Okashira: Yes! There's more! And this time NOT involving our fiery Asuna and her exploits over Kota-kun!
((Grin smugly)) Instead, it's about someone with a Flying Deck mercilessly storming over someone's Water Deck.
((Mumbles about the winning streak ending soon.)) And about the innocent bystander who eventually gets caught up in the beating, er, playing, that is.
But the exploits WILL be back. So don't worry, and please enjoy this slaughter of another kind.
Yeah, enjoy it...((Begins whispering Kono-chan's opponent's deck secrets in her ear.))
ChibiSecchan: We're here to present this chapter of insanity, and I'm proud to say...This chapter is based on a true story. ((Drags Secchan over and starts teaching her how to use her deck most efficiently.))

Closet Pokemon Fan Club

Part 03

By OkashiraShinomori and ChibiSecchan

"Think you're ready, Secchan?" Konoka asked as she reshuffled her own blue-backed deck of cards. She and the Shinmeiryuu swordswoman had had their second practice game of the Pokemon TCG interrupted, this time by a snow white ermine launched by Konoka's roommate landing in the middle of the table, sending their cards flying.

Setsuna, chewing absently at her lower lip, trying to remember when she was allowed to evolve her Pokemon, nodded slowly. "Yeah, I guess I'm ready, Kono-chan..." With a gulp she handed her deck across the table they normally did their homework on to Konoka, taking hers in return and shuffling it briefly before trading back.

Both girls drew a hand of seven cards, scanning them to make sure they had at least one of what was termed a "Basic" Pokemon, that is an unevolved form of one. Nodding at each other, they drew the next six cards and, without looking at them, laid them face down at the side of the table, setting them away as their "prizes" for taking down the opponent's Pokemon.

As Konoka placed two cards face-down on the table top, Setsuna flipped a coin high into the air, catching it in her hand and slapping it to her wrist in the manner she'd seen on television. "Tails," she proclaimed, setting three of her cards hesitantly on the table as well.

With a dissatisfied frown at Setsuna's gesture for her to go first, Konoka flipped her three Pokemon over, revealing a Ditto, a Horsea, and a Seel. Surprised she'd remember to put them face down in the first place, Setsuna flipped over her team of Taillow and Skarmory.

Setsuna's chocolate-haired opponent and mentor grinned, slipping a blue card picturing a drop of water beneath her lead Pokemon, Ditto. After a second's thought, she slapped "Bill" to the table-top, not bothering to explain its effect, and drew two cards, quickly whisking the, to Setsuna, annoying young man's card into her discard pile. "And now I'll use Peck," she declared with a triumphant grin at managing at least a little damage the first round.

"...Peck?" The swordswoman peered curiously at the lump that was Ditto. It clearly only has Transform... She blinked and looked closer at it, feeling like something of an idiot when she'd finished reading the attack description. Slightly perturbed by Konoka's unusually happy smile, she drew a card as she was supposed to and looked closely at the card.

"Um, I'll play Professor Elm's Training Method," she stated, hesitantly letting it fall to the table, picking up her deck, and pulling a Swellow from it. She reshuffled quickly and placed a Water energy of her own beneath Taillow. "Have a Peck from the real thing," she returned with a small smile of her own.

The healer cast her a hurt look and drew a card, tucking it into her hand. "Now Nagi, that wasn't very nice, was it?"

Setsuna turned around in her chair and looked over her shoulder, seeing only Asuna putting her underwear back in her drawer and Chamo nursing his wounds of earlier. "Er...Nagi?" Sweatdropping slightly and wondering if her girlfriend had finally had a little too much magic, Setsuna turned back around to the game.

Slapping another card, this one labeled Pokemon Breeder Fields, onto the table, Konoka pointed at her Horsea and Seel as if to explain and flipped her coin twice, not even giving the raven-haired girl a chance to see the card's effects. "Yes! Heads for both!" she squealed, immediately picking up her deck to search.

Oh that can't be good, Setsuna decided, sliding the card she'd played across the table to take a look at it. As she finished reading, and comprehending, its effect, Konoka slapped two, rather more dangerous looking, cards down atop the water types. "I'll evolve 'em to Seadra and Dewgong!"

Setsuna studied their stats, still unpracticed at reading them quickly and winced. Oh that's definitely not good...those are much more powerful... Despite the sudden power jump that Konoka brought upon herself, Setsuna found her own line-up evolving and expanding as well. By the time she had evolved her Taillow to Swellow and had it knocked out by Ditto, she had managed to add a Swablu and a Dratini to her roster.

