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This was supposed to be in my other drabble collection: TUZG: Marriage Issues, but I decided to make a series of The Ultimate Zutara Guide.

Raising children is hard. Period. Learn the ways on how to raise a child Zutara style.

Spoiling Children 101

"Zuko, it's time you tell Kimiko that she can't have this going on!" Katara raged at her husband.

The Fire Lord looked up from the negotiation scrolls he was signing and gave her wife a blank stare.

"What's going on?" he asked dumbly.

"You're spoiling Kimiko too much! Sooner or later she'll start thinking that everything she wants, she gets!"

"What's wrong with that? I give her everything she wants and it makes me happy to see her happy. Why, do you not like the smile on her face?"

"It's not that, but I'm afraid that if we keep pampering her like this, she'll rebel once we can't give her something she wants."


"What if she wants to move out by the time she's fourteen?"

"That's all right, as long as it is in the Fire Nation lands, I can build her her own palace," answered Zuko, shrugging as he picked up his pen again.

"What if she wants to have a boyfriend at her age of nine? I've seen this young boy who's strangely attached to her and she seems to like him back."

The Fire Lord's eyes widened as he put down his brush.

"That is beyond the line! I won't allow her to do that! No boys until she's thirty!" Zuko sighed. "You're right; I am spoiling her too much."

Katara smiled. Zuko was very protective of their daughter and would do anything to protect her from 'the bad boys out to get my little baby.' She gave Zuko a nod and went to the adjoining bathroom to fix her hair before the meeting.

As if on cue, a little girl in a cute red dress comes bounding in with a large smile that reached to her golden eyes. Her brown curls went bouncing along with her every step as she made her way to her father's lap.

"Hello little angel," purred Zuko lovingly as he gave her daughter a kiss on forehead. "Have you been taking good care of your baby brother?"

The little Fire Princess nodded excitedly. "Yes, I even gave Ginji his bottle. Grandpa Iroh is taking care of him right now. Hey, Daddy, can I have a new toy house?"

"What's wrong with the one you have now? I just bought you a new one less than a week ago."

"But I need a new one!"

Zuko sighed as he affectionately hugged Kimiko.

"I'm sorry, sweetie, but you need to understand that not everything you want you can get it easily. You have to learn to work for it all and such things. Tell you what, if you be a good girl and help a lot in taking care of Ginji, I'll buy you a new toy house with lots of new dolls, okay?"

Kimiko frowned. "But I want it now!"

"No buts. End of discussion."

Kimiko's lower lip trembled and tears formed in her honey-colored eyes.

"Don't cry, honey, it will be just for a while, I pro—"

"Zuko, what have you done to her? Why is she crying?" Katara was already done with her business in the bathroom. She ran to Kimiko and took her in her arms.

"Like you said, I tried to tell her—"

"You are a horrible father. Be thankful that your daughter chose to play with toy houses instead of those dangerous weapons you're always pressing her to learn." Katara turned to Kimiko and gave her a soothing kiss on top of the head. "There, there, dear. Don't worry, Mommy's not like Daddy and I'll give you everything you want. Come on, let's go to the toy shop and you can chose what you want there."

After giving Zuko a glare, she stomped out of the room with Kimiko.

And Zuko was left to gape at her.

This came out randomly, so it is a bit crappy, but this kind of stuff happens everyday. :)

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