This is my first Alex Rider fanfic so be nice! I got the inspiration whilst taking a letter to the post box... don't ask!

Chapter 1: The Messenger

It was a harsh night; darkened clouds covered the sky blotting out the faint glow of the moon. A bitter wind swept the landscape as a dark figure darted into the gloom. Clutched to their side was an envelope – Classified – this was what the figure was running for: the delivery, for the figure running was the Messenger.

The wind raged again and the figure stumbled into the light from the lamppost, the wind blew a strand of hair across the figures face and as it was flicked away the Messenger urged onwards into the night.
A car sped past, it's driver hunched over the steering wheel, and it wasn't the kind of night to be out and about, nevertheless the figure sped up their pace and surged onwards. Skidding down the slope the Messenger stopped dead at the bottom, looking up ahead at the incline in front. The figure hurried along the winding path sliding to a halt at the top. Taking the key from their pocket the figure thrust it into the keyhole, twisted it and released the door. Slamming the package onto the floor of the compartment the young Messenger's eyes flicked to the window above as the curtains twitched.
Job done. This package was more than the Messenger's reputation was worth. More than that, it was more than their life was worth and sometimes, the Messenger realised, that wasn't much. The figure closed and locked the box and slipping the key into their pocket and retreated into the night.

Surveillance. That was exactly what he needed; he needed definite evidence of the Messenger. Alan Blunt was sitting in his usual grey office reading the Messenger's file – no longer would this be the only intelligence MI6 had on this guy. In a moment Mrs. Jones would walk in with the new data from the agent that was following the Messenger. This would be key in get to the bottom of the connections between some of the foremost criminal rings in the world. There was a knock on the door. "Come in." Mrs. Jones entered the room (as usual smelling of peppermints.
"Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" From the look on her face Blunt could tell he wasn't going to like what was coming next, he motioned for her to continue, "Go on"
"The Messenger was there at the train station as you said and he did make the drop off but the place was empty by the time back-up arrived"
Blunt surveyed her carefully before speaking "Was that the good news or the bad news"
"That was the good news," she said, "when the Messenger left our agent followed him, at the bus depot the Messenger realised he was being followed and ran. The agent gave chase but then the Messenger pulled a gun in the middle of Sloane Square and there was an... ah, altercation with some civilians." She stopped not sure whether to go on.
"Was anyone hurt?" Blunt enquired.
"Just one," Mrs. Jones continued, "She tried to tackle him and he shot her in the leg.
Blunt raised his eyebrows. "It gets worse doesn't it?" he alleged. She nodded.
"It was Jack Starbright." She paused for a moment. "Alex is waiting downstairs in the foyer."

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