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The ship landed smoothly down onto the golden sand of the Besadian Beach. There was no other quite unique and exquisite sand like this islands.

The fine gradient colours that edged onto the body of the machina reflected ounces of sunlight. This machine was a sin to them, but though the only means of air transport in Spira. Painted smoothly over its sleek body were the colours red and black, with darkly tinted windows that proved hard for one to spy inside. This was after all, 'the' Gullwings crew ship. The door at the bottom, opened with a rather loud sound as the couple stood at the beach waiting.

"This is going to be interesting," Tidus mumbled quietly to Yuna who stood beside him.

"Just be nice to whoever this man is," Yuna said with her lips still locked in a smile.

Tidus winced at the glare she threw at him and stopped his nervousness. "What if he's not nice to me?" the blonde croaked softly.

"I'm nice aren't I?" she asked turning her brows upwards to him.

His lips curled into a smile instantly, "Well yeah, but that's not the-"

"Yunie!" the Al Bhed yelled as she ran down the ramp of the machina and toward them.

Tidus contemplated whether to pick up Reiyh and run from the crazy woman, but instead decided to stay when Yuna sent him a serious glance. Reiyh couldn't help but laugh lightly at his father, before greeting Rikku with a small hug. She was after all his aunty.

"So does Tidus?" Rikku pointed a small finger at Reiyh then to Tidus.

The summoner nodded, "He knows."

Rikku's smile lit up as she squealed at Tidus. "The big D-A-D, huh?" she asked him.

"It's fun," Tidus smiled to his son before giving Rikku a hand shake.

Rikku laced her hands and cooed lightly at the sight of father and son. "I just see the resemblance of both parents in him," she shrieked before running off back into the air ship.

"I can't believe that she's your aunty, of all people," Tidus grimaced at his son.

Reiyh laughed and took his dads hand, "She's mums cousin after all."

"Whose side are you on?" Yuna protested at her son.

The boy winced and hid behind his father. "Um, dads?"

She threw her arms up in the air as if defeated and sank back next to Tidus. "I'll get back at you two later," she mumbled quietly and sneaked a hand around Tidus in attempt to tickle Reiyh.

"No," Reiyh squealed beneath her attempts to tickle him.

"Come on now be nice, Rikku wants to show us her man," Tidus said formally with a straight face.

The mother and son settled and stood high. Waiting patiently for the arrival of Rikku's man.

A straight cheeky smiling man came waltzing from the ship. Beside Buddy and Brother of course. He gave Yuna a wink and bowed in her acknowledgment, before sending a wink to Tidus after.

Tidus watched as Yuna's eyes widen. She must have known this man, he thought.

"Gippal!" Yuna gasped and stepped back in surprise.

The blonde man winked again and held Rikku closer. There was something about him that Tidus just could not put a finger on. Maybe he was a bit weird looking? He thought. Smirking he settled back in reality and gave the man a stern hand shake.

"Nice to meet you," Tidus began with a nod and a smile.

The man skewed his eyes a bit before nodding briefly, "Sir Tidus right?" he said and then glanced to Reiyh.

Tidus nodded and blushed at the formality in addressing his name, "Just Tidus, the Sir isn't necessary."

"Gippal," the man introduced himself.

After a few brief words between the two gentlemen, Gippal moved on to Reiyh who stood next to his father.

"I see, you have grown a lot," the man commented on Reiyh.

Tidus' son smiled warmly and nodded, "Yeah."

Gippal turned to Tidus again and gave him a pat on the shoulder. "I don't think I need to even place a bet that you're his father."

Yuna watched carefully at the actions of the two men. Hoping they wouldn't get off at the wrong feet.

"Yeah," was Tidus' small reply.

Gippal turned back to Yuna and gave her a warm hug, "Well Yuna, you've done a great job," he said as he pulled back.

"Thank you," she smiled warmly.

"So what do you think?" Rikku asked smiling.

Yuna nodded, "Gippal and Rikku, what a match," she smiled. "Both bubbly and active."

