Title: The First Furyan

Author: Jeanine Stice

Summery: The new Lord Marshal with the aid of Aereon bring the first known Furyan born on earth to the present to help Riddick save what's left of the Furyan race. Without the aid and understanding of their own kind, the last two known Furyans may sooner kill each other then become mates and try to rebuild their race.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Riddick Jack Aereon Lajjun Ziza or Imam I just fed them one day and they followed me home! I don't own Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury, Chronicles of Riddick or any characters therein or anything else you recognize from the world in the story herein…other then that, it's all mine. Not getting a dime for any of this (yeah right, as if). Don't bother suing me you'd loose more then I'd ever have. I just abuse Riddick for my own amusement and share for the pleasures of others.

Rated M: Mature Audiences only for explicit language extreme violence and adult content.

Authors Notes: This is going to have some dark stuff in it, rape, torture, drug use, foul language, BDSM, and things of an adult nature. If you're not a mature enough adult to handle that, do not read further. Oh yes, my spelling and grammar is atrocious and I do know this, complain to the California School system.

Story Notes: Picks up after the end of Chronicles of Riddick.

The First Furyan

Alexandra Marie Wolf sighed as she pulled the old second hand army duffle over her shoulder another bag already over the other shoulder. She was dressed comfortably for the road ahead with black Doc Martins jeans and a black T-shirt that said 'you wouldn't be smiling if you knew what I was thinking' in white lettering. Her knee length leather jacket was on over that to keep her warm in the cold winter nights. Despite the low temp she had her long black hair back so it was out of her pale face her eyes a cold gray color.

Her tabby Kali jumped onto her shoulder making her self comfortable there, as much she could. She may have been a runt but Lex didn't have broad shoulders so there wasn't a whole lot of room. She left the apartment behind her without a backwards glance Kali picking up on her tension and started purring and rubbing her head under her chin to calm her down. She sighed and reached up to scratch under her jaw in thanks as she walked towards her car.

Suddenly Kali dug her claws in and started to yowl and make unpleasant sounds and she looked around for the disturbance hand instinctively heading for her blade. The world seemed to tilt and she thought she'd turned too quickly at first but it didn't stop it when she stilled it only worsened. The world went black and suddenly the ground seemed to give out under her and she was falling army duffle slipping free of her Kali gone from her shoulder the next second. Then the ground seemed to rear up and hit her back hard stealing her away into momentary darkness.

Hard cold floor under her penetrated her thoughts, as did the sound of Kali growling and yowling. She was on her hunches in a second, Kali jumping on her shoulder and holding on as she stood. She shook off the weakness she felt when she realized where she was, and how impossible it was.

"What the shit?" She said the deep rasping laugh from the man to her left (who looked an awful lot like Riddick) seemed to thrum threw her like Kali's purr.

"Welcome, Alexandra." Aereon said from beside him.

"Don't fucking 'welcome' me. What the hell is going on?" She said angrily.

"You have been brought here to help save the Furyan race." Aereon told her.

"I don't remember falling asleep but this is by far the strangest fucking dream I've had." She replied.

Suddenly Riddick moved beside her faster and more gracefully then she expected Kali latching tightly onto her shoulder and hissing. She didn't have time to deflect the glinting blade she saw as it bit into her hand but managed to nail him in the ribs with a neat kick. "Fucking shit! What the hell was that?" She complained as he withdrew again holding her hand to her cut.

"Now you know this ain't a dream." Riddick told her.

"Well gee thanks. Next option is madness, possibly a hallucination." She replied testily.

"Furyans, defiant to the end." Aereon commented.

"What the fuck? Just how the fuck did I get here if this is so 'real'?" She questioned.

"We've brought you here across the threshold of time and space." Aereon told her.

"You? You mother fuckers are telling me that you ripped me from my home into some fucking fantasy world?" She exclaimed angrily.

"Fantasy world?" Riddick questioned.

"You planning to fucking send me back?" She growled angrily.

"I'm sorry, no." Aereon told her.

"Don't fucking apologize, especial since you obviously aren't apologetic and don't mean it. You still haven't explained why exactly I am here." She reminded.

"You are here to fulfill a prophecy." Aereon told her.

"What? Great, just fucking great! I'm thinking the whole crazy hallucinating bit sounds nicer. Otherwise I'm stuck in this strange ass 'verse." She complained.

"You had no where to go, Alexandra. You were at a crossroads in your life, yes?" Aereon asked her.

"So fucking what? I did have plans I'll have you know! Not to mention people left behind that will worry about me." She replied.

"You have more important things to do here. From what Aereon here says you weren't doing shit of importance back home." Riddick told her gruffly.

"Not the fucking point. To quote a certain someone 'not my fight'!" She growled angrily.

"Aereon how the hell does she know that?" Riddick growled. "I think you've left some shit out."

"Obviously." Aereon replied.

"Wait did you just call me a Furyan back there?" Alexandra questioned finally catching that comment.

"You are the first Furyan." Aereon told her in a proud voice.

"What? Hello? I'm from Earth sister!" She told her.

"The first Furyans came to be on Earth. Some called them a mutation others thought they were the next step on the evolutionary ladder. Because of their defiant war like nature they banded together and eventually went off world to establish their own planet. You are one of the first Furyans born and it is said you will head the tide that will bring back the race of Furyans from the brink of destruction." Aereon told her.

"Okay, this is some seriously fucked up shit you're asking me to take in here." Alexandra complained rubbing her forehead as she felt a head ache coming on. "Dropping my happy ass in the midst of a world that amounted to me as fiction at one time, just fucking movies! Now your telling me I'm supposed to help save it?" She complained.

"Movies?" Riddick asked.

"Pitch Black told the story of the crash of the Hunter-Gratzner on the hell planet and how you got Jack and Imam off it. Chronicles of Riddick told the story of you coming out of hiding meeting Imam's family saving Jack losing Kyra and 'keeping what you kill'." She offered.

"Aereon?" Riddick asked her unhappily.

"Yes, interesting isn't it?" Aereon told him.

"No I don't fucking think it is!" She complained.

