"You know what, Uncle. They say that you only truly know the person when you married them."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Like during the night when we sleep, she hogs the bed. She practically kicks me out to sleep on the floor, wrenches the sheets away from me…and then waes me up in the middle of the night with her snores! You should have heard her! It's like stones being crushed! It was horrible!"

"Suki! It was awful! I couldn't get any sleep last night…or any other nights come to it since I married Zuko!"

"Why's that?"

"He's horrible when he sleeps! He tosses and turns and talks and grumbles in his sleep! I couldn't even get a wink last night! It's driving me crazy!"

"And she has a lot of quirks…like she has to wake up at daybreak every single time! I try to get her to sleep again because she opens the windows wide and the light bothers me but she won't and said that we should have an early day! And that was during the first day of our honeymoon! Who wakes up at five a.m. during their honeymoon? Isn't it supposed to be a rule that we can't officially leave the marital bed until at least the afternoon?"

"I try to wake him up bright and early so we could get a start on things, but no. He would just mutter something and get back to sleep. It's like nothing matters to him anymore!"

"Look at this scenario, Uncle. We live in a palace, I'm the king and she's the queen. We have a hundred laundresses here in the palace. But she still insists on washing her own underwear! When I get up to take a shower for the day, I feel like it's some sort of festival in the bathroom with all of her undergarments hanging up there!"

"And when he uses the bathroom, everything's wet. It's as if he wasn't satisfied in getting himself clean; he has to wash the whole room as well!"

"She sews her own clothes…."

"He has so many rips and holes in his robes it's amazing he didn't look like some ragged beggar when out in the streets!"

"She's so paranoid about her hygiene…."

"I thought Fire people were clean ones but no…their king couldn't even pick up a toothbrush at night."

"She burps loudly."

"He doesn't know how to lighten up!"

"And this is the time we nearly had a huge argument over. I was working on some papers in our room when she walks in, passes by me and rips out this loud and foul smelling gas."

"I farted. And who cares? I'm a married woman and he is my husband. Does he think women don't have intestines as well?"

"When I told her to control her bowel since her gas stinks…you know what she said? She said…."

"I told him that when has he ever heard of passed wind that smells like fresh-cut spring flowers? Huh? Where and when?"



"You can't live with them, yet can't live without them."