Much to the Konoe heir's utter horror, directly after her knock-out of Swellow, the newbie player she had been instructing promoted Dratini and immediately evolved her to Dragonair, a sinuous and beautiful dragon. Dazzling, one might say.

"Dazzling Blast!" Setsuna found herself all but roaring in her excitement at having a possible upper hand. She flipped the coin, chanting Head, heads, heads, in her mind, watching it spin through the air with her sharp eyes. It hit the table and spun, landing firmly on the side known as tails. Other than a disappointed heave of her shoulders, she didn't allow it to bother her, feeling slightly cheered as Konoka grumbled and added two more damage counters to her Transform Pokemon.

The chocolate-haired girl's eyes brightened as she drew her next card, a water energy she'd been lacking, and immediately attached it to her faux Dragonair. Not bothering to do anything else, she looked at the attacks open to her and smiled. "Healing Wave!" Groaning in regret, Setsuna allocated the three damage counters to her dragon, resenting Konoka's removal of one from her Ditto. "How's it feel to fight your own Pokemon, Nagi?"

"Why are you calling me...Nagi, Kono-chan?" Setsuna questioned, her voice a little hesitant as she drew her card, a Metal Energy, and attached it promptly to the Pokemon that could best use it, Skarmory.

"Because that's who you're like, Secchan," Konoka grinned, leaning on her elbows. "You're the Nagi to my Mikuri."

Still without the slightest idea who this Mikuri person was, Setsuna nodded, clearly not understanding, and promptly changed the subject, almost as if she didn't want to know. "I'll just use Dazzling Blast since it's really my only option..." She flipped the coin, repeating the mental cheer for its landing on the OTHER side. Across the table, Konoka crossed her fingers and watched the coin, hoping for a repeat of the last try.

The swordwoman's face broke into a grin as it hit the table with a clink, the "head" side facing up. "And Ditto's confused!"

Placing a few more damage counters on her lead Pokemon, Konoka stuck her tongue out at her opponent, spinning Ditto's card ninety degrees to mark it as afflicted with a status effect.

Her visage darkening as her prospects did, Konoka drew a card and grinned, playing it to the field immediately. "Bill!" As Setsuna looked on, she drew two more cards from her deck. Almost as quickly, the healer played a Water energy to one of her Pokemon and placed Pokemon Trader in the middle of the table, obviously intending to use it.

Pulling it shrewdly closer so she could read it, Setsuna absorbed herself in picking up what Konoka might be doing as the other girl searched her deck for something that might save her pride from another blow if Ditto was wiped from the field. With a wide, rather frightening grin, she pulled a card from her deck and sat it atop Seadra.

That only happens in evolution, Setsuna thought slowly, not quite understanding what she was going to be up against until she actually saw the card itself. The face of a Kingdra, Seadra's final evolution, adorned the card, along with a high HP number and comparatively high attack points. Oh no, oh no, oh no...

"Healing Wave," Konoka declared gleefully, "flipping for confusion first." The little gold five Yen coin soared into the air once more, and Setsuna found that Konoka's face fell just as quickly as the coin had when it landed on tails. "Aww, no fair..."

Setsuna coughed discretely, masking a smile, and pointed at Ditto, reminding her silently of the result of failing to attack while confused. Grumbling about regretting being such a detailed teacher, Konoka slid two more damage counters on her rather heavily adorned Ditto.

Beginning to really feel her confidence build, Setsuna drew, tucking the card into her hand, and placed a second Dratini onto her bench area. Konoka pouted across the table, and the swordswoman was hard put not to take back the move, but succeeded by distracting herself with an attack. "Dazzle Blast, of course."

With a slightly shocked expression, having not expected to experience any losses at all, Konoka swept Ditto and his three energy cards into her discard pile. Grinning to herself, Setsuna picked up one of her prizes and nodded in satisfaction at the Super Energy Removal. She'd seen her Kono-chan use one to devastating effect during one of their short-lived practice games.

"Energy Removal," Konoka stated, her voice still slightly laden by surprise. "Hmm...on Skarmory's Metal Energy," she decided, grinning at the loss of the special type of card. The Shinmeiryuu student shrugged and tossed it into the discard pile. Truth be told, she really wasn't sure how its special effect worked anyway.