"Perhaps you would like some time to let this all sink in? A room has been prepared for you." Aereon told her.

"Peachy. Lead the way." She offered mockingly.

The hellish decor was also inside the room making her shudder and look away from the details. She dumped her bags on the bed and sat down Kali jumping off her shoulder to sniff around their new space. "Well Kali I don't think we're in Kansas any more." She decided to do the same pleased when she found the bathroom cleaning her cut hand while inspecting it.

It wasn't deep but it was long and annoyed her to no end that he'd done it at all. She didn't think his shiv would be all that dirty but she made extra sure she cleaned the wound anyway. She looked up at the sound of knocking on her door and walked out of the bathroom to it. It slid open and she found one of the pasty ass pale necro's standing there and she eyed her unhappily.

"What?" She snapped.

"I was told you had an injury that needed tending Lady Alexandra?" The woman told her and after a brief pause she nodded and allowed the woman inside.

"You got a name?" She asked as the young woman began to work on her hand.

"Tess." She offered her shyly.

"Alright Tess, the name is Lex I ain't no fucking 'Lady' got it?" She told her sternly.

"Yes, L-Lex." The woman agreed and she sighed nodding. "There, all done."

Alexandra looked down at her hand surprised that it looked days old. Scabbed over already tight and very, very itchy something she always found annoying. "I'll leave some oil for you to use that should reduce the itching and lessen scarring Lady, I mean Lex." Tess told her.

"I happen to like scars, it's just the itching that bugs me. Thank but no thanks, I'll live." She told the girl who gave her a, puzzled look but nodded and left her alone again.

She didn't care much for the décor of the room with the twisted tormented and tortured figures. What was it Riddick had said when he'd first seen inside necropolis? 'I'd have gone another way' was what it had been and she definitely had to agree looking around at what was apparently going to be her room from now on. She pulled off her leather and threw it on her bed double-checking just to make sure she was still armed pleased to note she was.

She'd almost instinctively gone for her blades when Riddick had moved for her with his. Logic had stopped her knowing he'd be able to best her knowing it was better to keep them secrete until they might be of use to you. If your enemy knows your armed you loose half your advantage especially if they are bigger stronger and faster then you are. It was very uncommon for a man of his size but he was quick, damn quick and if she hadn't been trained from childhood she probably wouldn't have been fast enough to even score a hit on him.

Her mind turned to her family back home who she might never see again, and what they must think had happened to her. She was too responsible to just vanish sure she got herself into plenty of trouble and was known to be wild and out of control. No one realized just how in control she really was but her father she had been close to him. He'd given her every advantage in life he had put a roof over her head close on her back helped make her strong and able to defend herself. Now he was going to think that it hadn't been enough that somehow someone had gotten past her training to kidnap and possibly kill her.

He'd blame himself and the wonder lust he'd inspired in her with his stories of his times in the Navy SEALs the places he'd seen and things he'd done. He'd shared his training with her at a young age specifically because she was a girl and always a target. Many had made comments about how far he had taken it but he'd wanted to give her every weapon he could in case she would need it. So he had taught her how to kill a man bigger and stronger then her with her bare hands and now he was going to think that training had failed her in the end.

The thoughts were very depressing and she stopped herself from continuing on to the rest of the family. She had more important things to think about like the situation she was in right now. She still wasn't sure it was all real but she was prepared to act like it was until further notice on the off chance that it was all real. So she had to find out what was up, what exactly this little prophecy was and how it entailed her.

Frustrated with her lack of ability to do anything for the moment she moved to the middle of the room and began to move her body gracefully in different fighting forms she knew. It felt good to her the familiar burn of her muscles working as she pushed them Kali sitting on the foot of her bed watching her closely. She had her mp3 player on blasting one of her upbeat mixes she compiled something that helped get her blood pumping. It made her feel like she was doing something useful instead of sitting on her ass fretting about the shit life pulled.

It was because of her preoccupation with her actions and the mp3 player that she was unaware of the visitor at her door. Kali was the one who alerted her to her audience stilling when she noticed him hissing at the direction of the door she stopped the player and turned to take in Riddick watching her.

"You dip to the left before you throw your left hooks. Your round houses are too unsteady, they unbalance you because of your lousy footing." He informed her.

She tilted her head before nodding and acknowledging his criticism and critiquing if anyone could and should here it was he.

"So, I assume you need something?" She asked him and he smirked.

"A meal has been prepared Aereon thought you might be hungry." Riddick told her.

"Yeah, fine." She replied pulling her leather vest out of her duffle and throwing it on, Kali jumping up on her shoulder.

"Leave that thing here." Riddick growled and she looked at him eyes narrowing at him.

"Where I go she goes, or haven't you noticed that?" She asked him he growled obviously not pleased but he nodded and turned leading the way.

She got all kinds of interested looks from the necro's they passed growling at couple of them. She felt like some kind of an amusement in a zoo or something and it was bringing out a lot of the aggressive tenancy's she had. She wasn't the only one noticing Kali was too hissing at more then a few and getting a lot of surprised looks. Finally they were led to a balcony where Aereon sat waiting for them seated left of the head of the table where Riddick seated himself Lex sitting opposite her.

"I trust things have had time to sink in Alexandra?" Aereon asked her and she sighed.

"Yes, and its Lex." She told her.

"Ah, Lex then." Aereon told her. "Are you aware of the meaning of your name?" She asked her and Lex sighed disgustedly nodding.

"Defender of mankind." She replied in an unimpressed voice.

"I find that very interesting." Aereon told her.

"It's just a name." She told her. "One my father picked because he wanted one of his children to carry on his name as well. So I became Alexandra to my fathers Alexander." She told her.

The talking stopped as the food was brought in Kali scaring a couple of the servants obviously having a time of it. She wasn't used to instilling such fear in people even if she was a feisty little bit of fluff. So they ate Lex sure to give Kali plenty of scraps unsure if they had any kind of cat food and she only had about a dozen cans of food and half a pound bag of dried food stuffed in her duffle. She'd have to make sure she got some bowls for her before she headed back to her room.

