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Feeling sadden and unworthy she stood in the crystal lake. Sobbing quietly to herself. The presence of the familiar Rhonso lingered around her but she didn't care. That creature could stare all he want but she wanted, needed to cry. Since she had been a girl, everything, her fears and tears were all bottled up at the corner of her heart. She simply couldn't keep it in anymore.

Those days were over.

Although standing in the middle of the lake wasn't a good idea, she simply couldn't find any muscle in her legs to move. It was like she was planted on the spot. But she didn't care, she let her tears fall. Who would want to come to her rescue anyways?

"I'm uh, going to take a walk," she had muttered quietly to Lulu and walked off quickly into the forest before the older woman could even protest.

Take a walk, yeah right. More like crying her eyes out. Why wasn't she strong enough to hold it in? Was this…pain? Guilt? Hope? Love?

Love, yeah who wouldn't want to. Love was everything wasn't it? Love was the escape door of pain and the only way to live happily. "Love is everything," she had heard some girls muttering. It was a clear memory to her when she listened to the other girls rambling on about first loves. She knew love was out of the question. Being a summoner just didn't seem to give her any free time to even look around for a man.

The water in the distance seemed to be troubled but she didn't lift her head. Only she kept it low and continued to weep uncontrollably by herself. It wasn't until her eyes met a familiar ripple of a blonde that she looked up. Her eyes met those of blue crystalline gaze. His face was soft as he witnessed her crying for the first time.

This was the first time she was caught red handed. Her ability to cry by herself had slipped pass her, weakness was what struck her now. Then she questioned, wouldn't the Rhonso had seen this blonde approaching her? Why didn't the creature seem to stop that blonde? Was it that Rhonso saw something she didn't?

"Yuna," the word seem to slip by his lips as he edged closer to her.

Her eyes simply couldn't hold it anymore and she looked away. Far away she heard something crack, like something bursting into millions of pieces. Then she realized it wasn't just anything that cracked, it was his heart. His eyes had narrowed and was filled with guilt and pain. The woman before him was crying and he simply didn't know what to do.

She had rare beauty in her. That was a start. Like her eyes and her lips. The way she smiled and laughed. It made his stomach burst with butterflies and his lips tremble with bubbles. Her small touches on his hand had sent him on the edge and made him want to scream with joy. Most of all, it was the ways she'd look at him. Her soft bi-coloured eyes touching his presence was what settled his heart. And her voice, soft and gentle, the rhythm he had found irreplaceable.

The silence startled her and without hesitation she looked up to make a brief outline of exactly what he was thinking. However, before her eyes could even reach his, he had stepped forward and placed his hand on her shoulder. The empty space between them, suddenly seem to close together and merge like a lost puzzle that was suddenly found. It was then that she tasted his sweet lips for the first time.

Her eyes danced around the forest in the first seconds of the kiss. She wouldn't know just exactly what that Rhonso would do if he saw this. His hard yet gentle kisses blew her thoughts away and without hesitating she kissed back.

His hands had a way of being ever so gentle. One which she found was amazing, since with a sword he was like steel. The touches of his fingertips lingered on her exposed shoulder.

Then they fell. Together into the lake they sunk deeper. But she didn't care and neither did he.

The water swept her into a position at his chest. It was comforting that someone was actually lifting her burdens for her. Just merely holding her had taken all that doubt and burden away. Such woes of love would always seem to mingle questions in her mind. But now they made perfect sense. Love was not the answer, but it was a route of escape. A moment to just forget.

She threw her arms around the blonde again, swearing never to let go as she pressed her lips onto his again. He so willingly circled his arms around her shoulder and slowly they sunk deeper into that lake.

Their lips never parted but their eyes however stayed focus. His eyes seem to pass a message to her in that little time under the lake. Although she wasn't entirely sure what he meant. The tide took them along its banks and finally washed them ashore.

The dreaded memory that is also her best lingers in her mind always. In that simple moment when two lips sealed, then parted. When was the next time they kissed? She would never know. She could only remember and dream.

"Do you remember Macalania?" she mumbled up to the stars hoping that her dream would hear her speaking.

No one answered.

She sighed sadly and touched her lips to blow a whistle again. The days had passed into five years, since that beautiful memory of hers had happened. The blonde was merely a dream of the Fayth. He had gone back to the place where he belonged now. A peaceful land where birds could fly freely and men roam around without hatred.

"Kimhari saw," the beast she had come to know since she was a child suddenly appeared behind her.

Her head lowered and she closed her eyes. "You saw?" she asked.

