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Alone in the Woods: Prologue

            It was a bright and sunny July afternoon in the town of Tomeda.  Now that school had been out for quite some time, children were scattered amongst the streets and the park, busily playing childish games with one another.  The sun shone down like the merciless burning ball of heat it was, scorching the peoples' skin.  But there was some relief to be found in the gentle breeze that rolled by.  The more logical types sat underneath the comforting shade of the tall trees, reading books or sketching while also shielding themselves from the unforgiving heat.
            Wouldn't everyone be out enjoying what the summer had to give today?
            No, not everyone.  Sakura Kinomoto, chosen Mistress of the Clow Cards, was in her room, leaning her back against the glass that separated her from summer paradise.  Her expression was melancholy, as though the sun wasn't shining at all.
            "I can't believe she bailed out on me!" Sakura wailed, sliding down to sit on the white ledge of the windowsill, "And to make things worse, it was just to spend time with Eriol-kun."
            Sakura fought back the sudden wave of anger welling up inside of her and recalled the conversation she had with Tomoyo just moments ago.~
            "Just two more days, Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura burst excitedly into the receiver.
            "Two more days until what?" Tomoyo asked, seeming to be confused.
            "Until we go camping together, remember?  Just me and you, out in the woods for two weeks!  It's going to be so much fun!"
            "Oh my!  Gomen, Sakura-chan!  I forgot!" Tomoyo apologized.
            "That's okay, Tomoyo-chan, we still have another day to get everything ready." Sakura assured.
            "Demo, Sakura-chan...I can't go." Tomoyo said softly, regret present in her voice.
            "I'm going to spend the week at Eriol's place in England." she explained, biting her lower lip, "I forgot that I had already promised to go camping with you, gomen."
            "So...you're not coming..." Sakura realized, "because you're going to England."
            "Gomen, Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo apologized, "The flight arrangements have already been made, there's nothing I can do to change it now."
            "It's alright..." Sakura spoke sadly, "I'll just see if I can find someone else then."
            "Gomen again, Sakura-chan.  I'll come with you next time.  Be sure to call me when you find someone to take my place, alright?"
            "Sure thing, Tomoyo-chan.  Ja."
            "Ja ne, Sakura-chan, good luck."
            *End Flashback*
            After the phone call, Sakura had called up her other friends, Rika, Chiharu, and Naoko, but with no luck.  They were either out of town or busy. 
            Now Sakura felt alone.  She wasn't too keen on the idea of going camping by herself, but it certainly beat hanging around the empty house.  Her Otousan was off on a business trip about some newfound artifacts in India, and her Ni-chan was gone with Yukito somewhere for the summer.  All that left, was her and the vacant house. 
            She picked up her pink cell phone and sighed, trying to rack her brain for someone she knew that might be free to go camping with her.  But all her mind drew was a blank.  Everyone she knew was busy, Tomoyo had made other plans, and...wait a minute, what was Syaoran up to?  She almost slapped herself in the head.  'How could I forget about Syaoran?'
            She opened the cell phone and just stared at it.  What was she thinking?  She and Syaoran were sort of friends, but they didn't really know each other that well.  Then again, this would be a good opportunity to get to know him better.  But would this be a mistake?  Would he blow her off like Tomoyo did?  Was he even home?  Only one way to find out.
            Taking a deep breath, she punched in the telephone code of Syaoran's number.  After the seventh ring, she was about to hang up.  'He must not be home.' she thought sadly, a pit forming inside her.
            But just then, someone on the other line picked up.
            "Moshi Moshi, this is Li Syaoran speaking."
            Sakura felt her heartbeat increase rapidly as she replied, "Hello?  Syaoran?"
            Syaoran almost dropped the phone.  "Sakura!?"  He quickly regained his composure and lowered the volume of his voice.  "What is it?  Is there a problem?"
            Sakura bit her lip and gazed nervously at her polished wooden floor.  "I-It's not really a problem." she stammered.
            "Something I can help with?" he asked hopefully.
            "Are you...Are you busy in the next two weeks?" she questioned, crossing her fingers as she waited patiently for his answer.
            "No.  Any particular reason?"
            "Wouldyouliketogocampingwithmeinthewoods?" she blurted at a mile-a-minute.
            Syaoran was confused.  "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that.  Could you repeat it?"
            Sakura took a deep breath, trying to calm her heartbeat down so she could speak more clearly.  "I was planning on going camping with Tomoyo for two weeks, but she forgot and made plans with Eriol-kun in England.  After she had canceled, I called some of the other girls, but they were busy too." Sakura explained, "Since Toya and Otousan are out, I didn't have anyone left to go with."  She took another long breath before continuing.  "So, I'm asking if you would like to go camping with me in the woods for a couple weeks."
            "If you're not busy, that is." she amended.
            She leaned the phone against her head and shoulder, crossing both fingers and holding her breath.
            Syaoran would definitely think this over.  It was no secret that he liked Sakura (at least, to everyone BUT Sakura anyway).  Besides, she didn't seem to have anyone else to go with, and he certainly didn't want her to go on her own.  The more he thought about it, the more logical and opportune it became. 
            'Maybe over the course of two weeks I could finally tell her what I've been meaning to since fourth grade.' he thought, 'And it will give me an excellent chance to get to know her a lot better too.'
            He could just imagine walking through the woods with his cherry blossom, talking and laughing away, ALONE out in the wilderness.  No Meilin, No Toya, No Hiiragizawa, No Daidouji with the annoying video camera... This was tempting to the Chinese youth, VERY tempting.
            Sakura was practically turning blue from the lack of oxygen.  She had been holding her breath for awhile now, the other end of the connection still silent.  If she had to wait any longer, her eyes might pop out.
            "Sounds like fun."
            Sakura let out her breath and slid to the cool wooden floor, a cheerful grin spreading across her face.  "Really, you'll come?" she asked, amazed.
            "Hai, I need to get out of this stuffy apartment."
            "ARIGATO SYAORAN-KUN!!!" Sakura burst, unable to hide her relief and excitement, "This is going to be such a blast!"
                                                                                  .......To Be Continued???????

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