I will never let go...

The words just kept appearing in her head, as Rose DeWitt Bukater attempted to sleep upon a lifeboat in the middle of the sea. She felt

heavy--full of water--even though she had been wrapped around with blankets of all sorts. It was blatantly unpleasant to be out in the

middle of the North Atlantic, being almost frozen to the point of death. The only person she could think of--the only person she even

wanted--was Jack. Jack Dawson, the man she loved.

Six hours later...

"Is she awake yet?" a male voice said, as Rose slowly opened her eyes.

"Yes, she's waking up right now," another voice said, happy to see that the victim of the shipwreck had not died overnight.

"Excuse me miss," the first voice whispered, "We've found a ship. Come on, give me your hand. We're going to get you out of here once the ship carries us away."

Rose was far too weak to even bother to say a word to the man. She was still white as a sheet, her vibrant red hair still frozen from the

water below. She did not know who was on the other boats. With Jack dead, her ex fiancée possibly dead, and her mother torn to

pieces, she had not the slightest clue of what to think, what to say, not what to do. The only thing she could do now was to follow the

orders of the officers.

"Alright, we're here. Let's get you up," said one of the officers on the boat, standing her up as though she were a doll. "Now, miss, if you

find any of your family, be sure to tell us at once."

"Yes, sir," Rose sighed, wishing that no one would have to be in charge of her, wishing that this would all be over soon. It was so hard

having to fullfill Jack's word at that moment, for the only thing she wanted to do was to dive off that ship at once.

"Miss," a man said. Rose didn't say anything at once, for she was too busy holding her tears back. "Miss! Steerage or no steerage, miss?"

Rose hesitated for a second. If she said no steerage, she would have to deal with her mother, and would perhaps even find Cal. The only

thing that came to her head was... "Steerage," she said, almost as though she had been on steerage for the past few days back on the

'unsinkable' ship, now stuck in the deep blue sea forever more. Her eyes tingled with tears at the thought, as she felt a hot cup of coffee

being placed into her hands.

For one moment, she stood there, and for the next minute, she saw a woman with hair in almost the exact shade as her own. Mother,

she thought. She looked at her helplessly, and her mother stared back. Ruth, the mother, whispered her daughter's name, but did not

even bother to grab her and take her to where the people of the 'first class' would be staying. She finally realized that she would be no

happier, and perhaps even worse, than she would be with the old gutter rats, as Cal would call them.

Rose weakly shook her head, and carried on to the steerage part of the ship. She just sat there, rocking around, until she saw someone

she did not wish to see one bit. Cal, she thought angrilly, as tears of rage began to form inside of her delicate eyes. She turned her head

to look at him, and their eyes met for one moment, but he carried on as though he did not see her at all. Her eyes lit up, though, when she

looked to find a young blonde man running around looking for someone. However, her heart sank when she remembered that Jack had

died while holding onto her. Those tears still in her eyes treakled down her soft face, and with them gushing to the floor, she ran to the

side of the ship, the suicidal ideation creeping up on her as it had quite a few days ago when her love had saved her.

If Jack were alive, I'm sure things would be different...


"Rose? Rose!" Jack gasped as he surfaced the icy waters of the North Atlantic, not seeing his young angel at all. "Rose! Please be alive,

please be alive..."

He swam around, thinking that Rose had either drowned or had been rescued. Hopefully, rescued. He then found that the lifeboat was

leaving. "Maybe Rose is on that ship... hmm... Help! Help me! I need to find her! I can't find her!" The lifeboat immediately turned around

to him in response, and the lead officer had shined his flashlight down on him.

"Gagh! Help me!" he gasped, his head going light. "Get me aboard, please! I'm begging you!"

"Hold your horses, sir, we're getting you," the officer said, having found his seventh survivor in the water. And with that, Jack passed out

in his arms, and he dragged the young man onto the boat, his arms tired and his body bundled in his suit. However, he was still freezing,

although nowhere near as frigid as the seven men and women now in his boat. He was thankful to atleast have found a few survivors, but

he knew that there could not have been anymore, for the whistle he had heard before should have been one of the last.

And six hours later...

"Rose!" Jack shouted, running around the steerage section of Carpathia as though he was a child wanting to find his mother. "Rose!" He

continued to run around until he bumped into a tall man with black hair and an arrogant look on his face. "Uh, Cal?"

"If you are looking for Rose, you ought to know that she is dead and she will not be seeing you anytime soon, unless you wish to hurt

me," Caledon Hockley snapped in his deep, snobby voice.

"Well, I suggest you get back to your part of the ship since she is dead," Jack mumbled, too blue to even bother to say anything clearly.

"What is that you said? I should get back to my side of the ship?" Caledon sneered, pushing Jack away from him. "Well, so be it. I shall

leave, for I do not want to stick around your absurd kind of people anyway. I will not inform Mrs. DeWitt Bukater of her loss, and I will

never come back here again, alright?"

"You better not," Jack muttered, as salty tears began to run down his face. Wouldn't Rose have survived? She had been on that raft all

along, and yet he did not see her at all in the water. Maybe the water took her in. However, the next thing you know, he heard a woman

rushing towards the railings on the boat, just as Rose had done when he had first met her. Maybe that was her. Then again, it could not

have been her. He had seen another woman with hair just like hers before, so maybe it could have been that one woman.

In an instant, Jack began to bawl as though he was very experienced with sobbing. It was the only thing he could do at that moment, and

even though he had never cried before, this terrifying tragedy was a exception. 'Rose... she could not have died, she had to have kept her

promise. I will find her, even if it takes a hundred years, and we will be together again.'