I do not own naruto nor do I own any characters from naruto, got that? Read it, learn it, and memorize it! I DO NOT OWN NARUTO!

In the future, while fighting with Orochimaru, the new generation- Uchiha Hana, Uchiha Ren, Uzumaki Riku, Uzumaki Yoji, Hyuuga Shin, Nara Yukina, and Nara Kenji (twins) gets transported back in time. Now they must find a way to get Sakura and Sasuke together or none of them will exist!

"Hi" (talking)

"Hi" (inner sakura)

"Hi" (thinking)

"Hi" (flashback)

It was 4:30 in the morning…

"G'morning…" Sakura mumbled to her teammate, Sasuke as she flopped down on the ground. She was obviously still tired but who could blame her?

"Hn." The Uchiha prodigy just said as he just kept a straight, expressionless face.

"Good… morning… Sakura-Chan…" Naruto muttered as he staggered to the bridge. Then he fell asleep while standing.

"Idiot…" Sakura muttered as she looked at the now snoring Naruto. Sasuke was just standing there with his eyes closed.

"This is going to be another boring E-ranked mission day…" she thought as she sighed.

(It's true… Sakura is now really strong, after all she was the apprentice of the godaime hokage. She still likes Sasuke but does her best to ignore her "useless" feelings. She's now known for surpassing even the hokage but then so did naruto and sasuke and sasuke came back from orochimaru (not dead), itachi was killed by the teamwork of team 7 and yeah… that's basically it although orochimaru is trying to get sasuke still…Sakura is now 17, Naruto is now 17, and Sasuke is 18)

4 hours later…

Naruto was still sleeping, Sasuke was starting to get annoyed and Sakura is reading a book on Taijutsu to keep her awake, suddenly there was a poof

"Yo." Kakashi said happily as he suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"YOU'RE LATE!" Naruto and Sakura yelled. (When did naruto wake up?)

"oh sorry, I was walking here and then I saw a group of ducks walking across the street so I had to wait but to make sure they were safe I followed them to the pond where I had to save a drowning fish and so I was late." Kakashi said. (is that really true?)

"Enough talk, what's our mission today?" Sasuke just said.

"Ugh… I bet it's another E-ranked mission…" Sakura moaned.

"Since when was there E-ranked missions?" Naruto asked stupidly.

"Since we got missions like cleaning toilets, or helping sweep the floor and that kind of stuff!" Sakura snapped.

"Oh… so Kakashi-sensei? Is our mission E-ranked?" Naruto asked.

"Idiot." Thought both Sasuke and Sakura.

"Well… we don't have a mission today!" Kakashi just said as he took out his perverted book.

"Kakashi-sensei… I swear on the name of Haruno Sakura that if you don't stop reading that perverted book while talking to us, I will take that book, rip it up into shreds, burn it in a fire and feed it to the pigs!" Sakura said trying not to snap. Kakashi immediately put the book away.

"Today… we'll be training." Kakashi said happily.

"Whatever." Sasuke said as he started running to team 7's training grounds. Sakura and Naruto followed and Kakashi waited till Sakura was out of site and took out the book again.