

She opened her mouth to give him a sarcastic retort but somehow, her voice seemed to have been caught in her throat as she watched the lonely figure walking away from her.

Watching Mikagami walk away from her seems to have triggered her memory of a very identical situation in the middle of a clearing in a forest with her standing just like that as she watched his familiar figure walk away from her.

Reluctantly dragging her eyes from the scene before her and from the creeping memories that suddenly haunted her thoughts, she decided to settle her gaze on the dark clouds looming over her head.

"It's going to rain soon." She whispered to no one in particular before a loud clap of thunder sounded across the sky.


In a matter of minutes, he reached the fourth floor of their school building that the senior students occupy just as the rain outside had started to fall heavily. He stopped in his tracks and looked up at the same time, a loud clap of thunder sounded across the sky followed by a rod of lightning just by the horizon.

Then, suddenly, as if his eyes are being pulled by an unknown force, he looked down at the school grounds, expecting to see nothing there. However, his eyes were met by an image of Fuuko looking down at the ground with her whole body drenched with the rain. Her school bag was now lying on the wet ground and she doesn't seem to care that the bag isn't waterproof and it is now sinking in a puddle of water that seems to build up as more rain poured from the sky.

What is that idiot monkey doing under the rain?

He can't help but wonder as his gaze seems to be transfixed on the girl looking anything but… helpless? Depressed? He doesn't know. All he knows is that the brave, cheerful image of Fuuko seems to have been washed away by the rain only to be replaced by something that he had never seen before… and seeing her in this new light captured his interest without him even knowing it.

After a minute or two of staring at her, another loud thunder clapped across the sky and it brought him back to his senses, making him realize two things. One is that, he's definitely late for his second period class yet he doesn't seem to care. The other is that, he had been unconsciously staring at Fuuko to the point that he forgot about his class.

This is stupid…

He said to himself and was about to leave when he noticed that Fuuko was now looking at the sky as if she was welcoming every droplet of rain that was falling on her face and cascading down her cheeks to her neck.

Another thunder clapped across the sky and this time, he saw her smile. No, it was not the creepy, I'm-gonna-beat-up-your-ass kind of smile. It was…

was what, Mikagami? Quit acting like a perverted romantic and mind your own business like you usually do!

He scolded himself as he reluctantly tore his gaze from the image below him and walked towards his classroom.

He doesn't care. He kept on telling himself that he doesn't care. He kept on convincing himself that the image of the former fuujin wielder drenching her self in the rain doesn't bother him at all. Yet, as he was telling himself these things, he already found himself retracing his steps back to where she was with the determination of pulling her out of the rain even if he has to drag her by her hair if he has to.

What am I doing?!

He asked himself, as he seems to be regretting his actions, knowing that the monkey might only laugh at him for doing something way out of his league.

Turning around would be too late now for he already found himself by the entrance of the school building. He stared quietly at a completely drenched woman slumped on the ground with her purple locks covering almost her entire face and limiting his view to only the thin line of her lips which were slightly quivering, whether from the cold rain or something else, he doesn't know.

He stared at her, not knowing how to approach her or what to say to her. After all, he wasn't used to inquiring about other people's business.

"Oi, monkey." Was the first words that came from his mouth and he wasn't quite sure whether now is the safe way to call her that.

He watched for her reaction but she remained unmoving on the ground.

"It's raining in case you haven't noticed." He stated the obvious and he could feel the urge to slap him self and bang his head against a wall for having said such lame words.

Where did all those wit that you were so proud of went?

"You're going to catch a cold." He said before he can stop himself when she didn't stir from her place.

Now you're starting to sound like you care, Mikagami, you idiot! Just leave already and let her be!

"Fine. Stay there as long as you want." He said before turning around to leave.

However, he was stopped when he heard her faint voice against the strong drizzle of the rain against everything around them.

"It was also raining that day…" he heard her whisper, causing him to turn around and look at her with questioning eyes.

"Just by the clearing in the forest… he said goodbye… just like that…" she said, her voice just soft enough for him to hear.

"Can you imagine that? It was such a slap on the face to hear him say that he loved me but his loyalties lie on Kurei…" she continued to whisper but he could imagine the slight smirk that was gracing her face as she said those words.

Silence lingered in the air. All that was heard was the heavy raindrops falling on the soaking ground. He continued staring at her while mentally debating whether or not he should stay for another minute. It wasn't like he was used to listening to other's problems especially if those concerns some matters about the heart.

Besides, it's not like it's such a surprise for that good-excuse-for-a-ninja to choose Kurei over her. He is after all loyal to the one master that he'll serve, probably for the rest of his life, just like the way the sea monkey is loyal to Yanagi. Either that or he's probably…

"Maybe he's gay." The thought surprised him so much that he unconsciously voiced it out loud, loud enough for Fuuko to hear.

The next thing he knew, he heard her laughing her heart out before standing up from her sitting position. She walked towards him, arms on her waist and looking at him with a huge smile on her face.

He immediately frowned at this. Was this some kind of façade that she use when she's extremely pissed off and about to punch his face the moment she's close enough to do so?

Instinctively, he put on a defensive stance when she was just close enough but instead of a punch, she gave him a huge grin.

"You know what? Maybe he really is gay…" she said before laughing again, this time, a real laugh and he couldn't help but smile with the knowledge that it was because of him.

He was tempted to laugh with her if it wasn't only for the loud booming voice that interrupted their little moment.

"Kirisawa, Mikagami!! To my office, right now!!"

When they looked at the source of the voice, all hell seems to froze over as they stared at the angry face of non other than the principal himself.

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