"So why don't you tell me more about this prophecy?" She asked Aereon while she feed a satiated Kali lazing in her lap the last few scraps.

"That's not important yet. There a man other things we need to discus first." Aereon told her she frowned at the woman.

"Not important? It's pretty fucking important to me, as it's the reason you fucking kidnapped me from my life, as I know it!" She said in a low angry voice.

"Still haven't gotten past that?" Riddick said idly and she glared over at him.

"That's not likely to happen, ever." She told him warningly petting Kali after giving her the last of the scraps. "This is Helion Prime?" She asked looking out at the ruined city slowly coming back to life.

"Yes, we're helping them rebuild before we leave." Aereon explained.

"Oh the Necro's gotta love that." She replied sarcastically, Riddick chuckling.

"They do what I tell 'em." Riddick told her and she glanced over at him.

"Including Lord and Lady Vaako?" She asked Aereon chuckling.

"I told you she would be useful." Aereon said to Riddick.

"At least I know she can fight." Riddick told Aereon and lex rolled her eyes.

"Yes, please, don't mind me. Continue to talk as if 'she' isn't in the fucking room." She told them in aggravation. "So I have a question, what happens if I fulfill this prophecy of yours? Do I get to go back home then? I mean could you even send me back?" She asked them Aereon and Riddick sharing a look Riddick had an amused smirk on his face while Aereon looked slightly apologetic.

"I'm afraid sending you back to your time is impossible. Time travel doesn't work like that. We can only observe time and extract people from their timelines." Aereon told her.

"Doesn't that fuck things up? What about the butterfly effect?" She asked her and Aereon nodded seeming pleased.

"Yes, correct. You on the other hand didn't have a future." She told her Lex stilled at that.

"What?" She asked her in a tight voice.

"You were going to die." Aereon told her.

"Aereon." Riddick said in a warning voice.

"What the fuck, are you talking about I was 'going to die'?" She said angrily. "You had best fucking explain that!"

"Perhaps it would be best if you didn't know." Aereon told her.

"Don't you fucking dare! Your going to tell me what happened or I swear on my father I will find out on my own and you will not be pleased with the results." She warned them.

"Are you finished eating?" Aereon asked her and Lex glared at her as she stood. "Please, if you're finished, follow me. I will show you your history as we now it."

Lex nudged Kali indicating it was time to get up only to have her mewl in complaint at her. Lex sighed and lifted her into the crook of her arm Kali resting her head and front paws on her shoulder. Riddick led her and Aereon down a hall into a room with several screens and keyboards. Aereon sat down in one of the chairs at a keyboard and began typing on it.

The biggest view screen was on the back wall like a large, movie screen her face instantly filling it. She remembered the picture and when it was taken her father was beside her but he had been cut out of the picture. Her hair was in braids designed to keep her hair out of her face, she had light make up on about as dolled up as she ever got. Next came the headline 'local girl, murdered by ex-boyfriend and friends father kills murderers to avenge her, a family destroyed'.

She took in the rest numbly words tumbling in nothing but there meaning sticking to her brain. Vincent her fucking ex Vincent and his two freak ass friends drugged her and kidnapped her. According to the corner she had been raped sodomized and tortured by them before being killed. Apparently she had managed to bite and injure each and every one of them and the cops were able to match her teeth to the marks left by her teeth on their skin.

Vincent and his friends had gone on the run making the biggest mistake of their lives. Her father had hunted them down and killed each of them one by one before being taken in by the police giving himself up voluntarily. Apparently after he'd gotten the last of them he'd walked into a police station covered in Vincent's blood. Her mother had been devastated and after her father had been sentenced to life she had committed suicide. All that was left was her older sister Sierra and her younger brother Cody who had no other family.

"How do I know this isn't a bunch of bullshit?" She asked angrily barely noticing as Kali hoped down to investigate the room.

"It is now. We took you before any of it happened." Riddick informed her and she glared at him.

"Don't be expecting a thank you any time soon." She told him angrily before looking back at Aereon. "Okay so I can't go back, and probably shouldn't want to. What about when this is all done? Can I at least go back to Earth?" She asked only to frown when Aereon and Riddick exchanged a worried glance.

"I'm afraid that's not possible." Aereon told her.

"And why the hell not?" She asked.

"Because it is gone." Aereon told her.

"What the fuck do you mean it's gone?" She asked her angrily Aereon turning back to key in another command.

Another picture filled the screen of Earth with the giant Necro ships towering over several landmark cities before the glowing balls rose and expanded. She watched in horror as the fiery destruction spread across the land destroying any chance she had of home and family and familiar. No, came the denial in her mind, no, no god no, please no. Her skin began tingling her whole body feeling light and she heard a rushing in her ears before blackness claimed her.

The room was pitch black when she woke up stretching under the covers and rolling off her stomach onto her back. Still pitch black she couldn't even make out the vaguest of shapes, but she felt fur brush her hand and heard purring before Kali deposited herself on the bed in front of her. She reached for her instinctively petting her fur soothingly as she tried to remember where she was tonight. Her room at home wasn't this dark, nor was the guest room at her sisters the only place she remembered being naturally this dark was her room on the ship.

That was when everything clicked and she remembered, Riddick and Aereon and Earth. Oh, god, please no, she thought to herself eyes closing as she remembered the picture, please don't let it be true. Her mind was whirling with the implications of everything they had told her, wanting to believe it was all a lie. The only problem was the clear ring of truth it all had to it despite her reservations.

"Fucking weak, I can't believe a actually fainted!" She complained to her self, guess there's a first time for everything, right? "Where is the fucking light?" She wondered aloud to herself.

She flinched when the light suddenly came on eyes closing against the sudden blinding light. Her hand went under her pillow instinctively for her knife only not to find anything and she hissed in annoyance. Eyes opening slowly she gave herself time to adjust to the light before looking around to find Riddick sitting in a chair he'd dragged by her bed. He'd clearly been watching her while she slept and the thought was very disturbing to her, did the man not know the meaning of the words privacy? No of course not she remembered from the movie Pitch Black that he didn't even know the meaning of the words 'personal space'. "Creepy much?" She asked him sarcastically.

