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Spoiling Children 101 by Averi Ihavetenkids

Rule No. 2 : Take Time to Listen To Your Children's Woes…

"Zuko…I've been thinking…."

"Yes, Katara?"

"You've been gone away so long trying to mend our ties with the Earth Kingdoms that you don't have time anymore for your children."

"I spend time with them! I mean, I give them what they want and…."

"And that's not enough. Zuko, they need someone to talk to and you're the best bet for that."

"Why, can't they talk to you?"

"Me? Think about it, honey. Ginji's already a teenager. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to talk about personal problems to your mother? As for Kimiko, she won't talk to me anymore. Just last week she said a girl in her school told her that listening to parents is over-rated."

"That's preposterous! Don't young people nowadays have respect for their elders? And why is Kimiko listening to that girl? Why I ought to--!"

"I don't mind at all. It's just a phase in every young woman's life. Sooner or later she'll come and talk to me when she's ready. Zuko, they're closer to you than they are to me, so please, would you at least try and talk to them."

"I don't get it why I should be the one doing this. And furthermore, why are they becoming like this?!"

"It's not that hard to have a heart-to-heart with your children; they miss you terribly, I'm sure. Have you even gone through teenager angst before?"

"Fine…I'll go then."

"Thank you, sweetie. I love you."

"Kimiko, dear?"

"Yes, Dad?"

"Um…I just came by. It's been so long since we last had a daddy-daughter talk and I miss that."

"No, Dad, it's okay. I know how busy you are."

"It's not okay. Look, my family should be the most important thing in my life, yet I let my own political affairs go first. I'm sorry."

"I understand. Come and sit by my bed. What did you want to talk about?"


"Okay, I'll start. Dad, did you know that being a teenager is hard? Oh my gosh, just last week, I found a huge zit on my nose! And then this morning, I had to shave not only my armpits but also my bikini line! It was so gross! And look at this! Mom bought me a new set of these things that help in my monthly bleeding because I've been getting a pretty heavy flow the last couple of months!"

"Dad? You okay? You said you want to talk!"

"Oh, yes. Well, that's just all erm, pretty bad problems. Why don't I call your mom and you talk to her? I don't think I can relate to erm, women problems like these. Excuse me."

"Good riddance. Mika is right. Gross your parents out and they never would want to talk to you again."

Only if they want to talk. Otherwise, it's pretty useless.

Rienne :P