Okay, this is the first story I've written that doesn't have evil megalomaniacs taking over the world as the main theme. I'm basing this of Law and Order, but forgive me if I make any mistakes in police procedure. My dad works in the probation department, so I can always get clarification from him. Note: I'm working off California Law.

"Hello, housekeeping." said a maid named Julia Gonzales. She was Mexican, around 5'6, had black hair and brown eyes. She was 36 years old and had been working with the family for almost 10 years. Slowly, she walked up the steps into one of the bedrooms.

She knocked on the door but nobody answered. After around 30 seconds, she opened the door, hoping it wouldn't be another awkward situation. However, what she saw was much more horrifying…

"Maid called it in." stated police officer Sergeant Kimberly Votaw. She was 5'8, had brown hair and green eyes and had been working with Amity police for 6 years. "The victim's name is Dash Baxter, 15. He was found murdered in his room. The officers haven't found anything stolen so its believed the suspect came here with the intent to kill."

"When was he killed?" asked Inspector Henry Smith. He had been a detective for 3 years and a police officer 4 years before that. He was dressed in a suit and tie. The man was 41, blue eyes, blond hair, and around 190 pounds. He was here with his partner, Lieutenant William Robbins.

"M.E. puts it between 11:00 and 2:00 last night." replied Votaw. "The crime scene's up in the bedroom."

"They haven't had a homicide here for 5 years." said William. "Why now and why him? That's what I'm wondering." Votaw showed the two detectives the crime scene. The body was there and blood was pooled all over him.

"We think it's a knife to the chest that killed him." Votaw informed the detectives. "He was stabbed 4 times, the first one fatally. Whoever did this obviously hated him."

"Are there any prints?" asked Smith.

"Yes, they were found all over the room." Votaw replied. "The lab's running them now, seeing if anything's come up. Also, we found some partials that could belong to the murderer. In addition, we've found about a dozen hairs. Whoever did this wasn't a professional. The parents should be here in a few minutes."

"So what do you think?" asked Robbins.

"I'm not sure yet." replied Smith. He turned to one of the police officers. "Are the neighbors being interviewed?"

"Yes, they are." stated another officer. "They saw somebody running away, but nobody's been able to give us any sort of description. However, one of them said it happened at 1:24 AM."

"That'll help us somewhat." said Robbins. "Thanks a lot. I'd like to talk to some of the neighbors myself. Wonder who's got a grudge against this kid?"

"Or his parents." Smith reminded him. "They could have been the target, or maybe the teenager was killed as a method of revenge." He turned his head. "The parents are here. We better talk to them."

"What the hell is going on?" the father demanded. He had blond hair, brown eyes, wearing a dress suit and was about 6'4. He worked as a civil lawyer in Amity Park. "What happened?"

"I'm afraid we've got some bad news." stated Robbins. "Your son was murdered sometime last night." Both of them looked shocked and about ready to burst out in tears.

"Why would anyone do this?" asked Mrs. Baxter. She had blue eyes, blond hair, and was about 5'7. She was wearing a blue dress and high heels. "Who would want to kill him?"

"We think someone may have been after you?" asked Robbins. "Is there anyone you know with a grudge?"

"And out of curiosity, where were you guys last night?" asked Smith. Robbins gave him a look. "I'm sorry, but we're following standard procedure. My condolences for your loss."

"We were at a business party at the firm." Mr. Baxter replied. "There were at least 30 people there, all of whom we talked to."

"You're a lawyer?" asked Robbins.

"A civil lawyer." stated Mr. Baxter. "It was a retirement party for one of our oldest members, Alex Henderson."

"And I'm a doctor before you ask that question." Mrs. Baxter said as Smith was about to open his mouth. "The party started at 7:00, but we got there around 8."

"What time do you leave?" asked Smith.

"We left at about 12:30." replied Mrs. Baxter. "We stayed in the Phantom Hotel since we were too tired to drive home."

"We'll verify that." said Smith. "I can give you the number of a good psychologist if you want…"

"Shrinks are only for wimps and idiots." exclaimed Mr. Baxter. "We'll work through this on our own."

"Uh… Mr. Baxter, were there any clients that were angry with you?" asked Robbins. "Give you any threats, stuff like that?"

"Well, there are several." he replied. "But I can't violate attorney-client privilege."

"Look, somebody just killed your son." Smith told him. "Doing this may help us catch this guy."

"Okay, I'll give them to you." Mr. Baxter said reluctantly. "But keep this discreet. I don't want anyone finding out about that."

"He's a pretty tough parent, got to admit." said Smith once they were back at the station. Others were assigned to the Baxter case, but the duo were the lead investigators. "Still, their alibi checks out. There were half a dozen people who remember them being there."

"We ought to talk to the dad's client." replied Robbins. "Look at this. The Name's Charlie Green. Apparently he was being sued over property damage. Man lost 50,000 dollars and according to this, he was pretty pissed. Jeez, listen to some of the things he said. 3 of 4 of these I've never heard in my life."

"Well, we better go pay him a visit." Smith stated. "Still, I've got my doubts about him. Besides, the lab report came back: no hairs, and most of the prints belong to the victim."

"What do you mean, most of them? Do they have a match?"

"No, the prints aren't in the system. Makes our job somewhat harder. I'm going to do a little research on our guy, see if he's got a sheet. Maybe we'll get lucky for once. In any case, I find it a little odd that the killer didn't ever try to cover his tracks.

"Well, perhaps he wore tape on his fingers but it didn't cover the entire print.. Remember that one case in a series of burglaries? Besides, they're aren't a lot of smart criminals."

"I suppose you have a point."

