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Chapter 30

One Last Sin

Strange people. Who are they? What do they want from me? I don't understand.

Diana was looking at her protectors with child's curiosity, letting Lucifer to hold her. It was so unusual to listen them, but she was deaf to their words. The devil celebrated his triumph.

"You can't return her back! She's mine! Hmm, by the way, my son, you wanted your sole? Get it!"

A flickering shadow hit Dracula into the heart and he fell down … this time – dead.

"Vlad! No!" Seline kneeled at him; with trembling hand she touched his face. It was like twenty years ago, when she lost him and part of her own.

"Wait, he's a vampire, he can't die!" Van Helsing put hand on her shoulder. "Get up, my friend … Vlad …"

"You, bastard!" Sel rose, squeezing coldness of her pistol. All bullets reached their aim, but Lucifer just laughed.

"Killed me, darling?"

"Go to hell!"

They exchanged lots of words and Diana watched the fallen count. Something grew inside. Second passed and her 'master' turned into an awful giant demon. Gabriel and Selin answered back in forms of wolf and bat. But Di could see only dead Vladislaus and thought, how might those people love him that fight with … Satan! Real Diana awoke, her fingers ran down the silver chain with a cross on it. Blood, screams, death covered her like a wave.


Everyone faced to her, watching the girl touched Dracula's lips and then kisses him. Vlad flinched and then set up quickly, rubbing his temple and whispering something in Romanian. Seline embraced him tightly, smiling happily. "I thought I lost you again!"

"I died so many times that it became a habit."

"Thank you, Di!"

"I'm not Diana …"

"Oh, yes, you're the Ancient power!" Lucifer's thunder-like voice made the walls to crackle.

Van Helsing stepped back to his friends. "Diana, what's with you?"

Diana's blue eyes changed into black, she raised hands up, the wind started blowing.

"What's going on?" Selin pressed closer to her count, the strong wind threw them to the wall. They could just watch Diana, flying up and making Lucifer to scream of pain and fear.

'I am the Chaos, I am the power of emptiness, I am the Weapon, I am the Ancient Power! You broke the balance, Lucifer, and you'll be punished!"

"No! Please!" the devil screamed for the last before his body turned into ash and sole flew away as a dark raven. The storm became severer … It seemed Lucifer's death made Diana angrier and she wanted to show her fury to the world.

"Enjoy the last minutes of this world! I'll destroy everything!" her voice made the fortress to turn into dust.

The sun burnt all creatures around, bloody waters washed their skeletons off and only three were kept alive to watch this.

"She'll kill herself! We should stop her!" Gabriel said, squeezing Dracula's shoulder.

"Useless. Diana destroyed the evil and now has to destroy all that good."

"We must try!" Seline got up and gave hands to men.

"Can you throw me to her?" Van Helsing asked and Vladislaus did so. The hunter caught Di in the air and kissed her deeply. It made an effect.

"Diana, it's me …"

"Gabriel … I'm so tired."

"You can stop this …"

"I will …"

'Damn … Am I dead?'

'You want to think so?'

'No, I've always loved life …'

'Awake then!'

Seline rubbed her eyes, rising slowly. Dracula was near, still asleep. A bit farer Van Helsing lied with Diana across him. The vampiress looked around. Sleepy streets of New-York. Cars were rarely running down the road. Some people have still been celebrating Christmas. She looked into the sky: navy-blue with stripes of pink sunrise. They were at the doors of that skyscraper, where Diana had been sacrificed. Looked like nothing happened …

"Vlad, wake up," the woman pushed her count. He smiled happily. "Sel, my love, am I in Heaven."

"Hmm, I think you haven't deserved the ticket there. All's over. Merry Christmas, Vlad."

She put head on his chest like pleading to kiss her. How could he say 'no'? They were kissing passionately, so glad to return their world with its corruption, violence and crazy emotions.

"Hey, count, stop for a minute, okay? The sunrise is close."

"It's already here. Look!"

The sun took its place on the sky, but the light didn't kill them.

"It's so beautiful! I haven't seen the sun for about two hundred years!"

"And I … well, I've already forgotten, how it looks like."

"How do you think, why haven't we die?" Seline's hand caressed muscles under his shirt like wanted to check if he's alright.

"Maybe we got our soles back? Let's awake those two."

They got up from the ground and shook Diana and Gabriel from their sweet sleep.

"Where are we?"

"In New-York. I guess we won."

"Good …" the hunter put hand on Diana's shoulder. The girl smiled, still not realizing what she had done.

"Everything will change … Selin, congratulations." the girl said thoughtfully. Seline looked shocked.


"Congratulations, you'll be a mother."

"Wow, guys," Van Helsing shook head, staring at Dracula, who stayed calm as usual.

"We did this, maybe then we'll try for a boy, ah?" he kissed Sel in her temple.

"I know the name for my girl then. Mira …"

"Mira? Very well, my queen. And you two?"

"We'll think about it."

"Yes, everything's going to be different! And we'll take this."

'Different … How right you are, my prince!' Marinette smirked, settling comfortable on her new throne. 'Are you agree, Lucifer?' she addressed to the raven. Her laughed broke its loud scream …

The world can't exist without evil as without good. Light and darkness should be in a balance. If not, the Chaos in face of the Ancient power will awake again to keep this balance by destroying the world. And there'll be ones, who will stop her … It was so and it will be so. Or the life won't be so interesting …