"Yeah." He replied with an amused smirk and she rolled her eyes. "Feeling better?" He asked.

"Well let see, am I back home? Is this all really just some twisted nightmare? I'd say the answer to all of these things is a big fat resounding, no!" She replied unhappily.

Sitting up she realized something, she wasn't in her cloths from earlier. In fact she wasn't in her cloths at all the flimsy drab sleepwear had to be from the necro's. She looked down at it in disgust realizing that someone had changed her cloths while she was out of it. "Where the fuck, are my cloths? And which one of you fucking shits changed them?" She asked him heatedly getting another one of those amused smirks from him.

"Your cloths are being cleaned, and I changed you of curse with Tess' help couldn't expect her to do it herself." Riddick replied nonchalantly.

"I expect to undress and dress myself. Don't expect to be doing that again, ever." She warned him getting an amused smirk.

"There is a button on the wall next to the door, it will page Tess if you need anything tonight." Riddick told her standing, looking her up and down with his amused smirk and leaving.

Lex sighed and slumped down into the bed next to Kali who looked at her curiously from where she was sprawled.

"We are definitely not in Kansas anymore." She told Kali. After figuring out the lights she turned them down on low and slept for a few more hours before Kali woke her. She paged Tess explaining that she needed two small bowls and something she could use as a little box and litter for Kali. It wasn't long before a corner of the room in the back behind her massive bed in the shadows was set up for Kali.

After taking care of the cat Tess brought her some food and showed her how to work the things in her room while she ate.

"Is it true that you're from the Earth of the past?" The girl asked her when she'd finished eating and Lex frowned she really hated being stuck in a bad science fiction movie.

"Yes, and Earth my home, is gone." She stated more then asked. If it was a lie she highly doubted this girl would be the one to tell her that.

"I'm sorry. I can understand how you feel though. My home was destroyed by the Necromonger's when they left after I'd converted." Tess assured her and she looked over at the pale girl sadly.

"That, sounds a mite worse. Probably a lot more then a mite actually, sounds a hell of a lot worse." She told the girl who nodded sadly looking down.

"Look um I have some equipment that needs a power source, it's a radio but you guy's don't have anything here for this kind of equipment. It there anything I can get for it?" She asked.

As she expected the girl seemed pleased at the change of subject taking the radio with the promise to have someone look into it. Lex sent one of the spare batteries she had for her mp3 player hoping they could finagle something for that to. Changing into different cloths something light for a workout Lex began her daily routine. As usual she had her mp3 player on Kali watching her from where she preened on the foot of her bed.

By the time she finished she had a light sheen of sweat on and she went into the bathroom sliding happily in the shower. She was glad it was water and not some other form of shower like they had in some of the futuristic fiction worlds she'd encountered. After drying and dressing she combed out her knotted hair fixing it into braids so she could wear it down but it would stay out of her face. She accessed the person computer system she had in her room that Tess had explained to her and began to look up her family.

She was thrilled to find info on them her father had never given up his search for her. One of his grand kids became an important political figure and talked about it a lot. His grandfather who on his deathbed insisted that his daughter was alive and out there somewhere that his heart was always with her. She was in tears by the time she was done some of her ancestors had left Earth before it's destruction the question was whether they had survived in the wake of the Necro's.

After splashing some water on her face she heard a knock at her door letting Tess in. The woman looked a little happier then usual and she took that in, in interested. She wondered what had caused a change in the forlorn young woman.

"Lady, I'm sorry. Lex, Lady Aereon has informed me that you might like to see some of the city and if you were interested we could visit with her." Tess told her.

"Really, that sounds interesting. Just let me grab my vest." She told her, slipping her vest on and her knifes on out of Tess view.

Kali jumped up on her shoulder settling herself with her back feet balanced on the top of the vest over her chest her head and front paws resting over her shoulder. When they found Aereon she indicated they had two choices of transportation, hovercraft or horses. While the horses were a surprise and she'd never ridden them before she found it more appealing then the hovercraft. The whole point was to explore and see the city and she felt she'd be more able to do that from the horse.

Aereon gave her some tips and instructions on riding and Lex was soon settled comfortably on her horse as they road threw the bustling city busy repairing. It was the oddest sight watching the soldiers who had destroyed this city helping the citizens rebuild it. She wondered if this caused any problems she didn't sense any tension among the bustling busy crowd but that didn't mean it wasn't hidden under the surface.

"I plan to stop in and see Lajjun and Ziza, would you care to meet them?" Aereon asked her.

"Ah, sure. Just uh, I don't know what to tell them about me?" She explained.

"Just say what your comfortable with." Aereon explained.

"Well I sure as hell ain't going to tell Lajjun in my world her life was nothing more then a movie. A form of enter-fucking-tainment." She told her.

"Probably wise." Aereon told her and she nodded.

"What was your world like Tess?" Lex asked the girl ridding just behind her who looked at her with wide surprised eyes.

"It was much like this, a warm planet called Oasis Prime." Tess told her.

"Her people were Fire-eaters." Aereon explained.

"What does that mean?" Lex asked in confusion.

"They can manipulate energy in the form of fire." Aereon explained and Lex looked back at Tess expectantly.

The young woman raised a hand up into the air and suddenly it became engulfed in blue flames Lex eyes widening in amazement. She stopped her horse maneuvering him around so it was besides Tess' and they were facing each other. She rose her hand, bringing it close enough to the flame to feel the heat, which Tess slowly put out so she could see her untouched hand.

"Furyans can do something similar. Only they manipulate the energy of life, a much more primal and core energy in the universe." Aereon explained.

"What Riddick did back on Crematoria?" She questioned looking behind her at Aereon who smiled and nodded.

She smiled and winked at Tess before turning her horse back around and starting forward again beside Aereon. "So you're telling me I can do something like that?" She asked Aereon incredulously.

"Yes eventually. After you get your mark." Aereon explained to her.

"The hand print." She said softly more to herself hand over her breast. She remembered Riddick getting his on Crematoria and how much it seemed to hurt him and she was sure his pain tolerance threshold was very high. "When will I get mine?" She asked.

