Before the storm

I know I did have a story like this posted once before, but then I lost it, so I am trying to rewrite it, and pulling it out of thin air. Although I do remember the oc's name thankfully. I'll try to keep it as close as I can to the original version, but last night I had some other ideas. The out come will be the same.

I do not own Prison Break But I'd like to interact with Wentwirth Miller and Dom " Purrrrrr."

It was part of his plan, at least that was the idea, and from the first time he made sure she noticed him at the coffee shop

Missy, her best friend knew Michael from school. He was a great guy, sweet, compassionate, and friendly. He was 6'2 brown hair and owned a pair of piercing blue eyes that saw right into your soul, if you weren't careful. Missy noticed her friend checking Michael out "Why don't you go talk to him". Jenn's eyes widened "Me? Go talk to him, right…" Missy tried not to laugh as Michael watched Jenn sit back down with her coffee NAD her book.

Michael strolled over and sat down at the same table "Hi, I'm Michael Scoffield" Jenn put down the book and looked into the bluest eyes she had ever seen and gave him a smile "I know who you are Michael. My friend" she pointed at Missy " Goes or went to school with you". Michael smiled at her 'God that went perfectly with those eyes' she thought to herself. Michael reached across the table and pulled the book out of her hands, looked at it then put it down.

Jenn reached for it, but his hand stopped hers " Now that I have your attention" Jenn cocked her head " Have dinner with me".

Michael blinked and the memories were gone, as the guard opened his cell door " Your sister is here to see you. Man she is a good looking girl Scoffield." Michael lifted his eyes to look at Socrates who raised his eyebrows at him but kept his mouth shut. Michael's mind began to race' his sister?' he didn't have a sister, not one he knew about'.

Jenn sat nervously in the visitation room; her brown eyes scanned the room. She hadn't seen Michael for a few months. A few days ago Veronica called her and told her Michael's plan to break his brother out of prison, because he believed Lincoln was innocent. Veronica wanted her to talk some sense into Michael. Jenn had known about Michael's insane plan, but kept it to her, she even begged him not to go through with it. He did though and told her to forget about him. Well two months later here she was trying to figure out what the hell Michael was up too.

Michael saw her right away; it was hard to miss red hair. He suppressed the smile as he was led over to her. He sat down and stared at her "What are you doing here Jenn?" She looked up at him her brown eyes meeting his blazing blue ones "What am I doing here, Michael! What the hell are you doing " he gave her a stern look "Shhh, keep your voice down" "Michael, Veronica called me and told me everything she knows". This made Michael smile "I see, your not married yet". Jenn's eyes narrowed " I'm not what?" " Married to my best friend Jay, because they will be after you next."

Jenn straightened herself in the chair waiting for the next shoe to drop " Look a package will be dropped off at your office, explaining everything to you, just please go with it okay." Jenn searched Michael's face looking for an answer, but found none " Do you love me Jenn?" from the first time she laid eyeso n him she loved him "Yes I do ". Michael chuckled "good then trust me." A guard walked over to them "Times up Scoffield, lets go. Miss Burrows time is you, you have to leave." Jenn watched as Michael was led back to his cell.

Another guard walked over to Jenn " Ms. Burrows, the Warden would like a word with you." Jenn only nodded what else could she do. Michael heard the guard speaking to her and knew something was up, if the Warden was asking to speak to his sister. Thankfully Lincoln knew about their sister maybe making an appearance.

Once back in his cell, his mind started turning once more until T-bag came into view " Hey Fish, saw your sister in visitation today. She don't look like you at all, bet she is mighty tasty" Michael glared at the man with nothing but hate for him "You stay away from my family including my sister and you may live after we get out." T-Bag only chuckled as he moved on his way. Socraite hopped down from his bunk "She isn't your sister is she " Michael turned around "She better be my sister bro." Michael sat down and for the first time since begin there prayed.


Jenn was escorted over to the Warden's office; a pretty strawberry blond haired woman was leaving the office, as she was lead in. The Warden looked at the younger woman " Ms. Burrows, have a seat" the Warden was pointing to a plush chair behind her. Jenn sat down crossing her legs " Warden, what can I do for you?" The Warden looked at the guard "You can go". The guard left the office.

"So Mr. Burrows, how are you related to Mr. Scoffield?" " I am his half sister, I'm actually Lincoln's sister, why do you ask?" the Warden smiled at her " Just because you look nothing like either man. I was just curious as to why visit Michael and not Lincoln?" Jenn once more that afternoon straightened herself in her chair "Warden, what business is it of your if I visit Michael and not Lincoln? Lincoln is in for murdering the Vice president and is on death row. It is not easy for me to come in and see him. The Warden sat quietly her reasoning made sense "I'm sorry Mr. Burrows, you can go." The Warden offered her a ride home, but she sat her car was in the lot.

Jenn let out a locked up sigh and fumbled with her keys as she approached her car. Jenn stopped next to her car and got a funny feeling inside. She looked at her car, backed up a few feet, something was wrong. She pulled out her cell and called Veronica to come and pick her up, next she called her real brother to pick up her car and take it to his junkyard. Jenn sat down on the curb and turned her head slightly away from the road, she pulled a mirror from her purse and angled it so she could see the black limo leaving its hiding place and driving in the opposite direction. Then a blue van followed it; yep something was definitely wrong.

Fifteen minutes later Veronica pulled up with her brother " Jenn, what is going on?" "I think, what ever Michael wanted to happen has, I just need to get to my office. Jack just carefully get rid of my car and legally." Jack smiled at his sister, he had a junkyard for cars so no one would noticed anymore noise coming from his place "Sure thing, what are you going to do?" "Get married" she told him as she got into Veronica's car….

Okay so it isn't the same but I thought there should be more of a part for her, and she is going to point out some facts about the Vice president, like why is she running all over town not helping out the president? Hope some out there like this …..