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Chapter 15

From last chapter…

"Excuse me Your Highness," she looked at Fujitaka, "Can I ask you something?"

All eyes were on her. Syaoran stared at his mother wondering what it could be. But her expression was unreadable.

The Kinomoto King gave a short nod indicating her to continue. The queen hesitated for a moment before replying, "I would like to ask your daughter's hand in marriage to my son,"

Everyone gawked at her except the four sisters who looked at their mother as though she was talking about the weather. Syaoran knew they were in on this. He gave them a suspicious glance (which they pretended to ignore) and turned to look at Sakura.

Sakura's gaze was fixed to the ground, her cheeks glowing red (which Syaoran couldn't see of course) but Hiroshi could almost feel the heat radiating from her.

The queen looked a little nervous. She had spent all might and half of the morning trying to convince him that it was for the happiness of their son, but she had not received a proper reply. But her daughters had firmly told her that they were proceeding to part B of the plan, namely asking Fujitaka whether or not the king says yes or no. Her daughter's voice flooded into her ears,

"If you convince him properly, then even if he doesn't give a proper answer, he will surely have to accept when you ask the Kinomoto king. I don't think father is that harsh,"

She just hoped that she had convinced him properly enough

The long billowing silence seemed to stretch for hours and finally Fujitaka and his wife exchanged glances before replying, "Well, that's for our daughter to decide,"

All eyes were on her as she stood rooted to the spot refusing to look up at Syaoran and meet his penetrating gaze. Hiro realizing that his sister had starting problem decided to help her. He placed his hand on her back and pushed her gently toward Syaoran, "Go" he whispered.

Sakura looked at her brother gratefully. That was all the boost that she needed. And like an arrow from a bow she shot toward Syaoran and threw herself on him.

"I love you, I love you, I love you so much……" she whispered in his ear, burying her head at the crook of his neck. He chuckled slightly wrapping his arms tightly around her, "I love you too,"

"Kawaiiii!!!!!!!!" four high pitched shrieks deafened everyone's ears and the four brunette sisters clapped their hands in victory. Someone loudly cleared their throat. At once silence conquered the room. And the occupants of the room turned to face King Ryu Li.

He walked toward Sakura and Syaoran who at once stood in front Sakura as though his father might kill her. But his father simply pushed him and went to Sakura who looked determinedly back at him.

This time the silence stretched longer than before. Maybe we rejoiced too soon… Syaoran at once started planning the melodramatic speech he would tell his father if he tried to interfere. He would tell him that he'd rather be disowned that marry some slutty princess and…..

"Welcome to the family Princess Sakura," Syaoran's train of thoughts were interrupted and he nearly fell over. He grabbed his mother for support and saw that he wasn't the only one so surprised. Everyone else's reaction was nearly the same as his.

Wow, today was full of surprises…

Something was wrong with his mother and father. Maybe he should enquire with the chef if added any special kind of poison to their food last night. Then maybe he could add it everyday….

"Now wait just a min…." Touya began but Hiroshi accidentally put his foot down (hard) on Touya's toe and shook his head at him. Touya nodded grumpily but still felt happy for his little sister. If that brat tried to do anything to her, he'd show a little brotherly concern by shredding him to pieces.

"Well, what are you standing there gaping for? I am not as hard hearted as you think I am, you know" the King told Yelan, "We have a wedding to plan," With that he strode off to the throne room ordering a nearby servant to bring some paper and a quill and went off muttering to himself. You could only catch a few words like "cancel engagement" and "inform elders".

The queen straightened up and looked at the Kinomotos. "I guess your departure is postponed for now."

Nadeshiko smiled, "I guess, but we still have to get back as soon as possible,"

The queen waved her delicate hand and replied smoothly, "that can be easily arranged," and she led the Kinomoto family (except Sakura) to the throne room.

Much to Syaoran's relief his four chattering sisters left with his mother. "So much for that speech…" he said out loud and sighed.

"What speech?" Sakura asked puzzled.

Syaoran smiled at her, his rarest one, yet, "Nothing, never mind," he squeezed her hand, "I told you it was going to be ok,"

The day passed quickly and it was time for the Kinomoto family to return to their kingdom. Except Sakura, of course, (much to her relief) who was going to stay with her husband to be.

"Take care Sakura," her mother hugged her.

"Syaoran said that I could come and visit you before the wedding," Sakura said happily.

"But you'll have to visit us at the end of the month," her mother's eyes glinted. Sakura looked puzzled, "What for?"

Nadeshiko and Fujitaka looked at their sons who for some reason were looking in opposite directions and were blushing.

"Are you guys hiding something?" Sakura asked her parents.

"Your brothers are getting married Sakura," her father said smiling.

"WHAT? To whom?"

"To Princess Ran and Princess Kaho of the Mizuki kingdom. They came for your fifteenth birthday party, remember?"

"Yeah. I remember them, but how come you never told me?" Sakura asked indignantly.