"At the right moment. When you have accepted everything, including who you are." Aereon explained.

"Well, I'm not too sure that's something to look forward to. It looked like that hurt like a bitch when Riddick got his, and we're talking about a man who dislocates his shoulders with barely a grunt."

"It is unavoidable." Aereon told her.

"Pain in life always is sister." She replied shaking her head.

She had a lot to think about and not a lot of time to herself before they arrived at Lajjun and Ziza's home. It looked a little better the door had been fixed as Aereon gracefully floated down off her horse. Lex was a little less graceful feeling sore from the ride she was going to have to head back after this and soak in a warm bath. Aereon knocked on the door Lex and Tess hanging back a drawn Lajjun opening the door a small pleased smile gracing her face at the sight of Aereon the two hugging.

"Aereon, an honor as always. Who are your friends?" She asked looking back at Lex and Tess.

"Lajjun I am pleased to present Alexandra and Tess. They have never seen this planet before and I was showing it to them." Aereon explained.

"Please, please come inside. You must be hot hungry and tired. Rest yourselves, would you like some tea?" Lajjun asked.

Lajjun disappeared after Lex and Tess accepted telling them to make themselves comfortable. Ironically they ended up in the same room Imam and Riddick had spoken in, where Riddick first met Aereon. It was sad to think about because it made her think of the man's death. It made her think of how alone Riddick must feel now the sole survivor of the Hunter-Gratzner crash.

Ziza and her mother arrived carrying trays, Ziza's filled with food fruit and small finger sandwiches. Lajjun had hot tea on her tray pouring them all cups Ziza running to get Lex a small bowl of water for Kali when she asked. Ziza was very excited to pet Kali who was surprisingly tolerance while she sat on the floor at her feet drinking.

"You have a lovely home." Lex said feeling it was a stupid inane thing to say but not having anything else.

"Thank you. It is quieter then I'd like now. I miss the days when it was fuller." Lajjun told her looking off in sadness. Lex felt like kicking herself for bringing up something that made her think of what she lost until she realized that just about everything probably did that for the woman.

So Lajjun and Aereon talked about mundane things and not so mundane things like the rebuilding of the city. She and Ziza played with Kali who was thrilled with all the attention until it was time for them to leave. Ziza begged her to return again to play with her asking her to bring Kali again and with a glance at Aereon to be sure it was okay she promised the girl. When she finally got back to her room with Tess Kali hopped off her shoulder and promptly curled up on the bed to fall asleep.

After soaking in a long hot bath Lex dried off and dressed just in time for dinner. It was on the same balcony as last time Tess leading her this time Aereon waiting with Riddick. Lex was tired not talking much letting Riddick and Aereon direct the discussion towards rebuilding the city. After dinner she promptly made herself ready for bed crawling in and slipping off to sleep with Kali curled up on the small of her back.

There was a bar she frequented when she stayed with her sister called Stagger Inn with good food and better beer. The music was good and the company well her orders got to her promptly and she didn't tend to get bothered. It was her kind of place the few times she'd gotten into a fight with some drunk who groped her and wouldn't fuck of the bar tender only smiled as she booted the guy out. She'd been offered a position as a bouncer and had even taken him up on it when she was in the area and short on cash.

After leaving Vincent she would've made her way up state back to her sisters and taken the position again. It would have been her third week there when she'd left after last call, only to be jumped from behind. Someone clamped a damp cloth over her mouth and she held her breath relaxing herself so she was nothing more then dead weight and bit down. The man howled angrily and she wasn't expecting the needle stabbed into her neck, he had both hands on her. There was another attacker pumping some drug into her neck and as her eyes slid closed she cursed her luck.

She woke up naked in the dark bound spread eagle on a bed cold and feeling sick. Her head swam and her stomach threatened to heave out its contents as she tested her bindings. They were solid only tightening as she squirmed so she stilled forcing herself to remain calm. She was doing fine to, slow steady breaths her heartbeat slowing down again. Until she heard it his voice rich and deceptively soft the kind that was a pleasure to listen to.

"No getting away from me My Own. Isn't that what I said to you?" He asked voice sounding so calm and cool.

Her stomach bottomed out tears slipping free beyond her control heartbeat pounding against her ribs double time. She heard the leather cutting threw the air before it bit into the flesh of her back at just the right angle the sharp edge of it slicing skin. "I asked you a question!" He said heatedly.

"Yes, that's what you said to me Vincent." She told him voice sound rough. Several more blows all just as damaging as the last until the belt was dropped beside her on the bed and she felt him crawling over her.

"It's Master to you pet, I trained you better then that." He told her and she tensed as she felt his hand inching up the inside of her thighs. "Lets see how well I've trained you."

She bit back a whimper as his fingers slid inside her moist folds disgust filling her despite her battle against it.

"It's a scientific fact a person can be forced against their will to arousal and orgasm. It doesn't mean I want you or am truly enjoying any of this." She told him sternly. She just had to remember that herself throughout this experience and she flinched as she felt his hand dragging down her weeping back.

"Don't enjoy it then My Own, I'll do what I want regardless." He assured her. "Now you're going to give me everything I wanted My Own. Nothing to hold me back now." He warned her and she swallowed thickly when she felt him pressing his erection against the opening of her ass. She hissed, letting out a mewl of pain, as he forced his way past her bodies resistance ruthlessly.

She ripped herself from sleep leaping out of the bed to crouch on the floor defensively knife in hand. Panting she looked around the semi-dark room taking in the details slowly as reality descended. Shaky and shaken she sat bed down on the side of her bed covered in sweat her heart pounding. That was the most detailed nightmare she had ever had only other ones she had like it were memory not nightmares. Which made absolutely no since because that hadn't happened Aereon and Riddick had pulled her from her world before it could.

She took a long hot shower trying to shake off the dream, but it just wouldn't leave her. After paging Tess and ordering her breakfast she decided she wanted to talk to Aereon about it. So during breakfast she told Tess who went and informed Aereon coming back to inform her it would have to wait until after lunch. So after doing her daily workout routine Lex sat down for more research on the computer wanting to see how far she could track her ancestors. Not knowing what she'd do if she found one alive today somewhere out there.