Gippal chuckled, "Well thanks. I'm glad to know someone in this world things I'm bubbly, really it makes me feel more," he paused, thinking of the word before he continued, "like a bubble."

They all laughed at his sarcasm, and soon settled back in silence.

"Tidus this is Brother, I don't know if you remember him or.." Rikku led Brother over to Tidus.

"Hi," Tidus extended out his hand to this man.

Brother stared and grunted, "Sheja pcyrti ler dyyg la Yuna ezea." (Crazy blonde man take my Yuna away)

Rikku's eyes widen and she began to shout at him, "Nyz ser ayo ifir mea dned ur whyrd yw Yuna? Nefi ayo cymd ayoh lurt?" (How can you even say that in front of Yuna? Have you lost your mind?)

Yuna shook her head and placed her hands in the air to settle their shouting match. When they settled and kept quiet and sulking silently Yuna turned to Brother, "Ayo'hi decgurk cugi u'l ryd ifir nihi." (You're talking like I'm not even here)

Brother winced, "Myhha." (Sorry)

Yuna shook her head, "Brother do you remember my son?" she motioned for Reiyh to come to her. Reiyh obediently went over to his mother but stood beside his father.

Brother nodded and gave Reiyh a small smile.

"Do you know who his father is?" Yuna asked, and sent Tidus a glance.

Brother shook his head, "No."

"Tidus is his father, the crazy blonde man," Yuna quoted his words before.

The startled look on Brothers face was enough to tell anyone that his heart had just broken in two. "pod..ayo ert nul.." (But..you and him..) He shook his head and stomped off into the forest. The trails of his footsteps deep and filled with frustration.

Gippal winced, "What a lovely way to meet huh?" he patted Tidus on the shoulder. "I must say, you're a fine man for Yuna. Don't know what's up with Brother," he shook his head.

"Sorry about that," Rikku apologized to Yuna. "Um, this is Buddy by the way," she motioned to Buddy.

Tidus winced, "You won't dislike me either?"

Buddy chuckled and extended his hand out to Tidus, "Nah."

Tidus sighed happily and gave the hand a shake. "Whew.."

"And this is Shinra," Rikku introduced the child.

"A genius child," Gippal added.

Shinra laughed and shook his head, "Nah, I'm just a kid," was his familiar saying.

"nice to meet you," Tidus smiled and greeted.

After a long strenuous walk to the village, Rikku and Gippal went with Yuna to Wakka and Lulu's, whilst Buddy and Shinra went into one of the other huts. Tidus sighed and slumped back down outside Yuna's hut beside Reiyh.

"What a hike," Tidus mumbled and leaned his head back against the door.

Reiyh chuckled but then settled quietly, he snuggled closer to his dad and too rested his head on the door. "Thank you for coming back," he said softly.

Tidus sighed, "There is no place I'd rather be than here," he told his son.

"Father like son," Yuna mumbled disgustingly as she walked up to them.

Tidus chuckled, "Come join us," he patted the empty space beside him.

Reiyh nodded and smiled widely.

"Well, Gippal and Rikku ended up having a long heated argument with Lulu, which was getting rather boring. So I thought I'd leave and find you two," she explained as she sat down beside Tidus.

Later that night as another party was thrown for the welcoming of Rikku, the little family sat together around one of the fires.

"I can actually get use to this," Tidus grinned and happily ate his plate of food. Reiyh who was quietly staring off the distance kept quiet and ignored what his father had muttered.

"You okay Reiyh?" Yuna followed his gaze and saw the girl who had captured her son's eyes. She smiled warmly when she saw who it was. A girl no more older than he was sat beside her little brother not too far away.

Reiyh blushed when his mother had realized and immediately went back to eating his food. "Was just thinking," he answered.

"Sure," she smiled warmly and turned to Tidus.

"Ahh.." Tidus rested his hand on his full stomach. "Nothing but a fine dinner in front of a fire."

"Yeah," Reiyh added and smiled.

"I was thinking," she began. "You know, how about a journey with Rikku, it might not be so bad."

"A what?" Reiyh asked. "Journey? We have to leave Besaid? What? Why?" he demanded as he stood up firmly.