Their captain started walking up to them. He was around 6'5 and weighed are 250 pounds, so he was very intimidating. He had brown hair and blue eyes, in addition to having a no-nonsense look about him. "The medical examiner wants to speak with you." He said. "She's got the report. Oh, and don't forget we're under a lot of pressure to do something. The Baxters are among the most prominent families in Amity."

"Hey, don't worry about that." Robbins replied. "So what are the others doing right now?"

"They're interviewing people at the school, his classmates, teachers, etc." The captain said. "Once the Medical Examiner gives you her report, I want you to help them out, and talk to anybody who knew him. I don't care how little."

"Hey, you can count on us." Smith replied. "When have we let you down?"

"Sorry, I just want to see justice." The captain stated. Smith had to admit, he had a few doubts about that. The man had been a personal friend of the Baxters and there was a lot of pressure from the public to make an arrest.

The M.E's name was Julia Gonzales. She was 33 and had been working in the department for around 4 years. She had black hair, brown eyes, and was around 5'7 tall.

"Well, cause of death was a stab to the heart." she told them. "If I had to guess, it would have to be a common butcher knife. The first stab killed him. The other 4 were inflicted postmortem."

"So our perpetrator was probably after the kid." Smith replied. "Are we sure that this was no robbery?"

"Yes, I'm sure of it." she replied. "Tox screen came up positive for alcohol and cocaine. When he died, he was really out of it, almost to the point of unconsciousness. Suffice it to say, our killer didn't have much of a struggle."

"What about the force of the blade?" asked Robbins. "Was he stabbed in a rage or did someone want to make him suffer?" It was at least somewhat of a foolish question, but he had to ask it.

"Well, whoever did it obviously knew exactly where to put the blade." Julia stated. "It punctured the heart cleanly and didn't go through the rib cage. But the other 4 have no particular pattern. He probably tried to throw us off."

"So is there any way to trace the murder weapon?" asked Robbins.

"I'm afraid not. There are thousands of these sold every day."

"Did the killer give the cocaine and/or alcohol to Mr. Baxter?" asked Smith.

"It's possible, maybe even probable." Julia told the detectives. "Reports indicate that he had an alcohol blood level of .62 and drank no more than a half hour before he death. The cocaine he likely used sometime last afternoon."

"Well, then it was someone who knew him." Smith told his partner, who nodded. "We'll talk to Mr. Green but I really don't think he's our guy."

"No, I've got a feeling this was personal." Robbins concurred.

"Wife said we'd find him here." Smith said, looking around Starbucks while sipping his decaf. It was your typical coffee place with people talking over hot topics, particularly one Danny Phantom. By now, around 90 believed he was a good ghost.

"Yeah, you're really complaining about the wait." Robbins replied sarcastically. "I see you're enjoying your decaf."

"Got to have something to keep me awake on the job." Smith said, chuckling. "Besides, you aren't exactly complaining about those free cookies."

"What can I say, I have a sweet tooth." He then saw a man who hit Charlie's description with a woman. "Hey, there they are."

They walked up to the man and flashed their badges. "Amity Park police department." Robbins said. "Do you mind if we have a few words with you? It won't take me than a couple of minutes."

"Sure, detectives." Charlie replied. "What can I do for you?"

"Mind telling us where you were last night, around 1 am last night?" asked Smith

"Yeah, I fell asleep in bed around 11:30." Charlie replied. "Usually get to sleep earlier, but I'm worrying about how I'm going to pay my bills ever since my son a bitch neighbor wrongfully sued me for pain and suffering. I knew I should have hired a private eye…"

"Is there anyone that can verify that?" asked Robbins. "Look, these are just routine questions, so we'll be out of your hair in no time if you answer them."

"You can ask my wife." Charlie told the detectives. "She usually doesn't fall asleep until late. I got home around 7:00, ate dinner, watched some TV, took a shower and fell asleep. Mind telling me what all this is about?"

"Mr. Green, we're just covering all the bases." Smith replied.

"Wait, this has something to do with that murder last night." Charlie replied, sounding worried. What if they started accusing him? He couldn't handle anything else right now! "I didn't have anything to do with that! I didn't even know the man had a kid. We didn't exactly spend a lot of social time together."

"Calm down, Mr. Green." Smith told him. "These are just routine questions. So is there anyone else who can verify your whereabouts?"

"No, I'm afraid not." He replied. "Uh… can we get back to our meeting?"

"All right." Robbins said. "We'll be in touch if we need anything more from you." He turned around and then stopped. "Wait a minute. Mr. Green, would you be willing to give us your fingerprints."

Charlie nodded, anxious to get this cleared up. He knew he could have refused but there was no point since he was innocent and they would be suspicious of him. He waved good-bye to the woman, who had stayed silent the whole time. Smith and Robbins escorted him into their car, where he sat, trying to look calm, but trembling inside.

Each one of his fingerprints was put in ink and set on a piece of paper. "Thank you for your cooperation." Robbins told him. "Once the results are back, you're free to go." They took the paper and compared it to the fingerprints found at the crime scene. "I'll bet anything he didn't do it. If he's guilty, why would he offer to give us his fingerprints?"

"We just have to be sure." Smith replied. After a few minutes of analyzing, the computer stated that they did not match. "Well, that clears it all up. Better go tell Mr. Green the good news."

Once they did so (and man, was he glad), they knew where to turn next. "Well, we better check out the school." Robbins said. "It's currently in session, so hopefully we won't disturb the classes too much."

That was obviously the first chapter. Next chapter: The detectives interview various classmates, including Danny, Sam, and Tucker. Unfortunately, Danny seems to be a suspect and my characters learn what the victim was truly like. Sorry for the OC's, but they're necessary in this story. Therefore, please don't complain about them. One more thing: My knowledge of police procedure is not completely accurate, so use a suspension of disbelief. It's the first time I've tried to write something like this.