Grumbling silently to herself, Konoka glared at the energy-less Seel she had promoted in order to bide her time. "I'm done, Nagi."

Ignoring the apparently new pet name, Setsuna drew and sent a silent prayer of thanks to whatever kind deity was watching over her game. Looking with an innocent smile at her girlfriend, she sat another Dragonair atop her new Dratini, evolving it into a menace exactly like the one already contesting against Konoka's Seel.

Drawing back in her seat imperiously, the swordswoman pointed at Seel. "Dazzling Blast, Dragonair." And it'd better be heads, she thought as she sent the coin into the air again. YES! The coin landed hard on the table with a clink, firmly resting on its tail, heads facing into the air.

A strangled cry escaped Konoka's lips as she drew her card, adding the appropriate damage counters to Seel and slipping him ninety degrees as she had Ditto. "You're usin' Ki or something, I know it," she muttered, glaring at her hand. She looked up at Setsuna, her glare turning merely playful and slightly pouty. "Done."

Having but one card in her hand, Setsuna knew her luck was holding up when her draw produced a Professor Oak. "I think it's a safe risk to do this," she explained, setting the renowned Pokemon researcher in the middle of the table and throwing a water energy to discard pile, proceeding to draw an entirely new hand of seven more cards.

Although it bode ill when Setsuna placed an enchanting blue Altaria on top of her Swablu, Konoka couldn't help but smile. "It's about time you bring out your best, Nagi," she stated, liking the implications of referring to the stoic girl by the name of Hiwamaki City's gym leader.

Setsuna didn't respond, instead merely waving her hand at Seel. "Dazzling Blast." She didn't bother to flip her coin as confusion was not a status that wore off after a turn, and it would have been pointless to flip again. Keeping her face in a semi-kindly set, Konoka added the appropriate number of damage counters to her white Pokemon and drew a card.

Her face fell, however, when her draw turned up nothing more than a water energy which she placed on her Dewgong. Ooh, if Secchan knocks out Seel next turn, I can bring Dewgong out for free and start using Aurora Beam... She tried to keep her face looking disappointed though she suddenly had reason to remain hopeful, and motioned at Setsuna. "Done."

The swordswoman drew and didn't bother looking at the card, merely smiling and waving cheerily at the Seel card. "You defended your Trainer well, Seel," she said, smiling up at Konoka. "Dazzling Blast." Trying to shrug in a nonchalant manner, Konoka deposited the Pokemon into the discard pile, not liking that Setsuna was ahead of by a victory at all.

"That's okay," she muttered, sliding Dewgong and its large allocation of energy up to take the place of its fallen brethren. "I'm gonna use Super Energy Removal on the OTHER Dragonair's Lightning and Water energies," Konoka said slowly, savoring the moment although Setsuna merely shrugged it off as if it were hardly a hindrance to her.

"And now, I'll return the favor for Seel, Nagi. Aurora Beam." Setsuna blinked, a little surprised by the smug sound of her girlfriend's voice and looked at the opposing card, scanning for the attack. It had no side effects, but held fifty points of HP drain as punishment. She looked at her Dragonair and her eyes widened.

"No!" Her shoulders slumped in disappointment, both at loosing the pretty and useful Pokemon, and at herself for not realizing that she should have let Seel stay there so she couldn't have promoted Dewgong and wiped out Dragonair.

With a sigh, the swordswoman stacked Dragonair atop its energies and sat her in the discard pile, thanking her silently for fighting hard and taking out two of her opponent's fighters.

With a click, the dorm's door opened, admitting one of the shorter of their classmates, Ayase Yue. Setsuna looked up curiously at her, not expecting the leader of the Baka Rangers to visit so randomly. Perhaps for a meeting of sorts with Asuna-san... To her surprise, she only nodded a polite greeting to the red-head, instead strolling over to stand beside their game table, nursing a drink that Setsuna didn't investigate for a name, fearing it would turn her stomach as most did. "Good afternoon, Konoka," she said, articulating perfectly around the straw. "Setsuna-san."

The swordswoman nodded in greeting at her, looking back at her cards, drawing one from the deck and mulling over her options. "It looks like your game might have improved, Konoka."

Setsuna looked up in surprise. Yue-san plays the Pokemon TCG?

Immediately taking on a pouting expression, Konoka looked up at her, hurt. "That's mean, Yue! I'm a good player! You just got lucky." She turned back around to face Setsuna, her hand folded in her lap, fidgeting slightly. It didn't exactly look good to have herself belittled before her student, particularly when said student was her Secchan.