The beast stepped up to the side of that summoner and he too stared out to the sea. "Kimhari didn't stop Tidus. Because Kimhari knew it was not for Kimhari to lift burden anymore. Tidus was that person now."

She smiled warmly and opened her eyes to look at the beast beside her. "Does Kimhari like Tidus?" she asked.

Kimhari chuckled briefly and nodded. "Kimhari know Tidus is good man but sadly Tidus doesn't join us here today," he began. Her eyes sadden and quickly he continued, "But Kimhari know Tidus will return one day."

She let out a long sigh and looked back at the crashing of the water again.

"Tidus is where he belongs now," she said with much sadness in her voice.

"No," the Rhonso doubted. "Kimhari know that even though Tidus lives in Farplane, there is a part of Tidus that lives with Yuna today."

The summoner couldn't help but blush at that. The gift that Tidus left behind for her was truly heart warming and amazing. She wondered what Tidus would react to that.

"Yuna hope she would see Tidus again some day," she spoke about herself in third person.

The Rhonso's heart pained to see her in this sadden state. All of Spira was at a joyous moment at the defeat of Sin. However no one really knew exactly how she felt in the inside. All except her closets friends who witnessed the farewell of a special certain blonde.

"Kimhari is sorry to have hurt Tidus last time we were here in Besaid," The Rhonso pointed out the island they stood on.

Yuna smirked at the memory, "You should really tell him, not me."

The Rhonso leaned against his spear and he stared further into the sea. "Kimhari believe Tidus will come back soon. Kimhari can feel it in his bones," the beast confessed and walked away before Yuna could protest further.

She heard the large beast steps echo away as it entered the forest. Looking back she confirmed her thoughts after witnessing the bustling of the forest and she turned to the beach.

"I can hardly believe it has been five years," she spoke to nothing.

She gathered up her strength and began to make her way to the ocean. It was only morning and so naturally the flakes of orange rippled through the blue ocean.

"Yuna," her name echoed in the sea.

Slightly startled from the sudden quiet echo, she squint her eyes out at the sea but saw nothing else but blue liquid. The voice however held a certain resemblance to a familiar boy she had known.

"Tidus?" she questioned the echo.

It didn't answer.

"I don't know how to carry on," she lowered her head, and let her tears fall freely. The Rhonso was gone; she can cry all she wanted. No one would see.

It felt like she had been hopelessly sobbing for an eternity until a certain movement of water splashed quietly to her side.

"Yuna," it no longer echoed but sounded real.

"It's just a dream," her tears fell longingly now.

"No," the voice said softly.

She felt the touch of a familiar finger at her cheek. It wiped the tear away swiftly with motion. The realization hit her and she spun to her side.

His smile was warm and his eyes close to tears. "Yuna," he said softly.

"Tidus," she gulped and flung herself in his arms instantly.

He caught her and held her close against his broad chest. The happy tears now fell from both their eyes as they embraced. His lips met hers for a brief moment as he locked their gazes too. It had been too long since he last tasted her. Now that he was back, it was a point to be with her and kiss her every day onward.

"Yuna," it was almost a whisper.

She had her head buried under his neck and her tears dripped into the ocean.

He moved his lips closer to her ear and said softly, "Yuna I'm here to stay now."

It didn't startle him to feel her small lips pressing a warm kiss to his neck. He could almost swear he felt her lips curled up in a smile as it pressed its way on his neck. The Fayth gave him a chance to come back again. Just this one chance to make up for lost love. Their Lady Yuna had proved them wrong and had defeated Sin. Their way of thanks, was the gift of her love. Tidus.

"But how?" she mumbled softly.

"The Fayth," he answered her.

She seem to let the subject drop after asking, "You will stay with me now right?"

"No," he began and felt her tense at his sudden cold answer, "Not just to the end Yuna, Always."

He could feel her melting in his arms. She was so small, and fragile. It was hard to imagine that she went up against Sin and won. There were many things he didn't believe, this was one of them that was unimaginable yet true.

She drew back and blushed suddenly. Softly she said whilst trying her hardest to maintain eye contact. "Tidus-"

"I think that even though I'm in a world I don't know much about, I want to learn with you Yuna. I want to belong here," he explained.

Her eyes softened as he shyly confessed. Easing his shyness away she kissed him again. "I know," she said through his lips.

They had made their way out of the wet ocean after several moments of locked lips. His hand never left hers as they walked slowly back to the village. Their conversation was limited after she eased into his side and urged him to throw his arm around her shoulders, which he couldn't resist and did so immediately.

