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Danny/Valerie 4ever!

Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear

Sealed with lies through so many tears

Lost from within, pursuing the end

I fight for the chance to be lied to again Lies, Evanesence

"Valerie, you have to believe me. You want to believe me..."

Valerie shuddered, despite her usual hardcore attitude that she upheld most of the time as of the moment she was utterly helpless against the words whispered against the shell of her ear. The warm breath sending shills down her spine making her forget momentarily would it was exactly she was dealing with. Valerie, however, was not helpless in the least. She was not immobile nor was she unarmed, it was her own mind holding her back from blasting a hole into the body before her. She wanted, needed, to believe those words so desperately the words escaping that silver tongue of the man she formely lonved, perhaps still loved.

Valerie had long found out about Danny's secret and after feeling betrayed, angry, confused, and bitter she had finally accepted, though reluctantly at first, it for no matter what Danny was still Danny. This, however, was not her Danny. This man before her caused too much pain, something the former Danny would never allow if he could help it she sooned learned.


The whirl of her gun charging up sounded breaking the silence around them. They were in a abandoned part of town, one of the many places this new Danny had destoryed, atleast there was no one around to see her hesistate. It seemed to affect Dan Phantom very little. Smirk placed upon admittely handsome features, his hand rested upon the gun and pulled it towards his chest.

Red eyes met green. His eyes were laughing, mocking, and challenging her all at once. Then he moved forword, causing Valerie's breath to hitch and body to tense, stopping short just before her lips hovering before them he whispered.

"So then, shoot me."

She couldn't however and he knew it. The knowledge made him chuckle and close the gap between them capturing her lips. The gun had been swatted aside, his body pressing against her own, one hand holding her waiy while the other held her chin firmely between slim fingers. Valerie's arms hung at her side, fingers twitching, her mind was screaming at her about how wrong this was but her heart was telling her this was what she wanted all the time. The moment was short lived however, she saw the light before she saw the blast and barely managed to dodge. It had gazed her side but nothing more. Dan laughed harshely knowing well how he was toying with the woman.

"Fool, you Danny is gone and he is never returning!"

Rage boiled within her core. Dropping to the ground and picking up her gun with lighting quick reflexes, she shot at Phantom hitting him squarely in the chest causing him to grunt and crash back into a building. Valerie jumped onto her transportation, speeding off quickly not allowing Dan the time to recover and come after her. Going back to the shield she couldn't believe she fell under his power of seduction once more. She had to accept the fact that her Danny was gone, dead, and Dan would pay.

That night Valerie cut off her hair in mourning.

She would fall for no more lies.