The raven-haired girl felt a small smile tugging at her lips and her hopes rose. So Kono-chan isn't the unbeatable water type Trainer she made it sound like she was... Hiding a smile behind her hand of cards, she pushed her second Dragonair up the ready.

With Yue watching, and the knowledge that Konoka's card playing abilities were not all powerful, Setsuna began to take the upper hand, albeit after her second Dragonair suffered the same fate as the first, taking a rather fast dip into the discard pile. Directly afterwards, the swordswoman's rapidly played flock of Altaria buried Konoka in the very house of cards she'd built.

The first of the two Dragon-Birds managed to put to sleep and knock out the Dewgong that had given her Dragonairs so much trouble, following with an encore of doing the same to a, this time, harmless second Dewgong and a Seadra, taking them both down while suffering little damage in return.

Throughout, Konoka's Kingdra menaced Setsuna's thoughts in the background. Until, that is, she managed to draw a Super Energy Removal as one of her prizes. She had smiled slightly at the first one she drew, playing it immediately and sacrificing an energy from her second Altaria in order to suck two Water energy cards from the menace that was Kingdra. Had it bothered Konoka much, which it didn't due to the two replacement energies in her hand, she didn't let on, trying not to let her frustration show.

However when Setsuna repeated the feat the very next turn, leaving the dragon-type with only one energy, and thus completely useless, the healer wasn't able to stop her jaw from dropping slightly and casting a dark glare at Setsuna's deck of cards. "Y-you can't do that...Kingdra's..."

A grin fluttered across Setsuna's face, and she decided to put her history class to good use. "Even the Bismarck was eventually hit Kono-chan," the corner of her mouth twitched again, wanting to smile, "then swam in circles until it was sunk."

"The Bismarck?" Setsuna nodded, and Konoka grew thoughtful, knowing she was missing something.

"Don't worry, I'll just demonstrate," Setsuna replied with a small grin.

After a moment of concentration and a few hints from Yue, the healer frowned, pouting. "That's mean, Secchan! You're not supposed to say stuff like that in your first game!" Try as she might, Konoka drew no more water energy, and Kingdra, the mightiest Pokemon in her deck, merely sat in her back ranks, treading water.

Immediately afterwards, Konoka grinned as she drew what had in many cases been a life saving card. "I'm gonna force Skarmory out!" she declared, laying it on the table. Setsuna studied the cards curiously and merely shrugged as she rearranged them appropriately. Without its Metal Energy, the field was evenly matched, had it not been for Setsuna' inexplicable good luck involving coin flipping. Even Yue was slightly impressed at the move of the healer, though it was only logical.

Much to Konoka's utter frustration and impending fear, even to the point of her standing, waving her cards about, shouting "TAILS TAILS," Setsuna managed to hit Ditto with enough repetition to send him back to the discard pile. "The wind seems to be blowing in my favor," Setsuna commented wryly.

The healer slumped back down onto her pillow, her hand of evolved Pokemon, useless without their earlier stages, fluttering to the floor. "How...how did you win? It was your...your first game..." She stared at the cards as Setsuna picked up the last of her six prizes, grinning in an uncharacteristically thrilled fashion.

"Maybe I'm more like Nagi than I thought," she stated with a hint of glee. Finding herself at the other end of the embarrassment giving, she decided, was definitely a good thing, though she didn't like inflicting such on the Konoe heir. But beating her in her first game...

"Yue-san plays Pokemon?" Setsuna questioned as she regained control over her voice, having had to hold back a small laugh upon.

As Konoka muttered to herself, likely nothing any of the room's other occupants would want to hear, the dual-ponytailed girl nodded, frowning as her drink made that annoying sound of being empty. "Yes, I've played for quite a while. I taught Konoka, actually."

"Perhaps you could advise 'Mikuri' a little bit more then," Setsuna interjected, casting a guarded glance at Konoka. She knew almost nothing about the man who was apparently paired up with Nagi, except that in their own relationship, Konoka considered herself to be the Mikuri and Setsuna to be the Nagi, and that Mikuri was of a higher rank.

"The Champion might not want to have to go back to Gym Leader," she finished, allowing a small smile as Konoka crossed her arms huffily and pouted, glaring at her cards.

"I'm just too good of a teacher, that's what it is," she consoled herself, trying to forget her earlier loss to Baka Leader.

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