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Chapter Two

"Hey! That hurts!" Eriol complained.

"You're so perverted." Tomoyo said.

"Why do you change attitude rapidly…maybe you're schizophrenic." Eriol guessed.

"Of course not! I'm just…" Tomoyo was beginning to get dizzy, "…drunk." then she lay unconscious on Eriol's shoulder.

"So, all the while you've been drunk." Eriol said to himself, "Heh, just like Spinel but you act decently and normal. In the end, after all changing of attitudes, you'll end up unconscious." He sighed. "I better get sleep now."

Laughter filled the mansion.

"Are you telling us, Master Eriol, that Tomoyo-chan's drunk all the time you've been making out?" Nakuru asked, "That's hilarious, ne, Suppi-chan?"

"Who's Suppi-chan?" Spinel asked innocently, "And it's not hilarious, you airhead, it's embarrassing for our master."

"Yeah, I took advantage of a drunken young lady." Eriol said, "At first, I thought she's normal but after showing signs of schizophrenia, I asked her, but she just said she's drunk and fell asleep."

"That's hilarious for me!" Nakuru snorted, Spinel glared daggers at her direction.

"Stop making fun of our master, Ruby Moon!" Spinel glared more.

"I'm not making fun of him!" Nakuru said.

"Then what do you call what you're doing right now?" Spinel growled.

"I'll let you guess it." Nakuru giggled, "I thought you know everything."

"Stop it, will you?" Eriol sighed, exasperated.

"Poor wittle master Eriol." Nakuru says in a baby talk, "I pity you."

"Ruby Moon!"

"What is it?" She asked the feline-like guardian sweetly.

"Stop that."

"Will you two stop? Your argument doesn't make any sagacity at all." Eriol says in the calmest voice. The only tones that can make his guardians stop their bickering and listen to their master. "You two might wake up, Tomoyo-san."

"Yes, Master Eriol." The two guardians said just before they heard someone from the stairs.

"Ohhhh, that's Tomoyo-chan!" Nakuru squealed.

She was right. Tomoyo walked to their direction.

"Hello, Nakuru-san, Spinel-san," Tomoyo blushed slightly, "…Eriol-san."

"Hello to you, too, Tomoyo-chan!" Nakuru said cheerfully. Spinel just gave her a nod.

"How are you feeling now, Tomoyo-san?" Eriol asked quickly.

"I'm quite fine now." She managed to smile, "If you don't mind, what time is it?"

"It's almost time for lunch, its 11:45am now." Eriol answered her politely.

"Oh no, I got a meeting to attend to." Tomoyo muttered and bowed to them gratefully, "Thank you for the time you spared me but I need to go now. I have a meeting to attend to."

"That's too bad. I have prepared some good food today." Nakuru said, saddened.

"I might as well add that it's better in the garbage." Spinel whispered to Tomoyo.

Tomoyo giggled, "Thanks for the advice, Spinel-san, but I think it's not that bad."

"Believe me, it is. You better not try it or you'll end up poisoned." Spinel warned.

"Hey, Suppi, what are you trying to put into Tomoyo-chan's mind?" Nakuru asked, hands on her hips and left foot tapping on the floor.

"Nothing at all, Nakuru-san, he's just bidding his goodbye." Tomoyo said, "Eriol-kun, we'll talk later. Bye." Then she took off and left quickly.

"Did she even know how to get out?" Eriol asked.

"I think—" Spinel said but was cut off by Tomoyo smiling to them.

"I'm sorry but can you point to me where the way out in here is?" Tomoyo asked sheepishly.

"—she'll come back to ask." Spinel finished.

"I'll lead you the way, Tomoyo-san." Eriol offered.

"Thanks." Tomoyo said and walked off with Eriol in tow.

"Do you think we'll really have a new mistress, huh, Suppi-chan?" Nakuru asked.

"That'll be on the hands of our master if he does a good job of wooing her." Spinel added, "And I highly doubt that that will happen if he act all beet red in front of Daidouji-san."

"Then we better pray he wouldn't." Nakuru stated.

Spinel nodded and arched a brow, "Who's Suppi-chan, again?"

"Um…about earlier…I know…you're…I'm sorry." Eriol stuttered to Tomoyo once they started walking away from his guardians.

"What about earlier?" Tomoyo asked, looking confused.

'I know that you'll forget about that but I need to apologize.' Eriol thought but shrugged it off. He faced Tomoyo before gulping quite loudly, "You know, the confrontation earlier, I'm so sorry if I took advantage of you. You're drunk and all but I didn't control myself."

"That's alright, Eriol-kun. You thought I forgot about it, ne?" Tomoyo asked. Eriol nodded. She smiled, "Even though I'm drunk, I'm aware of my surroundings but the catch is I keep on changing my moods." Tomoyo laughed.

"Eh, I noticed that." Eriol's eye twitched and then realization hit him, "Hey, you mean you meant all what you've said to me?"

"Un." Tomoyo grinned, "So, are you my boyfriend now?" She wrapped an arm on Eriol's.

"I think…" Eriol said, loving the warmth of Tomoyo's body.

"You think?" Tomoyo giggled.

Eriol sighed, "Fine, then, I am your boyfriend." He grinned.

"That's more like it!" Tomoyo said.

"Hey, are you still drunk?" Eriol asked, concerned. Tomoyo shook her head.

"Nope, I'm just being cheerful."

"Then, you'll return for dinner?" Eriol asked. They are now in front of the door.

"Okay…but I'll be late a little." Tomoyo stated.

"I'll wait." Eriol added, "Don't you really want me to drive you there?"

"Nuh, I'll be fine." Tomoyo smiled and give him a peck on the lips, "Bye."

"Bye, Tomoyo-san." Eriol watched Tomoyo's figure happily walking on the street. He closed the door and went back to his guardians with a grin.

"So, Master, how did it go?" Nakuru inquired carefully.

"Seeing that goofy look on his face, it went well." Spinel said.

"Yeah, come on, I'm starving!" Eriol said, very cheerfully.


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