"Aww, come on!" Kero called to the worms as they darted into Zed's office. He followed them in and found them around the coffee machine, busily filling their mugs. "Can't you do that later?" Just then his nose caught a whiff of the enticing aroma. He quickly flew over and snatched an empty mug. "Well, maybe one cup won't hurt! I'm sure that Sakura's handling things just fine on her own."


"Um, X, could I ask a favor?" Elle said. It had been ten minutes now and there was still no sign of help. How much longer could she stay up here on the ceiling before she finally fell and broke her neck? Her arms were already tired from holding her skirt up.

"What do you want?" X asked as he looked up at her. "That mark is showing yet again, you know."

"X would you just stop looking," Elle muttered as she batted at her skirt a bit to get it in place. "Um, could you move so that you're underneath me?"

"What?" X said. "You want me to..... No way! You're too heavy! You'll crush me!"

"X, I'm going to fall!" Elle cried out despirately. She was really getting frightened hanging up there. This felt so unnatural, her being in that position with nothing holding her to the ceiling. She kept remembering the Law of Gravity. 'What goes up, must come down.' How long did she have before she fell and broke into a million pieces like Humpty Dumpty? "Maybe if you're underneath me, you can catch me before I break my neck or worse!"

"Fine, but only because Zed will blame me if you get hurt," X grumbled as he moved beneath Elle. "So, have you thought of dieting recently?"


Kero and the worms hurried down the hall, the worms all clutching mugs full of coffee and a thermos that they passed back and forth. They stopped when they reached the maze and Kero pulled the noisy cricket out, holding it in front of him and furiously fluttering his wings to stay in place as he fired. A moment later, he had blasted a nice hole in the wall, a hole that was closing, true but closing slowly. Kero quickly flew in followed by the worms.

"Everyone else stay back!" he called as he started into the maze. "Sakura! Help's on the way!"