"Just a thought," Yuna mumbled.

"Hey that's a good idea," Tidus said cheerily. "We could travel around Spira, show Reiyh just what it was like when.." he glanced wearily at Yuna, unsure of whether Reiyh knew the truth of their past. If he remembered clearly, Reiyh did mention something about his mother not telling him anything about the past.

"When?" Reiyh asked, narrowing his eyes at his father.

Yuna sighed, "You wouldn't understand just yet Reiyh."

"But maybe it would help if we do tell him," Tidus added.

"He's five Tidus," Yuna replied.

"But mum," Reiyh pleaded, "I want to know."

"Remember that time you told me about you playing Blitz ball?" Tidus stood up from his spot and walked over to where Reiyh sat.

The boy nodded.

"Well, I began Blitz ball at your age too and well not that I don't want to tell you my life story, but I don't know if you would believe," Tidus said and lowered his eyes as if ashamed of his life in Zanarkand.

"What about mum's story?" Reiyh demanded, "I want to know her story as well."

"It began as my story Reiyh," he sent Yuna a smile, "A story can't be told from the ending to the beginning can it?"

Reiyh shook his head, "But-"

"Want to know the ending?" Tidus asked.

"How would you know the ending if you said the ending is mum's story?" Reiyh asked.

Tidus drew in breath, "Well see, technically the ending is told by both your mother and I."

"Would you tell me your story then?" Reiyh asked and scooted over closer to his father.

"I'll go get us some desert," Yuna stood up and winked at Tidus before walking off.

"Truth is, I don't come from around here," Tidus began. "Now when I tell you this, promise me you won't hate me."

Reiyh's eyes widen, "Hate you? You're my father, how could I hate you?"

Tidus lowered his eyes, "My father didn't like me," he said. "I lived in Zanarkand, not the Zanarkand that you know of now, but of a Zanarkand that existed over 1000 years ago."

"1000 Years ago? That's impossible, how can you be here if you were sent 1000 years into the future?" Reiyh asked as he stared weirdly at his father.

"Would you like to hear the story? Or would you rather ask questions?" Tidus asked.

Reiyh sank back down into his chair and stared at the fire, "Fine."

"My father Sir Jecht, was a guardian of your mum's father, Lord Braska. He traveled 1000 years into the future to help your mum's father, and left me back there with my mother." Tidus said, scratching his head to get a clearer view of what he just said. Being blonde did things to you that you wouldn't usually say aloud incase people would make fun of you.

Reiyh smirked at his father, "Yeah."

"So well, naturally I became your mothers guardian, and to do that, I was sent 1000 years into the future. But see, I had no choice really, because Zanarkand was being destroyed by Sin back then and so it all began when I met Auron. He was the one who sent me into that time warp," Tidus shook his head, "Sometimes I don't know just how thankful I am to him for bringing me here. This place taught me a lesson."

"A lesson of what?" Reiyh asked.

"How to be a better man," Tidus answered.

"And then what happened?"

Tidus drew in breath, "I was a famous Blitz ball player in Zanarkand, just like you are with the Aurochs."

Reiyh blushed, "I guess I got that from you."

The blonde grinned, "And so I landed here in this world of yours. Would you believe the first person I met here was Rikku."

Reiyh winced and grimaced, "Really?"

Tidus nodded, "Yeah unbelievable huh? You would expect maybe Wakka or someone else but Rikku!" he shrieked.

The boy laughed, "She's not that bad I guess. So what about your life in Zanarkand?"

"Like I said, that's a different story. I'll tell you that some day though," Tidus trailed off.

Yuna watched her son and Tidus from the table a few metres away. The fire she was close to was though burning her skin from the close proximity but yet she found herself fixed to the spot and glued upon the sight of father and son. How was it Tidus was able t gain fatherly control so soon? It would have taken Wakka at least a year before he settled down.

A smile grew on her lips, 'Tidus wasn't like most men.'