"What will we tell them?" he asked cheerfully.

"A lot of things," she answered sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes playfully at her, "I am the gift of the Fayth to you."

She smiled, "I hope they know how thankful I am."

"Well," Tidus began, "The Fayth also said something about me being very irritating."

"Oh really?" her brows raised.

"They think it's a wonder how a guy like me would fall in love with a girl like you."

She smirked, "Well that's simple. We're just two different people from two different worlds."

Tidus chuckled. "Wise teacher," he commented.

Yuna stepped on the step of Lulu and Wakka's hut, and knocked on the door. It opened and a furious Lulu stepped out. Her eyes suddenly froze and she leaned forward to touch Tidus' on the head.

"What in the world?" she gasped.

Tidus grinned. "The gift of the Fayth to Lady Yuna," he answered.

The events of the day had flown past like an air ship in the sky. Furious parties rang on at the return of Sir Tidus the guardian who guarded Yuna as she stood to face Sin.

"Sir Tidus it is great to have you back," one of the men mentioned as he patted the young Guardian's back. He gave Tidus a firm and approving nod. "Yuna's a special lady to us and sometimes we find it hard as to why she would love such a strange man like you," the man said before spinning on his heels and disappearing into the crowded village.

Tidus didn't know whether to take that as a comment or as an insult. He noted that there wasn't much thought or feeling to that short conversation. More like one of those spur on the moment type things. That man would always haunt his mind, but right now, Yuna was the centre of attention.

Yuna sat near by the fire with a strange woman he had never seen before. She talked calmly with a few warm smiles to that stranger. It seem that the woman seem to have a deep amount of respect for Yuna. He would have to ask her about it later when they got some time alone.

That woman however seem to surprise him. What would Yuna be doing with a girl like that? One who wore deeply revealing clothing and seem to flirt with every man in her radius.

"Yuna's missed you a lot," Rikku's shrill voice struck his ears like a stab of a knife. He winced slightly at her hard punch in the shoulder which was supposedly 'friendly' in her opinion.

His heart simply softened almost instantly at the laughter of Yuna. The conversation between her and the woman must have had some joyous joke of some kind.

"You can't keep your eyes off her for just a second can you?" Rikku asked again.

With a dreaded and sad emotion he turned to Rikku and answered, "Yes."

Rikku didn't seem to pick up on his actions and spoke again, "Yuna has a heart I tell you. Five years and she hung on like a Chocobo does on his first attempts to walk."

Tidus seem to forget his dreaded feeling and felt his spirits lifting. "I watched her from there," he confessed to Rikku. "I did everything in my power to be here, I just hope she appreciates it."

Rikku choked on her water that she sipped and lowered her cup with a few more coughs. "Appreciates it?" her eyes widen, "Tidus she hasn't been this happy since the last time you were here," she threw the last few words at him.

He felt sadness overwhelm him at Rikku's last words. ..hasn't been this happy since the last time you were here.

"Hey," Rikku touched his shoulder. "You're here to stay now right?"

He nodded, unsure of where exactly this conversation was headed.

"Then love her the way she loves you. That's all Yuna wants," Rikku told him. "If there was a way of repairing her heart back together again, it's you."

His eyes turned over to watch Yuna. He felt his cheeks flush with red when Yuna turned around and locked their glances. She smiled and excused herself from the conversation with the woman and made her way toward him. The path was clearly made between the howling and loud gathering of people.

"I know you haven't told her that you love her, don't wait too long Tidus. She's been waiting for a long time," Rikku patted his shoulder before dancing her way back into the crowd again.

Sometimes he never understood that Al Bhed entirely. She was wild with her words but had a heart as warm as the thickest blanket.

"Sorry to leave you there," Yuna slipped her hand into his. "I had to greet an old friend."

He nodded and decided to let the curiosity drop. He did however have an entire life time to ask her, so why waste precious time with her now dwelling over small matters.

"She's an old enemy of sorts," Yuna replied to his silenced question. "We, had a rough time back in the few months after you.." she seem to let the last words linger quietly.

He understood immediately and pulled her close into his embrace. "We don't really have to talk about it if you don't want too," he told her softly.

"Okay," she mumbled and stroked his chest. She dazed her eyes back to his and smiled, "Come, I want to show you my hut."

His eyes rose just slightly at the new Yuna he had come to know after the two year separation. She had some what become more mature and seem to talk easily. Her show for affection was now like an open door ready to let anybody into her heart at any given moment. There wasn't anything in the new her that he would want to change. Ok, maybe the fact that she had the tendency to gang up with Rikku against him earlier in the night.

