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Hinata lifted her mask to her eyes, hiding them for they twinkled with un-cried tears. A small frown was etched on her lips. She wrapped her arms around her bare shoulders, trying to shield the cold brought by the autumn breeze. Her gown slid by the floor as she paced around the width of the porch. She traced the outline of the railings, the cold cement on her pale fingertips. She looked at her watch, and the night was almost over.

The people danced happily with their partners, their masks away from their faces to reveal the hard work they put into getting ready for tonight. The buffet table was set and the hall was clam and serene with the slow music being played by the band. But she preferred to be away, to be alone.

"Why are you alone here?" a voice said behind her. "You should be inside, having fun."

She barely turned to look, trying to trace the figure through the corner of her eye.

"This night was pointless," she lifted a shaky hand to wipe away the tear from her eye. "I didn't get what I came here for, plus, I went here with the wrong guy."

She turned around to face the person she was talking to. Her eyes widened, and her mouth hung slightly open, her hand traced her lips.

"Oh, uhm, it's you." She whispered, almost un-hearable.

He smiled. "Will you do the honors of dancing with me?" he bowed slightly, holding out his hand for her.

Silently, she took his hand and draped her arms around his shoulders, leaning hr head against his shoulder. His hands rested on her waist.

He swayed her, guiding her to slide this way and that, she barely noticed that they had already turned.

As she got closer, she could feel his heart beating fast against his chest.

She wondered if he could feel it too. She wished he could feel it too.

The smile that she had waited for had finally come to her lips, maybe even for the last time.

Her father hated her being with him. It seemed "inappropriate", he said. He would always say, that they were higher than everyone else, than all the other Hyuugas. But it didn't matter, today, right now, at that exact moment.

In a matter of seconds, eternity started…and ended. But that was enough to last one lifetime.


Author's Note: It's your happy ending come true!