Kento felt oddly at peace. He was surrounded by white, and though he felt dizzy, he didn't care. He began to think about his experiences over the past day. The dream, the ride over, when he first stepped into the house… somehow, he knew it would end up badly. He tried to warn the others, using the excuse that he was worried for their sake, sure, that was true, but he was also just masking his fear for his own life. Then, as he fell into this place of thought, he realized that he was happy. He didn't have to be afraid that like ever again. Finally, after all the fighting, he was getting a good rest. He didn't have to feel anymore.


He didn't have to think or feel or…clean up ever again. That was a plus! Cye was nice, but he had an obsession with cleanliness. At least he was a good cook. Rowen was the smart guy, and though he would often use it against him, he was always willing to help him with this or that. Sage was quiet, and didn't seem to have a problem with his eating habits, like most others did. Yuli and Ryo would always be willing to play a game with him; whether it was a board game, or baseball, or anything. Mia was a great person to have around, too, he thought. She was the only girl, and so she was the only one who would have a delicate touch, and be sympathetic in almost any situation. Not only that, they were also all living in HER house.


Yes, he would miss them all… But, really, he didn't expect the end to be so sweet and calm. It almost felt like…


Kento jumped, feeling someone tapping his cheek lightly. The hand on his face was a little rough, with calouses on the palms, almost like Ryo, but…

Kento finally opened his eyes, but it was so bright. He put a hand up to block the light, and four smiling figures came into view.


"Welcome back, Kento."

"Welcome…back? Huh?"

"Yeah. You've been asleep for quite a while, buddy."


The light was beginning to bother him now.

"What is that light?"

"It's morning, sleepy head."

At this, Kento sat strait up in bed and looked around. Everyone was there, and they were safe, if not a little battered. Sage had a bandage around his hand, Rowen had one on his cheek, Ryo didn't show it, but Kento could feel that he had a bruise or two, and Cye was the worst, with a long bandage around his rib cage, and smaller bandages from burn marks. Then, Kento felt the bandages on his upper arm, and the tight one around his head. He was in a daze so long, the others leaned in, almost worried. Then, as soon as everything processed, all Kento could think to say was:

"You're all alive!"


"And… and so am I! Hey, what's going on? What happened!"

"You fell the down the stairs, silly."

"Yeah, and took a nasty blow to the head while you were at it."

"That's not what I mean! Why didn't the ghosts kill me?"

"I guess you told them… exactly what they wanted to hear."

Sage lifted his head and smiled.

"I sense that the evil in this place is no more, and those lost spirits are finally at peace now."


"You know… I think we were meant to enter this house you guys."

"I agree. The signs were so clear after a while."

"What signs?"

"Did you realize it? Think, Kento. What did last night remind you of?"


Ryo held up a hand and counted the events and how they related to something else.

"There were ghosts, hence illusions. Then there were dizzy spells, as if we'd been poisoned. There were brief battles, and evil feelings… Doesn't that remind you of the Dynasty?"

"Ah! Yeah, it does! Dude, that's why we were here? To remind us not to forget our battles, and to learn from them?"

"Messed up, isn't it?"


"BUT, you leaned to keep a level head!"

Rowen patted him on the back.

"You saved our buts, man! Thanks!"

"Uh… sure! It was no problem for the great Kento of hard rock!"

"Yeah, right."

"So, what DID you say to the ghosts?"

"Uh… I don't remember."

They all had a good laugh, and then Kento noticed that everything of theirs was all packed up. After the laugh, everyone stood and picked up their stuff.

"C'mon, Kento. Lets go! Mia's waiting right outside!"

"Okay, I'll be right out!"

The others left, and Kento quickly packed up. He kept thinking about everything that had happened, but more than that, he felt how hungry he was. He was eager to leave and go out for breakfast, so he gathered all his stuff sloppily and ran out to the front door. He had to squint as he stepped out onto the porch, and he marveled at the wonderful dead grass that he thought he would never see again. Everyone was already out loading up the car and Ryo and Mia were having a moment.

"Ha! I was a fool to think this place was so scary!"

Right then, the door slammed behind him, hitting him in the butt. Kento jumped and ran out to the car.

"Ahh! W-wait for me, you guys!"