By the time lunch was brought she had a serious migraine coming on and had to give it up. After eating some kind of soup that had what tasted like potatoes and chicken in it Tess led her to Aereon's rooms. The room was similar to Lex's own only it was covered wit Aereon's personal effects. The woman smiled and rose from her spot frowning when she spotted the sunglasses Lex was wearing.

"Migraine, lights are killing me." She explained.

"Ah, do you get them often?" Aereon asked her lowering the light in the room.

"Since puberty, they have been getting gradually worse over the years though." She explained to her. "I uh, wanted to talk to you about something. I had, kind of a strange nightmare last night. Probably just my brain filling in the grisly details for me but I wanted to check and make sure." She told Aereon.

"Yes?" Aereon asked her and she sighed.

"I dreamed about part of my death, when Vincent kidnapped me and what happened when I woke up." She told her.

"It has been known to happen. Subjects in the first projects would recall their own deaths, as they would have occurred, on occasion. Usually not quiet so soon though." Aereon explained.

"Oh lovely. Your telling me it was real in a sense? And that it might just happen again?" She complained bitterly.

"I'm afraid so." Aereon told her.

"Well that is just fucking great! Thank you kindly for the god damned warning!" She said angrily.

"Lex, please calm down." Aereon told her.

"Calm down! This is my life you're playing with here sister! Don't you fucking tell me to calm down! You won't even tell me why the hell you brought me here!" She yelled furiously before turning and storming off Tess barely keeping up from behind her.

She was stalking past the throne room when a woman stepped in front of her and it took a moment for Lex to register whom the stately dressed chocolate skinned woman was. Dame Vaako whose cold calculating eyes were taking her in obviously less then impressed by what she saw.

"Well if it isn't the breeder. Has Riddick got you busy being the baby maker yet?" Dame Vaako asked just as she made to step around the woman. The words though stilled her and she turned slowly eyes narrowed as she took in the woman again.

"What the fuck, are you talking about?" She growled at the woman.

"Oh, so aggressive and primal. No wonder Riddick wants you in his bed, you're both animals." Dame Vaako told her obviously distaining her new Lord Marshal choices.

Everything fell into place, her saving the Furyan race, Aereon's reluctance to tell Lex her part in the prophecy Riddick watching her while she slept. Her mind swirled with the implications rage and fury burning threw her along with shock and horror. She didn't have time to deal with her reaction to the implication of the words though she wanted to wipe that pleased smirk off the bitches face in front of her.

"What's the matter Dame Vaako, jealous? What did you try crawling in his bed one night and get sent away with your tail between your legs? Watch what you say to me Dame Vaako. Most would've been backhanded for getting in my face like that, but I know how much you'd enjoy that. Wouldn't want to confuse you and make you all hot and bothered when all I intend to do is put you in your place. I promise you, I will find a way to that, that you will not enjoy." She warned the woman who was looking at her with astonished surprise.

Tess had caught up to her by now and they made their way back towards her quarters unaware of the goggled gaze watching the whole incident. As soon as she was in her room and the doors closed behind Tess she spun and punched the wall inches from the woman's face making her gasp and cringe away in fright. Lex forced her self to take slow breaths so she could see threw the red fog of fury surrounding her. She wasn't mad at Tess the young woman had nothing to do with the situation.

"I want to speak to Aereon and Riddick. Now." She told her in a voice the brooked no argument.

Tess vanished out the door while Lex paced back and forth in her room like a caged animal. The fury consumed her at these people and there assumptions about her and her life. They seemed to think she was theirs to with as they pleased, she so did not fucking think so! Oh she'd show them whose life it was and who was in charge of it!

Aereon must have heard what had happened because she didn't even knock before coming into her room. She had a fixed sad look on her face as Lex turned to her eyes narrowed angrily. She really wished she had that fire trick of Tess' because she'd like to throw a fireball at Aereon right now. Probably wouldn't work anyway the woman was made part of air wasn't she?

"You can not seriously expect me to birth the whole new Furyan race." She told her going with the first logical argument that had popped into her head.

"No, of course not. There are other Furyans who have survived the slaughter. Their world was destroyed but the race has survived scattered to the winds to hide from the Necromonger's. Riddick couldn't use his Necromonger recourses to find them any sane Furyan would run as soon as they got wind of them.

'A mated pair of Furyans has the strength and power to locate the life energies of the other Furyans and to communicate with them. The only way Riddick has to restart his race is with his mate." Aereon told her.

"So you 'calculated' the odds that his mate was me? Like you 'calculated' the odds that after you told the young soldier that a young male Furyan would cause his downfall that he would try to wipe them out subsequently putting into motion the very events that would cause his downfall." She told her coolly. The woman's face blanched at the words and she smiled sickly sweat and the woman paled even more. "I bet Riddick hasn't picked up on that fact yet has he? Not his fault, I mean he was educated in the penal system. It would be interesting to see what he would think of that, that you are responsible for the destruction of his planet and almost his entire race. Putting him in the fucked up positions that he ended up in all his life. All for balance." She said spitting the word like it was dirty.

"Are you going to tell him?" Aereon asked looking, uneasy for the first time Lex could ever recall.

Inside she was eating it all up enjoying the reactions she was getting from this woman. Laughing almost maniacally inside her head as she manipulated the woman. This was the sole person responsible for her being uprooted from her world and brought to this planet as a freaking breeder dame Vaako's ugly word seemed so appropriate.

"Why shouldn't I? Tell me Aereon, what color do elementals bleed?" She asked the woman.

They both turned at the sound of the door as Riddick entered and Lex suddenly remembered just exactly what he expected from her. She blushed heatedly hoped Riddick couldn't tell with his shine job and crossed her arms over her chest dipping her head so her hair would cover her face.

"I heard you met Dame Vaako." Riddick told her with an amused smirk a knowing tone in his voice. She knew suddenly that he hadn't just heard about it, he'd seen it probably watch the whole damn thing unfold before his very eyes.

