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In the future, while fighting with Orochimaru, the new generation- Uchiha Hana, Uchiha Ren, Uzumaki Riku, Uzumaki Yoji, Hyuuga Shin, Nara Yukina, and Nara Kenji (twins) gets transported back in time. Now they must find a way to get Sakura and Sasuke together or none of them will exist!

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Recap of chapter 16

"What's going on?" Hana asked confusingly. "Why are you two attacking mother?????"

"That's Sakura but it's not her in it!" Yuri yelled to her little sister who became more confused than ever.

"What do you mean?????"

"You should know…right Souta?" Ren growled to Sakura. In an instant, Souta appeared next to Sakura. "Your family is ninja who specialize in mind control after all, right?"

Hana gasped, then doesn't this mean, all this time she was speaking only to a fake? She looked closely at Sakura; she had a dull look in her eyes, there was no regular sparkle that could usually be found there. Sakura looked up and her eyes widened a bit but tears started falling down her face. Hana looked up, it was Sasuke.

Chapter 17- The coming of the end

"... daddy..." Hana whispered and looked back down to her mother. Her face was drenched in tears of disgrace and sadness. "Mom still loves daddy... this is all MY fault... if only I wasn't such a damn spoiled little rotten brat then mom and dad would be in love right now and we wouldn't have had to go through this mess..." she thought as she felt her own tears burst up. She then felt a pat on her back and looked up to Yuri who smiled sincerely at her.

"This... isn't your fault... mom told you once before back at home remember? The best thing... and only good thing about mistakes is that you know you could always fix them..." Yuri said and looked back up, her sharingan turned on, her expression changed. "Hana... are you gonna fight beside me?" Hana gasped.


"MOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!" The little pink haired, black eyed girl brawled to her mother as soon as she stepped into the door.

"Hana-Chan? What's wrong?" The pink haired, green eyed women asked with concern.

"Please train me!!! I can't stand it anymore!!! Haru-nii-san got his sharingan when he was 4, Yuri-nee-san got her sharingan when she was 6, Ren-nii-san got his sharingan when he was 5!!! I WANT THE SHARINGAN! I CAN'T STAND BEING THE ONLY WEAKLING HERE!!!!!" Hana cried to Sakura, her mother who smiled sincerely. "IT'S NOT FAIR!!!"

"Hana... well... I was just about to go train your big sister, do you want to come too?" Sakura asked as Yuri stepped into the room ready for training.

"What? What do you mean??? This weak little brat's coming with us???" Yuri gasped madly as she glared at the little 8 year old who whimpered.

"Yuri, do NOT say that to your little sister! Understand?" Sakura said with venom in her voice and a glare.

"... Yes... mom..." Yuri stuttered and held her breath.

"Now say sorry." Sakura directed.

"S...sorry..." Yuri muttered and let out a safe sigh when Sakura's glare lightened up.

"Let's go girls."

(at the forest)

"Alright, Yuri spar with Hana, go lightly please..." Sakura said while her brows furrowed.

"Yeah whatever..." Yuri said as she turned on her sharingan on.

"Do NOT use sharingan. Only with your normal jutsus." Sakura commanded while Yuri let out a fustrated sigh and then turned off her well off bloodline limit. "Hana, use the medical jutsus and the strength enhancement jutsus I taught you. Practice them on Yuri until you master them. It's beneficial for you and Yuri for you to master them and for Yuri to counter them. Hana, fight with your life at stake only then can you do anything."

"A...alright..." Hana said unsurely. "I'll do my best!"

"Heh... what a joke... if you could get even one hit to land... then maybe i'll acknowledge you. I'm not as nice as your two brothers you know..." Yuri said with an intimidating smirk.

(2 hours later)

"huff... huff..."

"Hmph... this is barely even a workout..." Yuri muttered and smirked at her self confidence for not even breaking a sweat at her little sister's attempt to hurt her.

"..." Sakura needn't say anything.

"...I... I will get it right... I have to..." Hana mumbled, feeling tears swell up and launched another attack, Yuri moved away just in time like she had done for the last two hours and rolled her eyes leaving Hana's fist alone to come in contact with the hard ground.

"USE YOUR OTHER HAND TO BALANCE!" Sakura yelled from the side as she saw her daughter fumbling for a split second before it landed on the ground hard... breaking her wrist and arm up to her shoulder from the impact.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Hana screamed from the excrusciating pain. Sakura and Yuri ran up to Hana and started examining the little girl who now had tears streaming down her cheeks. "I couldn't do it... I couldn't get it right..." she murmured sadly as Yuri's eyes widened.

"Stupid... you injure yourself and all you can think about is not being able to complete a jutsu stupid? If you accidently kill yourself or something will there even be anything to train for? You're just going kill yourself training? Then what's the point in even training THEN?" Yuri screamed. "YOU SHOULD BE CRYING OVER THE PAIN NOT THE DAMN FAILURE!"

"That's enough... but Hana, Yuri's right... I told you to fight with your life... but... perhaps you did not understand correctly. Fighting with you life is dualing you life with death. You know you could die but you try it anyway with the best possible outcome. Not fight to kill yourself trying to succeed." Sakura said to the girl who was now fully healed.

"But... I failed... I couldn't get it right..." Hana mumbled.

"Mistakes aren't the worst things in the world. In fact, it's GREAT! It's only when you make a mistake that you could fix yourself. Which is why, the best thing about mistakes is that you know you could always make it better! Practice, does not make perfect... but makes you get better. How much effort you put in, is how much you'll get out of it and you'll be happy... because when you succeed... you'll know that you worked hard to get it and that you can also make a difference!" Sakura said with a bright smile. "Do you want to try again?"

"YES!" Hana yelled and stood up. She brushed herself off and then looked up with eyes that were filled with determination.

"Well... mom's apparenly the little brat's sideline cheerleader..." Yuri thought with a smirk and got ready to counter again.

"I HAVE to get it this time. Practice doesn't make perfect... but can make you better." she thought as she remembered all the times that she practiced, all the times that she broke into massive sweat. "I can do this too!" Hana opened her eyes... instead of her black obsidian colored eyes, red sharingans filled them. Sakura and Yuri's eyes widened as Hana took a deep breath and raced to Yuri who blocked everything and then threw Hana back. This time... she was panting.

"YES! We got her cornered!!!!!" Inner Hana shouted, coming out for the first time.

Hana took a leap back, filling her fist with chakra at the same time and then disappeared in the blink of eye that only ninjas would be able to follow. And in a split second... Yuri flew back knocking out a tree and then landed on her two feets.

"Good job Hana... you did it." Sakura said with a smile and looked over to Yuri who stood up after healing herself. Yuri let out a sigh. "You were jealous of her weren't you? She had the biggest heart I've ever seen... after your uncle Naruto." Sakura said smiling at Yuri sincerely who gave a sad smile in return. "You did a good job being a big sister... even though you never acted like one." Yuri smirked and then walked over to Hana who was doing a victory dance.

"You did good... Hana... lil sis..." Yuri said patting Hana's head. Hana looked up and smiled, Yuri smiled back... from there... led on to the strong relationship between the two sisters.

Sakura smiled from the side and gasped when she felt a pair of strong arms snake around her waist. She looked up and smiled to her husband who was smirking while looking at the two sisters.

(end of flashback)

"Mom taught me last time... and that's how I got to where I am today... without her I never would've been able to. Now it's my turn to help her." Hana thought. "I made this mistake... and I want to be the one to end it." she whispered.

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