He followed her as they squirmed their way through the gathering people and into a darker part of the village. He noted that Besaid too had become larger and different. There were more added areas of huts. It wasn't the normal small little group of huts. There was a striking similarity to Kilika Island that he pointed out. Wooded planks as roads and long stick fire poles as lights for the night. Although the only thing that was different was that they did not live on water.

Her hut was rather large when compared to others. It sat firmly on the green ground. She flashed him a smile before opening her door and lighting the room up with the fire stick she held in her hand.

"Wow," Tidus gasped as he entered the hut.

"It's not much really," she sighed and sat down on her bed that sat in the middle.

There wasn't much in her hurt. Just a bed, a chair, couch and a wardrobe. Just like how any other hut would be. It was possible to actually walk from one end of the hut to the other in a mere moment of 3 seconds. He made his way up to where she sat and sat down beside her.

"You won't leave right?" she asked nervously, fidgeting with her fingers.

He boldly moved his hand and took hers in his. "Yuna I will be here when you wake up. If it makes you happy, I will wake up early and sit here just so when you wake, I'm the first thing you see."

She blushed with a wide smile and leaned in to kiss him. "Thank you," she said after drawing back.

"Go to sleep Yuna, I'll let them know you've slept," he brushed her hair back and pressed a kiss to her temple.

She smiled warmly at him and let out a small yawn. "No," she mumbled sleepily. "Well, only if you stay," she blushed.

He chuckled at her uneasiness and nodded, "Depends on how long do you want me to stay?" he asked.

"Forever?" she mumbled from his chest.

"What?" his eyes widen, "In here?"

She drew back slightly to take in his startled reaction.

"I'm not sure there's enough food to last us forever," he said, before chuckling.

She smiled along with him but soon blushed when the silence took over. It wasn't so bad, since she had her head against his chest and her arm around his waist. She felt herself falling slowly onto the bed beside him, and with that she opened her eyes.

He stared at her longingly and pressed a warm kiss on her lip. "It looks like I won't have to wake up early afterall," he said sheepishly.

She raised a brow, "How come?"

"Well you're just too beautiful to let go Yuna," he told her with a grin.

She sighed happily and nestled her head in his neck, feeling every of her wishes coming true in that one moment. Her bed had never shared itself with a man before. And now that she thought about it, it would never share it with just her anymore. As much as she could, she would drag this man back to share her bed. She simply couldn't figure out how to sleep without him by her side anymore.

The radiating sounds of the outside sent Tidus into a deep sleep with the warm display carefully protected in his hold. His dreams filled with everything possibly imaginable with the one most interest of his life. Yuna.

Morning came slow as the light of the sun squeezed its way into the hut. The light had shined its way into his eyes and without thinking he turned and his arm met a warm waist. Smiling he snuggled up closer and nuzzled his nose into the back of her neck. After feeling her soft skin on his nose he pressed forward and placed a kiss on it.

She too shifted and laced her fingers through his hand that sat dangling over her waist.

"Morning," she thanked that he couldn't see her blushing face. Sharing her bed with Tidus was a big step, considering he only returned last night. They haven't exactly had much close encounters together. Well besides Macalania, but that was a long time ago. Five years actually.

She could sense the nervousness in him as he brushed the top of her hand with his thumb. It was a rather awkward moment for them that morning. Of course she wanted it to be a more splendid and relaxed morning, and so did he. But of course, love made you see what you did not want to see. So naturally they both saw the opposite. Love doesn't make sense, it never does.

"I hope you're okay with this Yuna," he said suddenly and began to withdraw his hand.

She stopped it and held it firmly, "No," was her soft whisper. "I'm quite comfortable with this."

The last few words seem to make him sigh with delight. Of course he liked this too. Sharing a bed with Yuna? Jumps around joyfully with a smug look on his face.

She could feel his head moving on the small pillow they shared, his breath suddenly tickling the back of her neck now.

"I don't think I ever told you," she heard him whisper. "Back when we stood on the air ship, I wanted.." he stopped briefly and drew in breath. "There were so many things to say, but I just couldn't bring myself to say them," his voice seemed as though as if he were angry at his actions.

She tilted her head and it resulted in his lips meeting her neck, she smiled and kept quiet, waiting for him to continue.

"Then I," he stopped briefly again. "I wanted, I never go the chance.." he was stuttering now.

"Never got the chance to do what?" she mentally screamed at him, but remained quiet still.

