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Sakura Mikan is very excited about the start of her second school year in the Alice Academy. The first school year is like a very rocky path yet fun and happy experience for her.

'A new school year has started. I am now a 2-star student and I hope that I can make more new friends this year too. Furthermore, Narumi-sensei had told the class before the school break that there is surprise for us. I wondered what it is.' Mikan thought as she walked towards her new homeroom.

However, Mikan is so engrossed with her thinking that she didn't realized there is someone in front of her and they bang into each other. Mikan is about to apologize to the person when she suddenly heard that person voice.

"What do you think you are doing, Poke-dotes?" Natsume asked coldly.

Mikan looked at him, "Oh, I'm sorry Natsume. I didn't see where I am going."

Natsume then got up, and walked towards the homeroom. Mikan wan stunned for a moment, and then also catch up with him. They walked towards the homeroom together, sometimes only Mikan is trying to break the silence between them by starting conversation. When they entered the homeroom together, everyone looked at them in silence. Then, Permy walked over to them and demanded.

"Why are you with Natsume- kun?" She demanded.

Mikan looked at her, and said, "Well, we met at the corridor."

"Who Will Believe YOU?" Permy shouted.

"Stop Shouting!" Natsume said and walked away.

As for Mikan, she finally saw Hotaru and ran to her.

"HOTARU!" she exclaimed.

Hotaru saw it coming, pulled out her "Baka-gun" and shot at her. After sometime, Inchou finally cannot stand Mikan being hit and stopped them. No sooner the attacked stopped, Narumi-sensei entered the homeroom, Alone!

"Ohayoo, minna-san. Well, I have a big surprise for all of you. The surprise is that we're having a home-stay for this class. This program is specially organized for everyone in the Academy as we do know that all of you miss home. Therefore, we had arranged for this. However, this home-stay program is whereby 2 people will stay at each other home for 2 weeks. Now, let's choose your partner for the home-stay." Narumi-sensei explained and took out a box.

"I do hope that my partner is Hotaru! So that we are able to stayed at the village for 1 month." Mikan said.

Hotaru just ignored her as it was her turn to pick a name from the box. She is hoping to get Mikan's name too, but was disappointed for it is other people name.

"Nogi Ruka. Hotaru's partner is Ruka-kun. Therefore, the home-stay is to stay at Ruka-kun's house first for 2 weeks before going to Hatoru's house." Narumi-sensei explained. "Next, Mikan- chan." He then called out.

"Hai!" Mikan said and walked out.

As she put her hand in the box to pick a name, she is hoping in her heart that she has chosen someone good. When she finally gives Narumi-sensei the paper, he took a look at the paper and smiled secretly.

"Mikan-chan's partner is Hyuuga Natsume." He announced.

"NANI!" Mikan exclaimed.

Narumi-sensei just smiled and said, "Well then, it seems that Mikan-chan is going to stay at Natsume-kun's house for 2 week before going to Mikan-chan's house."

As soon as everyone has finished choosing their partner. Narumi-sensei then said that they will be leaving the school in 2 days time.

However, in Mikan's mind, 'Why is this happening to mi! Why is my partner Natsume?"