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It's inevitable that marriages have a lot of ups and downs. Learn all about the many problems and joys of marriage Zutara style!

Note: All of the situations here are based on real life observations of the author-slash-amateur sociologist.

Many thanks to Vicki So whose Till Death Do Us Part served as an inspiration for these drabbles. :)

Chapter 1: Mistaken Assumptions Part One

Was there ever a time that you felt that you couldn't do anything right?

It was their honeymoon, a time meant solely to be in each other's arms, their reward after finally convincing the world that a love such as theirs existed, even if at first, everyone and everything were against the marriage that has shaken the world out of its orbit.

But it didn't matter for the two. What's important is that they were together and they were in love. Nothing else existed but them as they stared deeply in each other's eyes, getting lost in the depths of the other.

Golden eyes held blue eyes as pale, calloused skin wrapped over tan, soft ones. A smile was formed on their lips as the ocean breeze swept past the balcony in which they had their first dinner as man and wife.

The island was well off the main land of the Fire Nation and was the private haven of the Fire Lords. The large manor served as a rest house, and now was the ultimate honeymoon spot for the young Fire Lord and his beautiful Water Chieftess wife. After the wedding hours ago, they immediately set sail for this island, wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of their vacation in pure bliss trapped in each other's arms.

A waiter dressed in red came over to them, offering them the menu.

"Good evening, I will be your server for tonight. Please choose anything of your fancy and we will serve it to you straight away, dear lord and lady." The rich baritone of the guard-turned-waiter filled the night air and seemed to be in tune with the light and sweet notes of the violin in the background.

Fire Lord Zuko smiled and asked, "What would you like, Katara?"

"Anything that you want, my dear," answered Katara sweetly. "It's your choice. This was a very nice surprise, Zuko. I love it, and you."

Zuko grinned. It was actually his conniving Uncle Iroh who thought of this. He suggested that a nice, romantic dinner in the best balcony of the Fire Manors would be the perfect way to start the first evening of their honeymoon. Zuko made a mental note to give his Uncle lots of tea as gratitude when he comes back to Shenhoun.

The Fire Lord opened up the menu and gave his orders.

The serenity was absolute, everything was perfect, the music was sweet and lulling, the breeze was cool and crisp, the mood was sickeningly romantic, and nothing seemed to go wr—

"Ugh, Zuko, why did you order something with peanuts? You know I'm allergic. And why is this red wine, you always drink white wine with white meat. This salad is so limp, and I don't like this vinaigrette. What kind of fruit is this? You should have ordered some kiwi fruit. And honestly, Zuko, these flowers on the table is giving me a nasty allergy. Would you please take them away? You know that I'm pregnant Zuko, so why didn't you order me some seedless strawberries? Zuko, are you even listening to me? Why are you hitting your head on the table? And are you whimpering? I knew it, you don't love me anymore and you're regretting that you married me! I hate you! Fine, I'm taking my baby with me and don't you ever come after us! I HATE YOU!"

And all tranquility was broken.

This wasn't that funny, but this really happened. I saw this scene myself in a restaurant here, but not as scandalous. Hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to give me any comments and suggestions. I appreciate any constructive feedback. Writer's blocks are a big bitch. I'm already having trouble with my other two stories.

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