"Heard it, or watched it Riddick?" She questioned him knowingly he smirked inclining his head score one Lex. "You have a lot of fucking nerve thinking I'll want to be your mate and bare your children!" She said angrily.

"You can not deny the attraction, the pull." Riddick told her in a low voice.

"Get out, both of you. Just get the fuck out!" She told them angrily.

"We're not finished." Riddick intoned and she glared at him fists clenched at her sides.

"Get out of my room." She growled at him half aware of Aereon leaving them alone.

"It's my ship." Riddick replied.

"Yeah right, only because you keep what you fucking kill here! Only because of Kyra who died trying to help you!" She yelled angrily.

He moved so fast she didn't even see it she was just suddenly flying across the room check alive with pain. She didn't remember the blow but she recognized the feeling of a squarely placed backhand, rolling on the floor with the fall.

"Don't ever say her name." He growled in a cold voice her split lower lip gushing blood down her chin. She moved slowly to her feet her back to him ears listening for movement before she slowly turned to look at him eyes livid with hate. Blood dripped down her neck off her chin Riddick's eyes focusing on the point his mouth opening slightly then snapping tightly closed. "Lex, I'm-" Riddick started what she assumed was some sort of trite fucking apology cutting off went she sprung at him.

She could see it when his eyes narrowed and his body stiffened that he got it, it was on. She wasn't going to have any trite apology as they say actions speak louder than words. She had had far too much of being on the receiving end of a beating and manhandling at the hands of someone who shouldn't mark her skin more with bruises from lovemaking she wasn't about to be with another man like that. All the hate in her for every shitty thing done to her by Vincent, his two little friends and every other man welled over and directed itself at Riddick.

Riddick faired well but seemed a bit surprised at the amount of fight she had in her. He was equally shocked when she drew blood with a blade she'd pulled a second before. He slipped behind her grabbing both of her wrists and holding them pinning her up against his body. She could feel his erection pressed against her backside and growled in anger when he rocked it into her. "I did a little reading up on Furyan mating. You know when they mate for the first time, it's rough, animalistic, almost like rape." He told her whispering the last three words in her ear like a lovers promise.

She kicked the sharp edge of her boot into his unprotected shin twisting her armed hand free. She slid the blade snugly down into his thigh twisting it before pulling it free, Riddick howling in rage. He spun her around pushing punching her square in the face and she fell back against the wall his fist connecting again with her face. The wrist holding the knife was twisted until it popped her arm filling with fiery agony knife slipping from her fingers. One of his large hands closed around her throat, only one, to cut off her air while she tried to fight him off his shiv slicing her shirtfront open before darkness clamed her.

The first thing that she noticed when she woke was the taste of blood in the back of her throat. The second thing she noticed was the feeling of the IV in her hand and she realized she must be in the hospital. The she noticed something she didn't notice, the sound of her heart monitor or any other hospital sounds she was familiar with. She did hear voices in her room though and it took her a moment to focus on them.

"The people who wrote those reports were biased opinionated outsiders who didn't actually now the first thing about Furyan mates, Riddick. If you were looking for an open invitation for a guiltless rape, you don't have it." Came Aereon's angry voice.

It surprised and amused Lex, after she'd threatened the Elemental woman with and she was still feeling that protective of her? She supposed that was unsurprising after what happened she felt like a walking bruise from the blows that she remembered. Course that left what happened after she'd blacked out but she wasn't feeling sore below the belt. She took that as a good sign, and Aereon's words seemed to indicate he hadn't finished what he'd started.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" She rasped from her bed voice weak, opening her eyes and flinching at the light. "It's fucking bright in here." She complained closing her eyes again.

"Migraine?" Aereon asked Lex opening her eyes when she noticed the light dimmed.

"Is that an actual question, because if it is. It's a fucking stupid one." She told Aereon finding Riddick standing by the foot of her bed. "I want him out of the fucking room." She growled her weak voice breaking in several places as she spoke trying to sit up.

"Lex." Aereon warned her trying to keep her from sitting up.

"No. I want him out! Now!" She told the woman angrily voice breaking. "Get out!" She screamed at him her already sore throat complaining about the abuse.

For a moment she thought he was going to argue with her or say something else but he only closed his mouth and turned walking out. Lex sighed thankfully wincing at the pain that cased her as she relaxed back in the bed. "Where is Kali? She must be going crazy."

"I'll have her brought to you. How are you feeling?" Aereon asked her

"Sore, hurt, and with a bruised fucking ego. How do you expect me to feel? What exactly happened after he choked me into unconsciousness?" She asked her, her voice practically a whisper now.

"Apparently you nicked an artery so he lost consciousness soon after you. Tess found you both not long after and called for the medic's. I assure you Riddick regrets his actions." Aereon told her and Lex scoffed.

"Were not going to discus that." She told her. She nicked an artery and the fucker was already up and walking around? Very annoying.

"Then let me explained something to you Lex. Riddick was only reacting to his desires for you as his Furyan mate. Feeling the need to possess you is a common Furyan experience in mating. It can become very violent and even animalistic and from an outside point of view can even seem like rape." Aereon explained to her.

"I have been the victim of rape and sodomy before Aereon, and I'm not talking about the fucking nightmares. I do not intend to repeat the experience." She told her sternly Aereon sighing.

"I will see about getting Kali for you. You should try and get some sleep. Tess will be here if you need anything." Aereon told her.

She was forced to spend a week in bed healing from a broken wrist a fractured cheekbone, bruised esophagus and a series of head contusions. It was her head that was causing most of the worry, as she'd been unconscious for almost twenty-four hours when she finally came around. She spent most of her time board out of her mind and occasionally listening to her mp3 player until Tess brought her a hand held computer to work on. So she continued her search for any living relatives spending the rest of her time sleeping.

She didn't see Riddick again the whole time she was in the infirmary both she and Kali relieved to finally get back to their room. Aereon began instructing her in Furyan history and culture and if she was giving Riddick the same lesions it was not with her. Riddick for the most part seemed to be avoiding her, a fact for which she was very thankful. Which only stirred up mixed emotions because why should she be grateful to her would be rapist for giving her much needed space?

