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Vampire Trilogy III part: Daughter of darkness

Chapter 1



Years passed … Maybe too fast than I thought. The day when my daughter reaches twenty is so close. I'm afraid, I'm so afraid something will happen with her. And for all those years we've been hiding here, in Dark Valley – small town far from San-Francisco, The Council haven't stop sending assassins to kill my daughter. Of course my friends found them first before they finish their mission, but what if … Don't want even think of it … Stars draw symbols in the sky, war in Iraq, nature's threats … all these things were in the Book of Predictions. I see it … The Apocalypses …"

Angelica stopped writing as she heard steps on the ladder. The witch closed her diary and put it in the table. She hadn't changed at all for all these nineteen years … Because of Irvin's blood, she thought.

"Mom, I'm not working tonight …" Diana said, entering the room. She wasn't a child anymore, after nineteen years Diana grew into a beautiful young woman with cascade of dark curls, she picked with a ribbon, deep blue eyes of the sea color, soft coral lips and willowy figure. Dia always seemed weak and fragile, but when she smiled it was like sun ray. The girl worked in hospital in Dark Valley as a nurse, and patients liked her much. Some said she can heal, but maybe because of her friendliness and kindness. Diana hadn't got many friends, just one close – the girl from the grocery shop.

She also didn't know anything about her mother's and father's nature. Her parents used to hide this fact from her. Of course Dia asked why Irvin never at home when it's sunlight, but always appears when it's night. Angelica answered simply: daddy's working.

But the strangest thing is that Diana, living with truly 'dark' parents, often visited church, prayed a lot and so on. Angelic was surprised, watching her daughter reading not a spell book, but Bible.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Dia asked, noticing that her mother was worried.

"Nothing wrong, my dear, I'm simply tired … And if you're free tonight, maybe you'll phone your friends and go to have fun?"

"No, I don't want to go to the city, discos are too noisy …"

"So phone Selin, she's in the town for few days."

"Really? Oh, I'll be glad to see her …"

Diana of course didn't know Sel's a vampire and called her 'friend', while vampiress was acting with her like with a child.

"But, please, be careful, alright? Night is dangerous and … polyhedral."

"Not night is dangerous, but people … they lost the true way …"

"What do you mean?"

Dia shook up, rubbing her temple:

"What? Hmm, so I'll visit Selina …"

"Yes, you certainly ought to."

Diana went to her room to put off her hospital uniform, meanwhile Angelica phoned her friend:

"Selin, Diana is going to visit you."

"O.K, but what's with your voice? Are you worried?"

"A bit, yeah, listen; I was sorting my daughter's pictures. That time I didn't give attention to them, but … you need to look at them."

"Send pictures with Dia, still I don't think it's important."

"Goodbye, then …"

Selina turned off her mobile and collapsed into an armchair. Years changed her a bit: her blonde hair grew long as on that old photo of her family. She also smiled seldom after Dracula's death. The wedding ring never left her finger as Sel was still waiting him …

Now she was staying at a hotel, she always did when visited Dark Valley. Her old pistol 'Maximum' was with her …

'What did Angelic mean? So strange …' Selin picked her hair into a ponytail with a pin, and then someone knocked the door. Vampiress took her pistol and stood near the door:

"Who is this?"

"It's me, let me in …" Van Helsing's voice asked, making woman to calm down:

"Hello, hunter, what news?"

"Not good. Cardinal Leon died."

"So what?"

"He was killed …"

"By demon?"

"How did you …"

"My friends are still with me … When I'm an exile …" she whispered, walking around the room. Gabriel took her by shoulders gently, feeling she flinched because of his touch:

"Do you miss your previous life?"

"You know the answer … Well, yeah, I miss some things, but they've gone … forever …"

He started kissing her neck, but she released softly:

"Diana will come soon … You'd better leave now …"

Van Helsing nodded and heard her words when leaving:

"Demons run from hell. They feel Apocalypses as we do. If it happens, we'll lose more than get … Angelica can't hide Dia all her life. I'm afraid, Gabriel, afraid witches' predictions to become reality. Cardinal Leon was old, his death means nothing, but the Holy Order should stop the end of the world, because if the Dark Lord comes to the Earth we'll join his army … You know, we will … Bye, now."

Gabriel couldn't believe his ears, Selina has always surprised him.

'What bad times come … Poor Diana,' he was thinking, while going down the stairs as lift didn't work. On the stairs he met with Diana, who got redden when noticed him:

"Hi, Gabriel," she said timidly, trying not to look in his eyes.

"Diana! Looking good! Came to visit Sel?" he smiled warmly.

"Is she at home?"

"Yes, so see you soon, right?"

"Sure …"

Dia watched him going and when his cowboy hat turned around the corner, she smiled and relaxed. It was her secret: the girl loved Gabriel, but thought he's Selina's boyfriend and was afraid to tell him about her feelings.

The door to Sel's number wasn't locked so Diana came in without knocking. Vampiress embraced her tightly, thinking how she grow and how beautiful become. Dia gave her the file with her early pictures and set on the carpet, speaking about everything that happened, while Selin was looking through the pictures. Surely the small child couldn't draw this: the black star with six corners – third seal flying over the crowd, then the drawings of fight, then a rider on the black horse, whose face Sel recognized …

"Where have you seen this man?" she asked Diana, breaking her long boring speech.

"I don't know … I … In childhood I imagined things and draw them …"

"What things?"

"Very strange things … But don't think about them, I was a child. These pictures are figments of my imagination, nothing more."

"Yeah, nothing more …"

Selina looked at the picture with black rider again.

'Hello, Vladislaus …'