"We wanted to tell it on your birthday but…." Nadeshiko trailed off sadly. Sakura nodded understanding. It was on her birthday all this had started.

Sakura turned to her brothers, her hands on her hips, "Well, well now I know why you guys resemble human tomatoes. Look at your faces! You're blushing like girls!" she said giggling.

"Hey!" Touya yelled, blushing harder (if possible).

"Syaoran shut your fiancée up!" Hiroshi told the Li prince.

Syaoran jumped on hearing his name and a sly smirk appeared on his lips, "Sure thing,"

He pulled a startled Sakura into his arms and kissed her. At once his sisters squealed in joy.

"You're so romantic, little brother!!"

Now it was Sakura's turn to blush, "Now look who's the tomato!" Hiro said triumphantly. Sakura buried her face on Syaoran's shoulder, embarrassed which made her brother laugh harder. Touya on the other hand looked disgruntled but didn't say anything.

"Embarrased are we?" Syaoran whispered in her ear.

Sakura pouted, "You're supposed to be on my side,"

Syaoran laughed, "I'm always on your side Sakura, but I couldn't resist. You look so cute when you blush."

"Shut up," his fiancée replied, the back of her neck slowly turning red as well. Everyone laughed which made Sakura mumble something incoherent burying herself deeper into Syaoran's chest.

"Well, we'd better get going," Fujitaka said ruffling his daughter's hair before stepping into the carriage waiting patiently for them. His wife and sons followed suit. The carriage finally drove of as the Kinomoto family waved their final good byes.

Sakura stared at the horse carriage as it became smaller and smaller and finally vanished into the horizon.

She felt an arm wrap around her and she gratefully rested her head on his broad shoulder.

"Looks like we're in for a glorious sunset,"

"Yeah" she said softly and they were drowned by the pinkish orange glow as the sun solemnly sank behind the horizon.

"I just got a letter from my father." Sakura said cheerfully kicking her legs in the water.

"Oh?" Syaoran looked at her, "What did he say?"

"He says that the capital is almost rebuilt and that they are progressing fast. I feel so happy! I can hardly wait to go back," Her eyes twinkled with joy.

Syaoran felt his heart getting warm seeing her so happy. Two weeks had already passed after her family had left. And they were going to attend her brothers' wedding the next week.

Everyone in Syaoran's family and in the castle loved his bubbly and kind hearted fiancé. He felt that the entire atmosphere in the palace was cheerful and even his father smiled once in a while which was surprising because Syaoran had always thought that his father had forgotten how to smile. Especially since the last time he smiled was when Syaoran was born (or so his mother always said)

Syaoran had finally decided to ask his mother about the secret garden, but his mother didn't seem surprised. She had smiled knowingly and had said,

"Only people who are searching for their soul mates and people who are in love can see the garden,"

Syaoran had blushed and stammered, "I wasn't looking for my soul mate,"

"Maybe. But subconsciously you really wanted to find you soul mate," And she had walked off before he could even think of a reply.

The two of them were now in the mystic valley. Syaoran was sitting on the grass near the pond and Sakura a little further away on a rock, her legs knee deep in the water.

Syaoran felt something cold hit his face,

"Are you listening to me?" Sakura questioned.

Wiping his wet face on his sleeve, he shook his head. Sakura crossed her hands in front of her chest and huffed, annoyed.

He kept looking at her for a while knowing that Sakura didn't feel comfortable at being stared at. He watched her face slowly turn pink and knew that he'd won.

"Ok, Ok I'll tell you. Stop staring," she replied hastily.

Syaoran smirked, "I knew you couldn't resist my charms," Sakura rolled her eyes before continuing, "I also got a letter from Tomoyo. She says that she's definitely coming for the wedding and that I ought to let her make my wedding dress. She also told me that she's expecting a baby in six months. Isn't that great?"

Syaoran nodded feeling genuinely happy for Eriol.

"Eriol also sends his wishes to his cute little princey friend," Sakura added seeing Syaoran wince visibly at the sound of Eriol's nickname for him. He made a mental note to kick Eriol's butt when he would come for the wedding.

Syaoran stared at the sky, reminiscing the events of the past few months, how it had changed his life.

"The sky is beautiful," he said staring at the velvety black sky filled with shining stars and the gorgeous full moon.

"Yeah" Sakura's voice was whisper near his ear and he felt her wrap her arms around his neck from behind and place her cheek against his.

"But not as beautiful as you," he whispered making her blush again.

"Look!" she said not very loudly but to him it was slightly deafening seeing how close she was to his ear. He looked at the direction she was pointing to and saw a shooting star making its way through the dark night sky.

"Make a wish, quick," she said closing her eyes and joining her hands making hers.

Forcing himself not to laugh at her childishness he too closed his eyes and made a wish.

Both of them knew what wish the other had made.

A wish to stay together with each other forever

And that my friends, is the end of our fairytale. A tale about a cursed princess, a lonely prince, their happiness, their sorrow, and their love.

It all started with a curse. A curse, from sunrise to sunset.

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