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Chapter 3 - Gadgets

The next morning Alex woke up early, skimmed the Messenger's file again before taking a quick shower before catching the first bus to the General Hospital.

Jack had been expecting him and was sitting up in bed when Alex had poked his head around the door.
"Morning Alex", she said, putting down her magazine with a stern look on her face, "I hope the house hasn't become an unidentifiable smouldering ruin while I've been gone"
Alex laughed, "No, you can just about make out the kitchen sink amongst the entrails!" The stern look on her face disappeared as she gestured to a chair beside her.
"How's the coursework going?" Alex looked down and smiled… normality! There was no need to tell her about the Messenger.

Two hours later Alex was locking his bike to a lamppost outside the Royal & General and walked into the foyer. The receptionist looked up and picked up the phone.
"He's here." There was some speaking on the other end of the line; Alex was standing at the desk. "You are to go straight to Smithers' office." She didn't even wait for a reply as she carried on with her other work. Alex sighed and made his was towards Smithers' office.

He still couldn't believe what he was doing - Was it the right thing? What would Jack say? She'd kill him for sure even if the Messenger didn't. Alex reached Smithers' door and it opened automatically "Welcome to my office... Alex Rider" said an automated voice: iris scanner; AI cameras... telepathy? You could never tell with Smithers.

"Hello Alex", said a smooth voice from inside the room. Alex raised his head, it couldn't be...

There he was, standing in front of him, leaning casually against the doorframe with his hands in his pockets (no doubt millimetres away from a weapon) - Yassen Gregorovich. The man who had caused him so much pain, who had died, right in front of him after being shot by a psychotic pop-star. No - it couldn't be.

"Good, isn't it?" said Yassen. Wait thought Alex That wasn't the smooth accent of the Russian? Yassen flickering and disappeared to reveal Smithers holding a small hologram project. "It's a new invention of mine, completely controllable. If I wanted I could make him say 'I smell like a Toothbrush"
"Why would you want to do that?" asked Alex, raising his eyebrow. Smithers shrugged in a way that that said "why not?" and turned his back on Alex retreating to his desk.
"So", he began, "You again, I knew you'd be back" Alex narrowed his eyes, "Well, anyway I've had some great ideas for you, my boy. We're spreading into some very new hi-tech technology from a man named Foaly - works for some secret organisation." He paused before opening his top desk draw and bringing out what looked like a sausage. For not the first time in this meeting Alex raised his eyebrows, "This is the only weapon I'm allowed to give you and that is only because Blunt doesn't exactly know how it works"
Alex smiled at this. "But what does it actually do?" he asked.
"It's a long-range, voice-activated hypodermic... um... finger." Smithers went on, "It's a fake finger, by putting this on the index finger of your left hand and saying the word 'dare' it let's out a minute hypodermic needle, firing it to up to 200m away"
"Impressive" replied Alex as he slipped the fake finger over his real, genuine one, it blended in perfectly. Smithers reached back inside his desk and brought out a pair of sunglasses. "I already have some sunglasses Mr Smithers, but let me guess: these contain x-ray lenses and you have to wear them upside-down otherwise they'll blow up"
Smithers smiled, "You're partially correct, these indeed do have x-ray filters along with infra-red, night vision, thermal and motion sensors. Built into the lens are a tiny camera and microphone and also a screen on which you can view footage you have recorded, I can also send you any information. There are additional cameras built into the frame for looking behind you or even around corners." As Smithers finished he brought out a digital watch and small key. "This watch has all of the controls for the glasses when you open it up and be careful because by turning the face clockwise it acts as stun grenade, realising gases that will give you at least 5 minutes to escape a situation. Whereas if you turn it anti clockwise it will admit an electro magnetic pulse deactivating any electric device within a 100 metre radius but be warned it will also disable the watches communications until I can reactivate it.
"Just a simple bit of kit then?" Alex slide the new watch onto his wrist. "What's the key for"
Smithers picked up the key, "This is to unlock your bike." Alex smiled, no doubt his old faithful bike was now slightly more deadly and the seat was slightly more eject able. He picked up his new gadgets and exited the room in a much better mood than he entered.

Smithers looked up as his secretary came in through the panel door. "That boy is starting to enjoy this a bit more than he'd like to admit."

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