Tidus had a way with his words as he told his story. His hand signals and the weariness in his eyes showed her just how painful it was for him to relive the days of her pilgrimage. It was hard for him since he had secretly loved her so much. She smiled at the thought and decided to make her way to them. It wouldn't be too bad, listening to the story again. It wasn't so painful to listen too anymore, since he was right there beside her. After all he was the story teller.

"..when she got married to him, I swear I was going to.." he trailed off when he saw Yuna nearing them.

"Yeah?" Reiyh's eyes lit up.

"Uh..give him a hand shake and tell him congratulations for stealing my girl?" he shrugged wearily at Yuna.

Yuna rolled her eyes and sat herself down beside Tidus, "That was the first time I saw your father's eyes filled with pure hatred," she told Reiyh. "If he could, he would have broken Seymour into two."

Reiyh winced, "Really? You really loved mum that much?"

"After that whole incident with Seymour we ended up in Macalania, laying low you know, away from the guards and all," Tidus sent a blush to Yuna.

"This is my favorite part of the whole journey," Yuna confessed.

"Really why?" Reiyh leaned closer.

"Should we really?" Tidus glanced at Yuna.

Yuna smirked, "I was crying by myself in the middle of the lake because I felt like I couldn't do this anymore. The whole defeating Sin, I didn't knew how hard it could be," she lowered her eyes, "But then your father showed up."

"See the thing is, if you like a girl Reiyh, you gotta follow your heart on things, can't always use your head," Tidus explained as he forgot that Yuna was beside him listening closely. "See I loved and still love your mother a lot, and when I saw her crying, I just broke," he winced at himself, "And so I kissed her, hoping that I could give her some strength in the kiss to help her forget her worries."

Yuna smiled warmly and shrank back into her seat. 'Even though Tidus sometimes didn't follow the rules and broke into temples to save her and killed a maester so she didn't have to be married to him forever, there was always a loving heart in him.' The way he held her that night in their hut and kissed her in Macalania. His hands would take a 99,999 damage with Brotherhood, but with her or Reiyh; they were the softest most gentle ever.

Not long later, the story ended and Reiyh sighed with content. He curled up onto his fathers lap and closed his eyes, falling into a deep sleep far away and dreaming about the story he was told. It was then that Tidus made a vow, 'to be a better father than his father ever was.'

"Hmm..Tidus lets take him home," Yuna stood up. "I'm sure Rikku will party all night long with her man."

Tidus smiled, "I never actually knew that I could recite that entire journey Yuna. It's hard to imagine that so much happened."

"Well don't forget sooner or later he'll be asking you about your life in Zanarkand, and my life when you weren't here. At least he knows where you were all these years," she said.

Tidus nodded, "It doesn't matter now Yuna, lets just go home okay? I'd like to travel around Spira again, maybe when Rikku leaves we can leave with her?"

"Yeah, I'll speak her tomorrow," Yuna nodded. "Lets go home."

"Yep," he glanced down at the child in his arms. "Just sit with me for a while though," he said softly hoping that Yuna heard him from over the loud yells and screams of the party.

She nodded and sat down, her eyes fixed on him.

"I uh.. I want to be a better dad than my dad ever was," he began, "but I'm scared."

She found this amusing, "Scared? Tidus you stood up against the Fayth to live again and you defeated at least three maesters," she touched his cheek.

"Yeah, but being a father has always been my biggest fear Yuna," he told her.

"You will do just fine, and look at you anyway," she motioned to Reiyh. "He loves you, even though you left me alone for so many years."

Tidus smiled, "I guess," he sighed. "Ok let's go," he held Reiyh closer before standing up closely followed by Yuna.

The three made their way through the crowds but just as they were about to make a clean escape they ran into Lulu. Her eyes were softer this time after she saw Tidus holding Reiyh.

"He's not staying with us tonight?" she asked, and looked over at Wakka who held Vidinia.

"No," Tidus shook his head. "I think it's time I bring my family together, it's a start I guess," he mumbled.

Lulu nodded with a proud smile. "I see, that journey did both of you some good huh?"

"Yeah," he sighed. "It did."

"Well go already, Reiyh looks terribly uncomfortable there," Lulu smirked at Tidus' attempt to shift Reiyh around in his arms.