They only crossed paths on the ship on occasion avoiding so much as looking at each other. Aereon kept trying to encourage her to seek him out but she wanted nothing to do with the man. Why tempt fate? When she felt that longer she was alone with him, the more likely she was to end up raped. So she continued to avoid him though she kept waking in the dead of night sweating sure he'd just been in the room watching her.

She began making regular visit's in the city with Tess to Lajjun and Ziza's making good friends with the widow and her daughter. Tess was also starting to open up more to Lex, which was good because she was starting to get really home sick. The only saving grace was that she had Kali with her and that she had made three such good friends. Still her nights were restless filled with nightmares of one form or another.

The landscape was familiar but new to her, a ruined world covered with graves. An empty wind blew howling across the landscape cutting threw her cold and lonely. A woman stood before her telling her of the nightmare that Furya became. Spoke of its destruction at the hands of the Necromonger's, of infant boys strangled with there own birth cords.

Then the world seemed to twist becoming her own, becoming the ravaged earth she saw on the Vid screen before the blue balls of Necromonger light engulfed it and destroyed any hope she had of finding a home. Then she was standing in the back yard of the home she'd been raised in listening to her parents getting the call that told them her body had been found. Her mothers wails of agony as she clutched at her father nearly collapsing on the floor, her father steady as ever holding them both up as he listened white faced to the man on the phone.

She pulled herself from sleep panting for breath turning the lights on out of habit now to check for any unwanted company. Assuring she was alone, she went to the bathroom and splash cold water on herself. She did her morning routine knowing she was up for good sitting down at the computer after changing. She was looking for any more information she could find on her family and what had happened to them after her disappearance.

When she found the clip she instantly knew she didn't want to watch it in her rooms. Tess had tried to explain how to transfer the images to the larger screen in the room but she still couldn't figure it out. She found it much easier to go in the common viewing room and use the large screen there. Leaving a sleeping Kali on the bed she grabbed her knives and a sweater slipping her boots on and making quietly down the halls. It was fairly dark with only the barest hints of light to guide her way but she had great night vision from all the light sensitive migraines.

She sighed happily when she finally got to the room where she had learned about the destruction of her home world. Sitting in the seat Aereon had used she typed in the commands, finding the clip and calling it up onto the big screen. Her fathers face filled the screen looking worried and drawn he looked five years older then when she'd last seen him and the film was supposed to be five months after.

"My name is Alexander Wolff, and I speak to you tonight on behalf of my daughter, and my family. Lex has been gone for five months now with no leads, and the police are giving up any hope of finding her. I know in my heart that my daughter is still alive out there somewhere. I ask that if any of you have any information about her disappearance or whereabouts to please contact us or your local police department." Her father told the camera and it panned back a bit to show her sister brother and mother beside him looking grief stricken. "Lexa, love, if you are watching this we want you to know that we love you. That our hearts are always with you and that we pray to one day hear from you again. If you can't make it back to us, for whatever reason, know we love you and want nothing more then for you to be happy. That's all, thank you."

The screen darkened again Lex sniffling, coming to the realization that she was crying. Not bothering to wipe away the tears as they fell letting them fall down to drip off her chin.

"Fat fucking chance of that, Dad. What I wouldn't give to talk to you again. Everything got so fucked up." She muttered choking back a sob. "Toughen up Lex, no point crying over spilt milk." It was a phrase her father used when she cried over something she couldn't change wasting her energy on a pointless pursuit.

"Why do you watch, when it's only going to upset you?" Riddick asked in his gravelly voice from behind her.

Lex started in her seat coming swiftly to her feet and spinning to face him crouched in a defensive stance. He was by the back wall goggles on his forehead due to the low light of the room. He had his arms crossed over his chest leaning back against the wall looking relaxed and at ease. "I didn't mean to startle you." Riddick told her contritely.

"Really then why don't you try announcing your presence before you come into the room?" She told him heatedly.

"You didn't answer my question." Riddick told her and she glared at him.

"No, I didn't. For your information I was already upset before I watched the clip." She told him and he nodded.

"I'm sorry for what happened." Riddick told her.

"Have you ever heard the phrase 'actions speak louder then words' Riddick?" She asked him irritably. "Because that's my only response to that. You were ready to rape me, and if I hadn't managed to nick an artery you would have. I could never, ever be with a man who could hurt or violate me in such a way." She told him.

"I stopped before I passed out." Riddick told her in a quiet voice.

"What?" She asked him sure she heard wrong.

"I stopped before I passed out. Before I finished cutting your shirt off. I stopped when you passed out, realized what I had done. How far I had gone. Aereon said Furyan men are warned before their first time with their mate so they have control over themselves and their violent urges to possess and devour their mate. From the information I had read, I was just supposed to, go with the flow. It doesn't excuse my mistakes Lex but it does explain them." He told her.

Lex rubbed her forehead feeling an intense pounding pain behind her forehead and eyes. She was tired and her head her obviously in no condition to have this conversation. Yet here she was having it despite that trying not to let the pain get to her shortening her already short temper and think about this rationally.

"You stopped yourself then?" She asked him unsurely and he nodded. "Well that's a relief if it's true. It doesn't change what you were going to do Riddick, what you threatened to do. I have-I have been taken against my will before." She confessed to him Riddick looking up at her in surprise. "My Freshman year of collage. I had my own apartment and the man got in threw a roof access the owner was supposed to have sealed up. I never even had the chance to fight the fucker he woke me out of a dead sleep coming in to my room. He stayed for forty-eight hours with me leaving me raped sodomized and beaten the police never had any idea who it was. I'm telling you this, so you can understand exactly what you did to me, where you put me mentally that night, Riddick." She told him looking away from the eyes shining back at her.

The pain in her head suddenly intensified ten fold a burning sensation ripping threw her eyes. She grabbed her head hissing in pain unable to see anything but blackness even when she tried to open her eyes to see if that would help the apparently literally blinding pain. Her head swam and she felt the floor coming up to meet her until strong sure hands stopped her downward tumble. She barely registered the gravelly worried voice saying her name as she slipped away into unconsciousness.

"Lex!" Riddick cried out voice laced with worry.