Title: Polaris
Author: Canis
Rating: R (M)
Warnings: Some disturbing topics
Spoilers: Up to 2.08
Pairing: Lee/Kara
Summary: There are no morals in war. Lee-centric, slight LeeKara
Disclaimer: I own them not, so sue me not.
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Time passes on even after the death of a loved one. As such, things were slowly, but surely, returning to normal aboard the Galactica. The XO still drank, as he always had. Cottle still smoked, as he always had. The nuggets still went on with their training, as they always had. The deckhands still worked on the Vipers, as they always had.

One member of the crew dying would not change that there were still lives to save out there.

Lee refused to talk about it. The pain was still too raw, and on the nights that he relived the nightmares and woke up in cold sweat, he came to Kara for solace. She would hold him then, lifting up her military issue blanket and sleepily drawing him into her arms.

She knew he would come around eventually. He always did. And she would be there for him. So she would give him his space now, give him his time to mourn...


She turned her head to see Cally approaching her cautiously.


"Is... well... is Captain Apollo all right?"

She must have given her a strange look, because Cally hurried to continue.

"It's just that... after Polaris... left us... the captain's been down here an awful lot... and today we didn't see him, so we were all wondering if... well... if he's all right, sir."

Kara was about to answer that the CAG was just feeling a bit under the weather today when something else caught her eyes. She blinked, then smiled.

"Ask him yourself," she said, gesturing with her chin to where the newcomer had slowly, hesitantly stepped onto the deck.

The CAG was there, looking exhausted and more dead than alive, but definitely there.

Lee shuffled over to where the unfinished Mark VII sat. He lifted one hand, hesitated, then ran his fingers delicately over the metallic frame of the Viper.

"...Chief, I'm going to need some hand fixing this Viper up."

Tyrol was gaping at the captain like a fish out of water up until then, but when he heard the CAG's voice he snapped immediately to attention.

"Yes sir," he replied, snapping off a smart salute.

Kara watched all of this with an odd sense of relief in the pit of her stomach. She was worried Lee would collapse again. He looked it, too; she would be surprised if he did not pass out on his bunk tonight after working on his long-abandoned Viper.

Still, she knew he would get by.

- 'Cause now I know who the real Polaris is.

Polaris... A star that shines so brightly, a star pure and clear, a star that knows to guide weary wanderers to the right path. Yes, that was Lee; amidst the destruction and horror, Lee Adama remained the sole Polaris for those around him to turn to when they were lost.

Humanity still had hope.

Humanity still had its Polaris.






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