"I guess I knew I was going to fade away and I," he drew in breath again, "I wanted you to move on and find someone else," he felt her stiffen and he continued quickly, "But then in the Farplane, I mentally wanted to kill myself again for not letting you know."

"Relax Tidus," she stroked his hand. "Speak slowly okay, don't have to be nervous."

He chuckled at her little words and he continued soon after, "I don't know how to forgive myself for not letting you know Yuna," he pressed a kiss to her neck again, "I love you, I always have since the very first day."

She could feel him stiffening slowly under her hand and with that she sighed happily and sank deeper into the soft bed. She had waited over five years for him to come back. To return to her so that they could live together and have a life they never even got the time to dream about.

Then just as she opened her mouth to repeat those words to him, she felt a hint of shyness in such a confession. Truly she loved him, with all her heart but yet speaking those words to him were just so special. She had to make sure.

"Will you stay with me from now on?" she asked softly.

She could just imagine his eyes looking curiously at the back of her. Though strangely enough he answered confidently, "I will follow you Yuna, wherever you go. I'm still your guardian right?"

She smirked at that and nodded. "Just as a guardian though?" she asked.

He shook his head, "No," he whispered. "Much more if you would let me."

Maybe he was worth it. She didn't know much about his pass, just that he came from Zanarkand 1000 years ago and that his father was Sir Jecht, who was the guardian of her father many years ago when he took on his pilgrimage. Other than that, she didn't know the kind of man he was in Zanarkand. Did he exactly have this soft spot in him that he had now? Has he always been like this?

They had left the hut early that morning, entering the central part of the village happily holding hands. The hints of a party lingered around the path ways. Streams of coloured paper and cups lying around here and there. There were some who were walking around with bags and slowly picked those items up. Moving along to the next path to repeat their tasks again.

"I see last night ended late," Tidus stated the obvious.

"Yes it did," Rikku stomped her way up the couple. "And where did you go last night?" she growled, her eyes staring mischievously and her finger pointing near their noses.

"We went to sleep," Tidus told her simply.

Rikku narrowed her eyes toward Yuna. "The little Yunie who I thought was so innocent-"

"We didn't do anything Rikku," Yuna blushed. "Just talked and then slept. The long day was getting to us that's all."

"I don't suppose Tidus didn't happen to you know," her sudden angry mood swept away and she winked at the young Besadian.

"Rikku!" Yuna blushed bright red.

"Poopie your no fun," Rikku sighed. "Oh yeah," she eyed Tidus, "Better warn you to stay away from Lulu."

"Why?" Tidus asked curiously.

Rikku giggled and smirked to Tidus. "She's been rather unpleasantly angry when she found out the both of you had slipped away from the party."

"What's so wrong with sharing my hut?" Yuna asked.

Rikku gave her cousin a wink and smiled cheekily, "Oh you know, certain things may happen."

"Ok that's quite enough," Lulu came into the picture.

Yuna could feel Tidus' confidence suddenly falling as he winced and stepped a small step behind her in defense.

"Lulu I-"

Lulu held her hand up to Tidus' face to stop him but remain staring at Yuna.

"A hut is a place for a woman to keep to her own privacy," Lulu began. "Sharing it is another thing."

"Lulu we never did anything," Tidus suddenly pulled Yuna back and stood eyeing Lulu.

Lulu matched his eyes and answered briefly, "It's not what you did, it's what happens afterwards."

"Look," Tidus was getting angry now. His lack of confidence showed through his attempt to look tough to the woman he had become so afraid of. "I love Yuna, and I think she loves me too. We slept in the bed, but we did nothing else."

The dark haired woman smiled warmly at the blonde boy and she simply touched his cheek. "Just don't do things you don't think is right. As for the sneaking away, I wasn't really bothered by that, just disturbed that's all."

Tidus suddenly noticed the gurgling toddler that sat in her arms and his mind flew away. "Who's this?" he smiled warmly and touched the infants arm.

The baby seem to respond immediately and was easily fallen by the blonde's irresistible charms.

"Vidinia," Yuna answered.

"Wait a moment. You and Wakka?" he said in disbelief.

Lulu nodded with a small smile. "He told me about his love for me, and well I can't say I don't feel the same," for the first time Tidus saw this woman blush.

"Ga," the baby cheered happily as Tidus playfully made faces at the baby.

Yuna couldn't help but stare warmly at the scene before her. Tidus' loves for children were always one of the warmest spots in him. However strong he was with his sword, there was always something about his hands when they touched one of a child's. Lulu danced her eyes over to Yuna who seem to notice the older woman staring. They locked eyes and Yuna swore she saw Lulu giving her a small nod.

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