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August 9

2:29 pm

Why did He have to go and kiss me? Am I some sort of game where all the good looking lads come round and have their turn?

Which actually wouldn't be nearly as frieghtning if He hadn't been one of the lads.

3:47 pm
Kitchen….my slightly less used fortress of solitude….

After the whole mess that was last night, Hermione came round to me room and decided we needed to have a "talk". I swear to you, she actually used air-quotes.

Right. So she went on about how the party was supposed to be a surprise and how she couldn't believe I'd be insane enough to try and go after them even if this was the real day they were going to go and leave me all alone and even if this was in fact the real day, they would have said a proper good-bye and they would not have left me in the fashion that I believed they had left me in.

I stared at her for a bit like something that stares a lot looking at something that talks a lot.

Then I told her about He's proper good-bye.

Then Hermione stared.

And I stared.

And we kept staring like that for at least 13 minutes.

I know, because I happened to be level with a clock just to off to the side of her.

So I counted.

Finally, Hermione squeaked, patted my head, and power walked through the door and up the stairs.

4:34 pm
Hall closet…..my usual stomping grounds…..

He hasn't said anything to me all day.

Not even something silent. Like a look that says a lot, even though it's just a look and you're not talking?

Why wont he have a silent chat with me? WHY? Am I that bad a kisser? Were my lips chapped? Did my breath smell?


5:23 pm

Okay, so I'm going up there to do the whole silent chat thing and I'm practicing facial expressions and eye intensities in my tiny mirror. So I finally get the right amount of squint and the right angle of my pout.

So I knock on his door and He opens it and he stares.

I then get huffy because I have had enough staring to last me the rest of the year.

So on accident my squinty pout turns into what must have been a sexy smirk, because He grabs me and decides to kiss me again.

5:31 pm
Room…heart rate now returning to normal…

What am I? Am I his play thing? Something he can have a snog with when he feels the sudden urge?

You know what this all leads back to? That damn drunken conversation I had. The one where I can't remember a damn thing that was said.

Did we make up?

Did we agree to be snog buddies?

Did we both agree we liked fried chicken?

7:39 pm
Bedroom closet….quite airy and nice…..

So dinner was a right affair. I was all confused and jittery.

Somehow He ended up in the seat next to me.

And He kept smiling at me.

And I was so distracted that I accidentally stabbed my knife right threw Ron's hand that had been resting on the table.

8:03 pm

Let's just say that I'm in trouble and not allowed to come out of my room and socialize until my party.

At least this is a sweet relief from He and all of his smiley looks.

And his amazing snogs. Those are the best.

Holy hell! I'm on the last page!

In all of my depressyness I've been ignoring the fact that I've used you all up my poor play thing.

I don't think I have another diary!

I'll have to start writing on loo paper in order to keep documenting my thoughts!


"Harry what are you reading?" Ginny exclaimed as she hurried into the room and yanked her now completely filled diary out of Harry's hands.

"You called me He?"

"Yes, well at the time I was angry at you. But that was over the summer. You're here for Christmas and that's all that counts."

"You called me He?"

"I'm sure your vocabulary reaches past that you dolt. And why were you reading my diary? Even if it's old and decrepid and filled with really depressing but hilariously entertaining things?"

"Well, it was in your side table. I had gone in there looking for spare parchment." Harry finally spluttered. "I don't know. I came across it and wanted to know what you had written about me."

"As innocent as it seems, I am allowed to do magic and I will sever an important member if you ever tell anyone what I wrote. I was a little distressed at the moment. And you were being sketchy. I had a right to write the things that I did." Ginny waved her wand at Harry and he slowly moved toward the door. "Now, you will go down those stairs and you will not speak of this diary. Understood?"

Harry stood there and squinted at Ginny.

"Harry, what in the name of Uncle Alastor's knickers are you doing?" Ginny said exasperatedly.

"I'm just using my jedi mind powers." Harry smirked.


A/N: (Okay! Sorry for the weird format, but the editing controls were not being very nice to me. But back to celebrating!)YAY! The big twist! Harry has been the one reading Ginny's diary! And now you know that it's actually months later at Christmas time…..and they seem to be getting along quite nicely. But here are the big questions:

Does Ginny have antoher diary?

Are Harry and Ginny together?

What happended at Ginny's party?

What was said during the drunken conversation?

How is Hogwarts? Is Ginny attending school there?

Are Ron and Hermione finally together? Does Ron still have his hand?

Have they found any Horcruxes?

Thank you for reading! Look for the sequel, which will hopefully be coming soon….

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