Title: Never Hatred
Author: Loke
Summary: The struggle between two brothers. The hatred the starts their relationship, and the many hardships that they face together.
Rating: R for now
Pairing(s): SesshoumaruxInuyasha
Feedback: desired.
Characters: There will be characters from the show and characters that I made up.
Author's notes: This story is about a relationship between two brothers. Meaning; romance, yaoi, incest. You have been warned. Read at your own risk. No flames, constructive thoughts are welcome.
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of it's character...I'm only writing this for enjoyment factor, NO financial benefits whatsoever.

Never Hatred

Are we even?

The room was bathed in darkness; the only light was the fire that burned within the hearth that illuminated the two occupants. A couple; both were quiet as the male moved gracefully around the room collecting items. Both were aware of the tension that passed between them. But always, both were too stubborn; too stubborn to let the past go.

Sasami watched as her lord and husband pulled on his royal garb. The white silk that covered his tall frame complimented his beautiful white hair. As he bent at the waist to pick up his sword, that long white hair hid his face from view like a winter curtain.
She followed his every move, as he fastened his sword to his side; he turned to peer into her black eyes. The two lavender marks that decorated each of his cheeks matched those that framed his upper eyes lids, making his pale skin glow brilliantly. She lowered her gaze when those warm golden eyes settled on her.


"Do not say it my lord. I know my duty; I will welcome your youngest into this house."

His voice was soft and sad. "But nothing more?..."

She could not help but stiffen at that gentle request. "I will never accept him as my own. I have given you a son. I have bared him, raised him. I will not accept that half-" Her cold voice was cut off as she saw the light flash through her husband's eyes.

"I understand your concerns, but I will not tolerate such insolence about any of my blood. As you said, he is my son."

With that final note, the Lord of the Western Lands, Inutaisho, swiftly exited the room, not giving his wife a second glance.

What he did not see as he passed his wife was forbidden tears flowing from her beautiful dark eyes. "As his mother was your mate."

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